Asked By: Jeremiah Garcia Date: created: May 13 2023

Has anyone won GBBO without winning Star Baker

Answered By: Gerld Hall Date: created: May 14 2023

Series 10 – David Atherton – Mike Marsland/WireImage David Atherton’s series 10 triumph made Bake Off history for several reasons. First, the health advisor became the first winner never to have been named Star Baker during the course of a series. Atherton was also lucky to make the show at all.

Has anyone from GBBO opened a bakery?

8. Sophie Faldo – One of the few winners to return to her previous career and the first to not publish a cookbook, Sophie went back to her job with the military after becoming the champion of Season 8 in 2017 and remains in the reserves. She didn’t completely abandon her baking, though: She opened a bespoke cake shop in 2019, though the domain has since expired and the social media have gone dormant.

Who replaced Matt on Bake Off?

Matt Lucas has been replaced by TV presenter Alison Hammond after he announced in December that he was stepping down from his role on the show. The comedian and actor’s reason for leaving The Great British Bake Off was because he could no longer commit to the programme’s schedule alongside his other projects.