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Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 16

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Bigg Boss (Hindi season 16)

Bigg Boss
No. of days 133
No. of housemates 17
Winner MC Stan
Runner-up Shiv Thakare
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Who got highest vote in Bigg Boss 16

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Bigg Boss 16 top 3 Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, MC Stan and Shiv Thakare (Twitter) Mumbai : After 135 days of challenges, drama and fun, the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 16 finally got concluded on Sunday, February 12. MC Stan won the trophy while Shiv Thakare walked home with the runner-up title. The rapper’s victory was the result of an overwhelming number of votes from fans, with a reported 17 million votes cast in his favor. A tweet showcasing the votes graph is circulating on Twitter, While MC Stan’s impressive vote count has left fans stunned, many viewers are also curious about the vote totals for the other contestants, particularly Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shiv Thakare who were in the tough competition Priyanka and Shiv received a significant number of votes but were unable to surpass Stan’s massive following. The Udaariyan actress received 6.89M votes. Shiv, on the other hand, received 6.28M votes. Regardless of the vote count, all three contestants have been receiving huge love from their fans and friends for their performances on the show. Amena Rasti is a journalist from Hyderabad. She works as an editor at Entertainment & Lifestyle desk at She loves to weave stories on Tollywood, Bollywood, Television, Lifestyle and more. Amena holds BA in Mass Communication and Journalism from Roots College.

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Who is going to win Bigg Boss 16 2023

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Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 – MC Stan Won the Show, Shiv Thakare Becomes 1st Runner UP and Priyanka Choudhary Second Runner Up Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 MC Stan: Grand Finale Shiv Thakare First Runner Up Full Written Update: The Grand Finale is finally here.

  • Today’s episode started with Krishna and Bharti Singh playing some funny tasks with the Bigg Boss contestants.
  • Evicted contestants also joined the Bigg Boss top 5 finalists for the grand finale episode of Bigg Boss 16.
  • Some tasks were played between Mandali and Non-Mandali contestants.
  • Bharti and Krushna gave a recap of the Bigg Boss show depicting the journey of all the top five finalists.
  1. All evicted contestants were seen on the Bigg Boss 16 stage dancing on the tunes of Bigg Boss 16 anthem.
  2. Host Salman Khan introduced the grand finale episode and thanked audience for making the Bigg Boss show a big hit.
  3. Bigg Boss told contestants that I know what all the five finalists must be thinking about winning the show.

Mothers of all the top 5 finalists entered the Bigg Boss house and contestants got emotional. All moms fed their children with curd and sugar. Salman Khan teased the mothers of top five contestants before they left house to be on the stage. He also mocked Nimrit for having the finale ticket all the time but not being the finalist.

Bigg Boss asked Abdu that he heard a rumour that he is going to ‘Big Brother’ and Abdu confirmed the news. MC Stan mimics Sumbul’s Dad Touqeer Sahab and he comes on the BB 16 stage. Salman and contestants could not control their laughter. Touqeer Sahab said I do not talk like MC Stan mimics me but I will say some words for him in his voice.

Touqeer Sahab said some nice lines for MC Stan and said that Stan talks nicely and I never got angry on him. Salman clapped for Archana and told her that she entered the show when no one knew him but now entire India knows her. An awesome dance performance by Archana was presented on BB stage.

Archana’s brother Gulshan showed some grooves on the stage. Salman said now it is the time to announce top 4 contestants of the show. Bigg Boss said that this show was unique because I also played the show. He said that it is the time for contestants to become from top 5 to top 4. Bigg Boss said that contestants will get an opportunity to increase the prize money.

Housemates had to give a mutual decision by naming one contestant who should not be in top 4. If the decision of contestants matches with audience then the prize money will increase by 10 lakhs, otherwise the prize money will remain same. Shiv and Stan named Shalin, but Shalin named Archana.

  1. Priyanka and Archana also named Shalin.
  2. Bigg Boss said that since majority has named Shalin so the final decision by housemates is that Shalin should be out of top four.
  3. Announced that the contestant who has got less votes and will be evicted & out of the finale race is Shalin Bhanot and the prize money has increased to Rs 31,80,000.

The top four contestants are Archana, Priyanka, Shiv, and MC Stan. Shalin came out of the Bigg Boss house and reached the stage. Salman Khan told Shalin that his performance in the show has not gone unnoticed and showed him a video clip. In the video clip, Ekta Kapoor offered Shalin a colors show ‘Bekaaboo’ as the main lead.

  1. Shalin got happy.
  2. Salman also gifted Shalin a buzzer shaped trophy and told him that he should keep this with him always.
  3. Salman also showed a clip of Shalin’s performance to Shalin and told him that he has edited it himself.
  4. Salman Khan launched a song ‘Naiyo Lagda Dil’ of his upcoming movie “” on the Bigg Boss show.
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A performance by Mandali was shown the Bigg Boss stage. MC Stan’s rap was also shown. Archana’s performance also set the stage on fire followed by Shalin’s performance on ‘Character Dheela’ song. Priyanka’s solo performance, and Mandali vs Non-Mandali performance was like a cherry on the cake.

  1. Salman Khan welcomed Gadar 2 cast Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel on the Bigg Boss stage.
  2. Abdu made a special appearance as junior Taara Singh and narrated some dialogues from the Gadar movie.
  3. Salman, Sunny Deol, and Ameesha danced on “yaara o Yaara” song from Jeet movie.
  4. Sunny gave a task to contestants in which they had to pull a hand pump to see if they are safe and among top three or not.

Shiv, Priyanka, and Stan are safe, and Archana is eliminated. So, the top three contestants are Priyanka, Shiv, and MC Stan. Archana came out of the house and was seen crying on the stage. Salman cheered her up and told her to give a speech. Salman retuned Archana’s Silbatta and clapped for her.

Krushna arrived on Bigg Boss 16 stage and acted like Dharmendra. He cracked some funny jokes on the BB stage. Krushna congratulated Salman Khan for Pathaan. Tina and Salman Khan shared a cycle moment on the stage. Krushna requested Tina’s mom to recreate a scene with him, and Tina’s mom hugged Krushna from backside.

Salman Khan talked about a new show on colors “Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal” with Karan Kundra, Gashmeer, and Reem Shaikh as main lead. All the three actors performed on Bigg Boss stage. Karan, Gashmeer, and Reem arrived on the Bigg Boss stage as Arman, Veer, and Isha and talked about the show.

Salman Khan told Karan and Gashmeer to have a dance face off. Gashmeer and Sumbul danced on “Bang Bang” and Karan and Gori Nagori also danced. Audience shouted Gori is the winner. Reem danced with Salman Khan on the title track of “Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal”. A romantic dance performance was seen between Priyanka and Ankit on “Iss Deewane Ladke Ko” followed by Priyanka’s solo performance on “Besharam Rang” from,

Salman Khan promoted a colors show “Junooniyat” on the Bigg Boss stage. He welcomed the main leads of the show – Gautam, Ankit, and Neha Rana. MC Stan got a call from his girlfriend Booba. She said that she is angry with him for praising Priyanka’s jaw line and face cut.

  1. Salman asked Booba which compliments Stan has used for her so far and she replied the same as he used for Priyanka.
  2. Stan’s girlfriend told Stan to come with a trophy.
  3. Abdu asked Salman Khan that he wants to sing a song.
  4. He said the name of the song is “You Very Chalaak Bro.” Abdu performed on the song and Salman told him that it is a super hit.

Salman asked Shiv that who is his strong competitor in the show and he replied Priyanka. Sajid said that Priyanka and Shiv are the deserving finalist contestants of the show. A power pack performance of Shiv and Priyanka was seen. Salman said now I will take the name of the contestant who is out of the Bigg Boss finale race.

Salman praised Priyanka for her journey and showed a video clip of her family members supporting her. He also praised MC Stan and showed him video clips of Indian rappers and friends supporting him. Salman Khan appreciated Shiv and told him that he has always been grounded and never boasted about his previous Bigg Boss Marathi win.

A video clip of Shiv’s fans from his home town was shown. Salman announced that due to less votes compared to other two finalists, Priyanka Choudhary is evicted. So, the top two finalists of Bigg Boss 16 are MC Stan and Shiv. Ankit got emotional and said that he was not expecting this.

Salman told Shiv and MC Stan to come out of the house and join him on the Bigg Boss stage. Bigg Boss praised both finalists and told them to come out of the house. Salman announced that the winner of Bigg Boss 16 is MC Stan. All Mandali contestants shouted “Mandali” forever. MC Stan sang a rap and Salman danced with him.

The Bigg Boss 16 Grand Finale ended with an unreleased rap by MC Stan Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 MC Stan, 12 February 2023 Grand Finale Full Written Update. Published: 13 Feb 2023, 9:20 AM IST : Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 – MC Stan Won the Show, Shiv Thakare Becomes 1st Runner UP and Priyanka Choudhary Second Runner Up

Who is most famous in BB Ott 2?

09 /10 Abhishek Malhan – Abhishek is another YouTuber on Bigg Boss OTT 2. When he entered the show, he was ranked as the most voted and popular contestant of the show. His bonding with Manisha Rani in the show is loved and appreciated. His approximate net worth is Rs 2 crores. readmore

Who are the top 5 in Bigg Boss 16?

Salman Khan is set to conclude Bigg Boss 16 with its grand finale episode tonight (February 12). After several months of being locked in the house, one out of the top five finalists will be chosen as the winner. Just ahead of Bigg Boss 16 grand finale, ETimes TV conducted a poll on different social media platforms to know who netizens think will lift the trophy.

For those not in the know, the top 5 finalists are – Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, Archana Gautam and Shalin Bhanot. On Twitter, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary gained the maximum votes (54.8%) way ahead of others. Shiv Thakare was a close second with 32.6%. MC Stan scored 10.8% while Archana Gautam and Shalin Bhanot collectively managed just 1.8%.

See more: Bigg Boss 16 Grand Finale LIVE Updates On Instagram, there was close competition between Priyanka and Shiv. While Priyanka got 42% of the vote share, Shiv was at 43%. MC Stan got 12%. Both Archana and Shalin scored 2%. While there’s going to be a close call between Priyanka and Shiv according to our poll, it remains to be seen who will walk away with the briefcase money this time. Keep watching this space for all the updates on Bigg Boss 16. See more: Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot turns down Rohit Shetty’s Khatron Ke Khiladi offer; Archana Gautam taunts him for disrespecting the filmmaker

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Who is No 1 in Bigg Boss 16

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Rapper MC Stan has won the reality TV show Bigg Boss 16. The winner received a car and prize money totalling Rs 31.80 lakh. MC Stan is widely regarded as one of the most divisive rappers in the Desi hip-hop industry and the Indian rap music scene. The rapper rose to prominence in 2018 after releasing the rap ‘Wata,’ in which he mocked fellow rapper Emiway Bantai. ANI Popular rapper MC Stan was declared the winner of the reality TV show Bigg Boss 16 during the grand finale on Sunday., rapper. Shiv Thakare was named the show’s runner-up by host Salman Khan, who was followed by Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Altaf Tadavi, better known as MC STAN began his career as a Qawwali singer when he was 12.

Later he developed an interest in rapping and has written and produced a large amount of hip-hop music. With video messages, Badshah, Seedhe Maut, and other rappers supported him on Bigg Boss 16. MC Stan is widely regarded as one of the most divisive rappers in the Desi hip-hop industry and the Indian rap music scene.

The rapper rose to prominence in 2018 after releasing the rap ‘Wata,’ in which he mocked fellow rapper Emiway Bantai. His song ‘Shana Ban’ recently became a chartbuster. The rapper from Pune is extremely well-liked online and in real life. One of the most favoured candidates to win Bigg Boss 16 received a significant number of votes and ultimately won the competition.

MC Stan enjoys wearing diamond jewellery and owns a pendant with the word ” SLATT ” written in diamonds. The rapper also wears a ring with a 60-carat diamond. MC Stan after emerging as the BigBoss 16 winner received a car and prize money totalling Rs 31.80 lakh. After the show, the rapper shared his photos with host Salman Khan and the Bigg Boss 16 trophy on his Instagram page.

The caption of his post stated, “We created history, remained real, repped hip-hop on national TV, Ammi ka Sapna poora hogaya & trophy P-town aagayi.”

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Who is the top 2 in bb16?

Bigg Boss 16: Shocking! Priyanka Chahar Choudhary gets evicted; MC Stan and Shiv Thakare are the top 2 finalists

Bigg Boss 16: Shocking! Priyanka Chahar Choudhary gets evicted; MC Stan and Shiv Thakare are the top 2 finalists

This story is from February 13, 2023 The final minutes of Bigg Boss 16 is underway, with the top three candidates battling for the coveted trophy. Shalin Bhanot and Archana Gautam have already been evicted from the show, now it is SHOCKING for all Bigg Boss fans that honest Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is evicted in third place and is out of the winning competition. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA : Bigg Boss 16: Shocking! Priyanka Chahar Choudhary gets evicted; MC Stan and Shiv Thakare are the top 2 finalists

Who are the top 3 in Bigg Boss 16?

MC Stan is the winner of Bigg Boss 16! He lifted the coveted trophy along with a cash prize of Rs 31.8 lakh. – MC has won Bigg Boss 16. The wait is finally over. After close to five months, the audience has officially got to know who is the winner of Bigg Boss 16. The finale has ended now, and MC Stan has emerged as the winner. The first runner-up is Shiv Thakare.

Who will be the strongest male person in Bigg Boss 16?

Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary are among the two prospective winners of this year’s Bigg Boss season. – ET Now Bigg Boss 16 candidates Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shiv Thakare are among the strongest in the house. Fans choose the ace of the house, and the outcomes are astounding. Bigg Boss 16 is heating up as the date of the final approaches. Fans will find out the winner of the programme in a few weeks.

  • All of the top seven contenders have a lot of support from their fans.
  • Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shiv Thakare are among the top contenders.
  • Recently, on Weekend Ka Vaar, participants had to pick the King, Queen, Ace, and Joker of the house.
  • Priyanka and Shiv were given the titles of Queen and King, but their attention was drawn to the avant-garde Ace.

Netizens from over the country voted in surveys conducted by various entertainment websites to determine who the likely winner would be, and the results were stunning. Shiv Thakare was voted the winner of this poll by his admirers. However, he and Priyanka were fierce competitors.

  1. Shiv Thakare won this election by a very narrow margin.
  2. Shiv Thakare earned 51% of the vote, while Priyanka Chahar Choudhary received 49%.
  3. According to the vote results, both Priyanka and Shiv are incredibly popular contenders, and they are obviously competing very hard.
  4. In the Bigg Boss 16 house, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shiv Thakare are always at odds and fighting inside the enormous home.

Priyanka recently made comments against Shiv’s character, resulting in a major brawl between the two. Tina Datta is now eliminated from the reality game show. She was the one that was removed during the last ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ owing to a lack of votes. Also nominated were Shalin Bhanot, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, and Shiv Thakare.

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Which is the best season of Bigg Boss

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Bigg Boss (Hindi season 13) – Wikipedia Season of television series Bigg Boss Season 13 Presented bySalman Khan No. of days140 No. of contestants21WinnerRunner-upAsim Riaz Country of originIndia No. of episodes140ReleaseOriginal networkColors TVOriginal release29 September 2019 ( 2019-09-29 ) –15 February 2020 ( 2020-02-15 ) Season chronology ← Previous Next → Bigg Boss 13, also known as Bigg Boss Tedha, was the thirteenth and the greatest season of the Indian reality TV series and premiered on 1 October 2019 on,

hosted the season for the tenth time. The finale was scheduled for January, but it was given a one-month extension, and became the second-longest season. The grand finale of the show took place on 15 February 2020, and was announced as the winner whereas Asim Riaz became the runner-up. It became the most successful Bigg Boss season since the inception of the series and also the most watched.

Bigg Boss 13 had an average 2.1-2.5 every week.

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What is the prize of Bigg Boss trophy

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What does Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner get? – Bigg Boss OTT 2 grand finale featuring host-actor Salman Khan will take place on August 14. Elvish Yadav, Abhishek Malhan, Manisha Rani, Bebika Dhurve and Pooja Bhatt are the top 5 finalists. Before Salman declares the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, find out what all he or she could win.

Who is Pooja Bhatt net worth?

03 /7 Neth worth and income – Reportedly, Pooja Bhatt’s net worth is Rs 47 crore. Her major source of income apparently comes from her acting jobs, production house and brand endorsements. readmore

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Who is most likely to win Bigg Boss

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Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 Grand Finale Date – Bigg Boss OTT 2 Abhishek Malhan, Manisha Rani, and Elvish Yadav are thought to be the most likely candidates to win the gleaming trophy. After the grand finale, the names of the first and second runners-up will be revealed. Manisha Rani is believed to be Bigg Boss OTT 2’s second runner-up based on recent voting patterns.

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Who is the most popular girl in Bigg Boss 16?

She has a good fan following along with contestants Abdu Rozik, Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Shiv Thakare, MC Stan. Priyanka chaudhary is coming out as one of the most popular faces of Bigg boss 16.

Who is the cutest person in Bigg Boss 16?

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rozik is unshakeable from the top spot. He has been leading from day one. India is in love with Abdu Rozik’s cuteness. He is a also a very mature person.

Is Bigg Boss scripted or not?

Rubina Dilaik, the winner of Bigg Boss Season 14, has revealed in her recent interview that the show is scripted, and that if you are the channel’s face then it helps you to win the show. MUMBAI : Rubina Dilaik has carved a niche for herself in the television industry.

The diva has been a part of several projects and is one of the most popular faces on the small screen. She was earlier seen in Bigg Boss 14, where she emerged as the winner of the show. She managed to beat singer Rahul Vaidya, who became the runner-up. The actress has a massive fan following. Her fans shower her with a lot of love and support.

Post her Bigg Boss journey, she re-joined her show Shakti, where she essayed the role of Soumya. The show went off-air a couple of months ago. She was last seen in the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, where she was seen showcasing her dancing skills.

The actress gave great performances and impressed the judges with her dancing skills, and emerged as the finalist of the show. Since then, the show has come to an end, and now the fans miss watching her on screen. The actress is quite active on social media. She keeps posting about her whereabouts and what she is up to.

ALSO READ : Telly actress Rubina Dilaik SLAMS her Instagram account’s hacker stating: “Use Your Energy On The Crisis The Nation Is Going Through”, READ Recently during an interview, Rubina confessed that being the face of the channel helps to win the show, and that the show is scripted.

She was asked if being the face of the channel helps contestants to win the show, to which the actress said, “Of course, it does. With all respect, if you are the channel’s face then you are the channel’s favourite. Yes, everything is just there and designed for you, and it’s fully scripted” Now this is a shocking revelation coming from the Bigg Boss 14 winner, and it raises a lot of questions on the show.

This has always been a debate: whether the show is scripted or not. But with Rubina’s revelations, it seems the show is scripted somewhere. What are your views on the show? Do let us know in the comments below. For more news and updates from television, OTT, and movies, stay tuned to TellyChakkar.

Who is the BB Jodi winner?

BB Jodi Telugu Finale – The finale of BB Jodi was held on March 25th and 26th, 2023. The finale aired on Star Maa and Star Maa HD and was also streamed on Hotstar. The show’s winners, Jodi Faima Patas and Rj Surya, won the trophy as well as Rs.25 lakh in prize money.

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Who is the winner of Bigg Boss in 2023

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Bigg Boss OTT Winner 2023 is announced on 14 August 2023, and it is Elvish Yadav, there was huge excitement and debate among people about the Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 Winner 2023. Elvish Yadav got the prize money of 25 lakh rupees and trophy. The countdown to Salman Khan’s reality show’s finale has begun.

Show Bigg Boss OTT Season 2
Finale Date 14 August 2023
Timing 9 PM
V oting Lines Close 12 PM
Winner Prize 25 Lakh
Big Boss OTT 2 Winner Name 2023 Elvish Yadav
Finalist Elvish, Abhishek, Pooja Bhatt, Bebika, Manisha

While the big finale will take place on Monday, August 14, the internet community is eager to find out who will win Bigg Boss OTT. Industry insiders predict that the season’s finale episode will shatter all previous records given how well-liked the new season has been.

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Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 16 2023 1st position

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Bigg Boss 16 Finale: Musician MC Stan won the Bigg Boss finale defeating Shiv Thakare on Sunday 12 February 2023. MC Stan now takes with him a cash prize of ₹ 31.80 lakhs along with the trophy and a car. MC Stan beat Shiv Thakare to take the first position in the show.

After Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary was eliminated, it was a nail biting competetion between Thakare and MC Stan. However, MC Stan emerged winner of Bigg Boss 16. MC Stan’s journey in the Bigg Boss house was replete with witty one-liners and bold demeanour. This helped him rule hearts in a very short period of time.

His bond with Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Sumbul Touqeer, Sajid Khan, and Abdu Rozik was also loved by many. Shiv Thakare is the runner’s up and Priyanka secured the third position in the show. He was often called a ‘true Maratha’ for his stand in the house.

Who is the runner-up of Bigg Boss 2023?

Abhishek Malhan was one of the finalists in Bigg Boss OTT 2. He has now emerged as the first runner-up of the show. – Abhishek Malhan was a finalist on Bigg Boss OTT 2. ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ grand finale is taking place today, August 14. After surviving for more than 50 days in the Bigg Boss house, Elvish Yadav emerged as the winner! He took home the coveted trophy and a hefty cash prize. On the other hand, Abhishek Malhan became the first runner-up of BB OTT 2.

Who is top 2 in Bigg Boss 2023?

Manisha Rani eliminated – Manisha Rani becomes the second runner-up. Elvish and Abhishek moved to the top 2. Aug 14, 2023 22:45 IST