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Who came 2nd in celebrity Jungle

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Footballer Jill Scott has won I’m a Celebrity 2022. She got more public votes than actor Owen Warner and politician Matt Hancock. – Agencies Footballer Jill Scott has won the reality show I’m Celebrity 2022. The latest edition of the reality show was full of twists and turns, and participants had a roller-coaster journey. The grand finale of I’m a Celebrity 2022 took place on November 27, with three finalists – Matt Hancock, Jill Scott, and Owen Warner – fighting for the crown.

In the finale, the hosts of I’m a Celebrity 2022, Ant and Dec, announced that Jill Scott was the winner this season, and the footballer became the new Queen of the Jungle. Jill Scott has played for several teams during her career, which spanned 18 years. She has also represented England 161 times between 2006 and 2022.

While Scott became the winner of the show, Owen Warner came in second place, and Matt Hancock finished in third place. Owen Warner is an actor, and Matt Hancock is a former UK health secretary. I’m a Celebrity had returned to Australian jungles after two years of break.

Has anyone left the jungle yet 2023?

All the stars who have been eliminated from I’m A Celebrity.Get Me Out of Here! Australia 2023 The jungle has claimed another victim! Apr 28, 2023 4:35pm I’m A Celebrity.Get Me Out of Here! is back and better than ever in 2023 as a new host of reality stars, aussie icons, television talent, professional athletes and more battle it out for the title of King or Queen of the jungle.

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From gross tucker trials, to gruelling challenges, and even dealing with the other contestants, there’s a whole heap contestants have to endure on the show. So who has what it takes to survive the jungle and make it out on top? Well, it’s certainly not these celebs. Keep scrolling to see all the contestants who have been eliminated from the 2023 season of I’m A Celeb.Get Me Out Of Here! Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

(Image: Ten) After, Kerri Anne Kennerley finally agreed to enter the jungle, but she didn’t last long! Despite her rumoured $180k pay day to appear and her desire to win the show and donate the prize money (a cool $100k) to Spinal Cure Australia – – Kerri just couldn’t cope with life in the jungle, refusing to compete in any bush tucker trials and clashing with her fellow camp mates, especially MAFS alumni Domenica Calarco.

  • Speaking with The Daily Telegraph shortly after leaving the show, the 69 year old said that she left the jungle because of Domenica, and not because of the bush tucker trials she was expected to complete.
  • I am a tough old bird but that doesn’t mean what people say isn’t hurtful,” she said.
  • I am very disappointed that I couldn’t stay.” Bianca Hunt.

(Image: Ten) Unfortunately for TV presenter Bianca, her time in the jungle came to an end after episode 11. Despite being voted out by the Australian public, Bianca’s time on the show was full of deep and meaningful conversations with her fellow celeb camp mates as she shone a spotlight on the importance of representing people of colour like herself in the media.

  • Anna Polyviou.
  • Image: Ten) This award winning celebrity pastry chef left everyone in fits of giggles at the campsite but unfortunately for Anna, that just wasn’t enough to keep her in the camp as she was given the boot alongside Bianca after 11 days in the jungle.
  • On day 14, Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson was the fourth celebrity to leave the jungle.
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“It’s good, I loved it, it’s time to go and it’s been really, really special,” Dicko told his campmates after Chris and Julia broke the news of his elimination. In an unexpected turn of events, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins has been eliminated from the competition! “My experience in the jungle was definitely more difficult than I expected,” Nick told 10 Play,

  1. I’ve done a lot of camping and a lot of roughing it, so you might say, but this is a whole other kettle of fish.” Despite his short time in the jungle, it was not easy and we are sad to see him go! Bye-bye Debra.
  2. Image: Instagram) Home and Away star and fan favourite, Debra Lawrence was voted out of the jungle! And her sudden departure has sparked outrage by loyal supporters and took to social media to confess how furious they were.

However, the Logie-award winning actress took the eviction well as she hugged all her celebrity co-stars and hosts, Dr Chris and Julia. Domenica. (Image: Instagram) This feisty reality television star didn’t disappoint fans during her time in the jungle.

But sadly Domenica has said farewell to I’m A Celebrity, “The whole experience was way more difficult than I expected,” Dom told 10 Play. “I really thought going in I’d be able to cope mentally with being away from my family for so long but, I think after about a week, it really set in that I was away from them and this was my reality now.

Peter. (Image: Instagram) The man who has been predicted to win I’m A Celebrity since the seasons beginning has been voted out! Fellow celebs were heartbroken to see him go, meanwhile fans were absolutely shocked. In his exit interview with 10 Play, he revealed he “loved” the jungle, the challenges and of course, the people.

  1. I was worried there would come a point where I was like, ‘Why did I sign up for this? I don’t like some of my campmates and these challenges are ridiculous.’ But it never really came.
  2. I loved it all,” he said. Woody.
  3. Image: Instagram) Woody was the next celebrity made to pack his belongings.
  4. Despite losing the competition which was a “life-changing experience,” Woody cannot wait to see his baby daughter and partner in the real world.
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“I just cannot wait to wrap my arms around my six-month-old girl Remi and my fiance Mim and go back to doing my favourite thing in the world,” he told 10 Play. Nathan and Adam. (Image: Instagram) And just like that, both Nathan and Adam have left the jungle in a double elimination to make way for the I’m A Celebrity grand finale.

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Who are the two new celebrities in South Africa

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South Africa tonight? Two new celebrities are arriving in South Africa tonight as the latest additions to I’m A Celebrity. Eastenders legends Joe Swash and Dean Gaffney will be joining the line-up hoping to be crowned ‘legend’ of the series.

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Who was the 6th person to leave the jungle tonight

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Chris Moyles became the sixth celebrity to leave the I’m A Celeb jungle on Thursday night. The announcement follows comedian Babatunde Aleshe’s exit who was the fifth celebrity to be voted off by the public on the previous evening. At the end of the episode tonight, the celebrities said their goodbyes as the news came that Chris would be leaving.

Who leaves the jungle tonight South Africa?

Phil finally won when he unlocked his final padlock. This meant that Joe Swash would be leaving the South African jungle.