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Who was eliminated from Strictly 2022

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Kym Marsh – Kym Marsh became the latest celebrity to leave the competition(Picture: PA) Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh and her partner Graziano Di Prima became the tenth couple to leave the competition, after a tense dance off with Molly Rainford and Carlos GU.

After discovering her fate, Kym spoke of wanting to make her father, who has been receiving treatment in hospital following a prostate cancer diagnosis, happy. Asked if she had any final words, Kym added: ‘Honestly I’ve loved every single second that I’ve been here. I never thought I’d get to this stage in a million years.

‘I have to say, it’s all down to this man (Graziano) here, he is just wonderful and he will be my friend forever. ‘But what a journey it’s been, this show is just wonderful, it shows you things about yourself you don’t know, it shows you how tough you can be.’ Strictly Come Dancing airs next Sunday at 7.15pm on BBC One.

Who left Strictly tonight 2022 week 2?

Strictly Come Dancing: Week Two Results – as it happened Show key events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature Thank you for reading and joining in down below – I read all your comments after the show last night and laughed a lot. I’ll be back next Saturday at 6.30 for MOVIE WEEK – don’t forget to bring popcorn.

In the meantime you can find me on Twitter @heidistephens, so come and say hello. See you next week! Hx Kaye and Kai take to the floor for their final dance, to ‘Give Me Just a Little More Time’ by Chairman of the Board. Lovely to see all their fellow contestants joining the dancefloor pile-on again – we haven’t seen that for a couple of years, and I’ve really missed it.

Time for the judging! Craig saves Matt and Nadiya, as does Motsi. Anton agrees, and there’s a sense that they’re all choosing on the basis of who was less awful. But that means KAYE AND KAI are the first couple to leave Strictly. Shirley saves Kaye and Kai, which perhaps softens the blow.

  1. I mean, obviously someone has to go but that’s sad news for Kaye, and also for Kai – he never got to compete in the Grand Final last year after AJ’s leg injury, and this year he’s fallen at the first hurdle. BOO.
  2. Next up it’s Matt and Nadiya’s disco Samba.
  3. Absolutely love Nadiya’s Disco Mermaid outfit, but sadly Matt’s hips are still constrained by the cut of those trousers.
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Plenty of footwork mistakes here too – this is a tough one to call. Kaye and Kai are up first, dancing their Charleston. It’s still joyfully shambolic, but perhaps marginally fewer mistakes than last night. Oh, I spoke to soon – the last thirty seconds of that were a dis-AH-ster, darling.

  • Next week is MOVIE WEEK, because it’s never too early for a feem.
  • Traditionally I include ‘movies I’ve never seen’ in the bingo and everyone gets really drunk.
  • So who is joining Kaye and Kai in the dance off? Jayde and Karen are safely through to next week, along with Molly and Carlos, Fleur and Vito, Helen and Gorka, Will and Nancy, Tony and Katya (see?) and James and Amy.

Which means MATT AND NADIYA in the dance-off. Based on last night’s scores, Kaye and Kai SHOULD survive this, but neither dance was brilliant and either could up their game in the dance-off. How excited are you about watching them both again? No, me neither.

Time for a musical interlude, courtesy of pop powerhouse Robbie Williams. Look, I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but can we please acknowledge that he’s being doing his solo thing for 25 years now, through all manner of personal and professional ups and downs, and he still has a certainpresence.

YES, there was the swing band interlude nobody asked for, and YES there was that weird Covid Christmas song that we all immediately pretended never happened, but ‘She’s The One’ is a beautiful song. Even if this version does sound a tiny bit like it’s being sung by Kermit The Frog.

  • He’s wearing Shirley’s suit from yesterday, but buttoned up wrong, and there is angsty contempo-waft from Neil and Lauren.
  • So who’s safely through to next week? Richie and Giovanni are safe (and the treble thank you is back for another year, sadly), along with Tyler and Dianne, Ellie T and Johannes, Ellie S and Nikita, Kym and Graziano and Hamza and Jowita.
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First couple in the bottom two: KAYE AND KAI. So, at least one of Tony or Matt have avoided the dance-off – my money’s on Tony, for being a national treasure and this year’s underdog. But has Matt survived too? We’ll have to wait to find out

  • Last night on Strictly: The difficult second week, when reality bites and our celebs realise that one week to perfect a dance really isn’t very long.
  • Highlights: Lovely music, the return of Clauditorium mayhem, a few stand-out dances.
  • Lowlights: Matt Goss thrusting in tight white trousers, Motsi’s Spontex dress, Claudia’s flamingo flares, a general air of exhaustion.

Tess in disco sequins and massive hoops, Claudia dressed as a sexy vicar. And we’re off! Tonight’s opening pro dance features the kind of elbow-length leather gloves they use on Countryfile to investigate a heifer. But lovely to hear INXS’s ‘Need You Tonight’ – I was a HUGE fan in the 80s.

  1. ‘And what kind of lifestyle did your grandmother have, to own this beautiful Art Deco diamond brooch that’s worth twenty thousand pounds?’
  2. ‘She was a farmer’s wife, but she DID like to dress up to go out.’
  3. I feel like we need more information about what, specifically, this lady’s grandmother farmed.

I’m definitely adding ‘coloured corduroy’ to next week’s AR Bingo. Lovely pair of red ones there, am keeping my eye out for salmon or – my personal favourite – mustard. But Colman’s English, not French. We’re not savages,

Who left Strictly Week 7 2022?

Ellie Simmonds Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2022.

Who left Strictly tonight Week 7 2022?

Ellie Simmonds Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2022.

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Who left Strictly tonight Week 10 2022?

Ellie Taylor Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2022.