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Is Amber and Greg still together

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The couple split shortly after winning the show in 2019. Irish Love Island star Greg O’Shea has shared his regrets about his relationship with Amber Gill. The pair went their separate ways less than five weeks after winning the reality show in a shock split.

Greg now says the break-up happened too soon. “I should have bit my tongue a bit longer and stayed in the relationship with Amber a bit longer,” he told Doireann Garrihy on her podcast The Laughs of Your Life, “I was just way too honest and way too focused about going to the Olympics at the time, which worked because I did go in hindsight.” The rugby player revealed he still receives hate over the breakup and continues to lose “a thousand followers a day” over rumours he ended things over text.

“Over in the UK I’m just branded as like, ‘Oh you’re Greg the guy that broke up with Amber over text.'” “And I’m just like, ‘It wasn’t over text It was over FaceTime And we didn’t break up because we weren’t going out We were dating for two weeks.” Greg was eager to clear his name in the chat with Doireann, admitting it was “stupid” to go about things the way he did.

  1. Amber wondered about making the relationship ‘official’ while on FaceTime with the rugby 7s Olympian.
  2. But when she posed the question to me being like ‘you’re obviously gonna ask me to be your girlfriend, are you?” I was like, ‘but sure how is this going to work? I’m trying to train to go to the Olympics, you’re in the UK, you’re the ‘it’ girl, everyone wants a bit of you,’ I was like ‘this isn’t going to work.'” “Stupid Greg just decided to answer honestly over FaceTime like, and that’s when the whole ‘Greg breaks up with Amber over text’ thing comes out,” he confessed.

The reality star was hit with waves of online abuse. “It got brutal for a while,” Greg told MailOnline when everything blew over in 2021. He said “it was very scary” when Amber’s fans turned on him. “Everyone flipped on me thinking I was a bad person.” The Limerick man returned to Ireland after his stint on Love Island and made it to the Tokyo Olympics.

Who are the winners of Love Island 2019?

Series five winners: Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea (2019) Gill and O’Shea took the crown from Dyer and Fincham when they were announced as the winners of Love Island 2019. The result came as a shock to many who believed that Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague were doing to win.

Are Amber and Michael still together from Love Island?

What happened with Amber Gill and Michael Griffiths? – Michael Griffiths and Amber coupled up in the Love Island villa back in 2019 and were one of the strongest couples. However it came to end when Michael decided to recouple with Joanna Chimonides during Casa Amor, amber and michael during happier days ©ITV They had an explosive row in the villa and it ended with Michael branding her “Chaldish”.

Have Faye and Teddy split up?

9 May 2023, 10:28 Love Island’s Faye opened up about her split from Teddy. Picture: Faye Winter/Instagram Faye Winter got candid about why she and Teddy Soares broke up earlier this year. Love Island’s Faye Winter has opened up about the reason behind her split from Teddy Soares,

The Love Island 2021 finalists were together for a year and a half before calling quits in February, and Faye has now explained what led to their breakup. Love Island’s Samie Elishi Gives Health Update Amid Cancer Scare After keeping quiet about their split in recent months, Faye has now told MailOnline that ultimately they were just ‘in different places’.

She said: “It’s been very obvious, especially over the last few months, we just wanted different things. We were just in different places.” Love Island’s Faye and Teddy check out virtual reality set in amusing Instagram video Love Island’s Faye opened up about her split from Teddy. Picture: Faye Winter/Instagram Faye continued: “And you know, relationships. they’re hard, you know, they’re hard things to maintain. People go through breakups every single day. People go through heartbreak every single day.

“It’s just part of life and it’s a really difficult situation to go through. I’m not ready. I don’t know if I will ever be ready to disclose what fully happened between us because that is between me and Teddy. “But we just wanted really different things and, yeah, I think that’s become. you know, I wanted to continue doing my work with charity and my Guide Dogs work.

And it’s just one of those things, unfortunately, and it is sad. It will always be sad and he’ll always hold a very special place in my heart.” The former reality star then added: “But we’ve just got to keep moving and it’s difficult because everybody wants to know, but at the same time we’ve got to respect our own privacy and also respect each other’s.” Faye first confirmed her split from Teddy in February. Picture: Faye Winter/Instagram Faye and Teddy split a year and a half after meeting on Love Island 2021. Picture: Alamy Faye first confirmed their split with a statement posted on her Instagram Stories in February, saying at the time: “I wanted to let you know that after lots of time and consideration, Teddy and I have decided to go our separate ways. “Thank you all so much for supporting our relationship and sharing the journey with us. I’m forever grateful.” The former couple were first plagued with split rumours at the start of the year amid reports claiming that Teddy had revealed the end of their romance to his castmates while filming Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins in October last year. Teddy appeared to later deny this as he told fans: “Everything you have been reading in the press is false. I have had nothing but love and respect for Faye since we first met.” > Here Are All The Ways You Can Listen To Capital

Did Anton and Belle still together?

Anton and Belle – SPLIT – It seemed to be going so well for Anton and Belle, despite the pair going through quite a tumultuous time while in the villa. They had their first date in Belle’s brother’s restaurant, with Belle’s actor-father, Tamer Hassan, also joining them. However, it has since been reported that the pair have gone their separate ways, one month after leaving the villa – with Anton’s love for Craig David bizarrely an alleged contributing factor for the rumoured split.

Are Ovie and Amber together?

Are Amber Gill and Ovie Soko just friends? – Amber and Ovie became pals in the Love Island villa but fans had always hoped their close friendship could blossom into a romance, especially after he split from India Reynolds, However, basketball pro Ovie cleared up in the speculation in December 2019 when he told the Mirror, “Amber’s a friend” and that “it’s gonna stay that way.100%.” Amber also ruled out a romantic relationship with Ovie as she told OK!, “It’s a weird thing for me because he’s like my brother.

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Is Amber and Anna still friends?

Yewande, Anna And Amber – Season 5 – Although Yewande Biala lasted just 22 days in the villa, the emotional support she received from both Anna and Amber deserves to be included among the most touching and tender female bonds on the acclaimed reality dating show, Yewande had her heart broken by Michael, leaving it up to Anna and Amber to help pick up the pieces and encourage her to keep going with her head held high.

While Amber and Anna’s kinship accelerated for 30 days after Yewande departed the villa, the trio supported each other in the first three weeks by building an implicit trust. Yewande whispering in Amber’s ears for advice regarding the Danny and Arabella drama proves how much she can rely on her advice.

Even three years later, Amber, Anna, and Yewande remain extremely close as seen in the video above.

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Do they get paid on Love Island

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Although you might think spending eight weeks in the sun and endless brand deals would be enough benefits for the Love Island cast, it turns out they actually get paid to take part in the popular ITV2 show! Yes, that’s correct!

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Are Molly-Mae and Tommy married

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Former Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are engaged to be married after the boxer got down on one knee in a beautifully stunning proposal. The couple, who have daughter Bambi, got engaged while on holiday in Ibiza and captured the romantic moment on film.

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What did Michael do to Amber Love Island

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Michael Griffiths ‘still cares’ about his Love Island ex Amber Gill Published: 08:24 BST, 16 October 2020 | Updated: 08:24 BST, 16 October 2020

  • star ‘still cares’ about ex- and has found it ‘difficult to date’ since being on the show.
  • The former firefighter, 29, told MailOnline that while he’s got to know a number of girls since starring on the ITV2 series, he’s only interested in friendship as he works to establish his career.
  • Michael, who dumped Amber for Joanna Chimonides, said he doesn’t hold any ‘grudges’ against his former flame after she went onto win the £50,000 cash prize.

‘I wish her the absolute best’: Love Island star Michael Griffiths ‘still cares’ about ex-Amber Gill and has found it ‘difficult to date’ since being on the show In an exclusive interview, he said: ‘I’ll say hello to Amber, I’m not rude – I’m not a rude person.

‘I do still care about her and I care about if she’s doing well. I wish her the absolute best, do you know what I mean? ‘There’s no point in me holding grudges and what happened in the past, happened in the past. If you hold onto it it’s just going to upset you even more.’ Amber was mortified after Michael returned from Casa Amor with another woman – but the brutal dumping earned her the respect of the nation.

Single: The former firefighter told MailOnline that while he’s got to know a number of girls since starring on the ITV2 series, he’s only interested in friendship for the foreseeable future

  1. She has since become one of the most lucrative islanders from the 2019 series, following high-profile deals with the likes of Misspap and Littlewoods.
  2. Michael admits he has ‘no regrets’ from his time in the villa and he’s happy to remain single for the foreseeable future.
  3. He said: ‘I don’t regret anything from that point of view.
  4. ‘After Love Island, I found it difficult to date, right now the way I see it I just have to concentrate on myself and becoming the best version of myself I can be by concentrating on work and my career.

Love Island winner: Amber was mortified after Michael returned from Casa Amor with another woman – but the brutal dumping earned her the respect of the nation

  • ‘Once I feel I’m okay and happy, then I will potentially look for love, I won’t look for it but I will be open to meeting someone.
  • ‘There are plenty of people that I’ve spoken to that I could have potentially had a thing with but I’ve just stayed friends with them – and it’s good to have friendships too.’
  • Michael has moved from his native Liverpool to Essex where he lives with former co-stars Jordan Hames, Chris Taylor and Danny Williams.
  • The boys, who star together in MTV’s Living The Dream, have been Michael’s rock throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

‘It’s good to have friendships’: Michael said after his failed relationships with Amber, Joanna and Love Island’s Ellie Brown, that he’s found it ‘difficult to date’ but he has no regrets As a result of the virus, Michael has been unable to see his family for over 10 months, which has proven difficult for the Ex on the Beach star.

Michael’s family, including his parents, siblings and nephews, are all based in Liverpool, one of the hardest hit cities in the country and currently under Tier 3 regulations from the government. He said: ‘It isn’t easy being away from my family for so long. I haven’t seen my family for nearly 10 months.

‘I am from a big family and I am close to all of them and FaceTime has made it easier, I can FaceTime my mum and dad, my nephews, brothers and sisters, so that made it a little easier. But being physically there is very different. ‘Upsetting’: Michael has been unable to see his family who live in Liverpool for the last 10 months as a result of the virus, which has proven difficult for the Ex on the Beach star ‘I have heard about Liverpool being particularly hard-hit by the virus which is upsetting as all my family are there.

My sister is a paramedic and there’s high risk in the family as well.’ Talking about self-filming for digital series Living The Dream, Michael said: ‘What you can expect is a lot of randomness from me and the boys, joking about with each other, pranking each other, we also get to do some mad challenges.

‘It was strange in a sense that we were filming it ourselves but we got used to it straight away. It was pretty much our first experience filming at home or taking into account social distancing, but we’re fine as we are a household.’ MTV’s Living The Dream launches on MTV digital platforms Friday 16th October : Michael Griffiths ‘still cares’ about his Love Island ex Amber Gill

Are any couples from Love Island Season 1 still together?

Season 1. Sadly, it appears the Season 1 contestants from Love Island were particularly unlucky in love as all the couples have since broken up. Yes, that includes Season 1 winners Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli, who wound up splitting a $100,000 prize only to break up a couple of months later.

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Why do Lana and Lex divorce

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Role in Smallville – In the first season, Lana and Clark Kent ( Tom Welling ) are just beginning their friendship, as she is a popular cheerleader dating star quarterback Whitney Fordman ( Eric Johnson ), and Clark cannot get near her without getting sick from the kryptonite necklace she wears.

In the pilot episode, when her parents are killed in the first meteor shower, Lana (Jade Unterman) is adopted by her aunt Nell ( Sarah-Jane Redmond ). As the first season progresses, Lana grows closer to Clark, while Whitney begins to distance himself because of his father’s medical ailments. In season two’s episode “Heat” Lana sends Whitney, who left Smallville for the Marines in the season one finale, a video message breaking up with him.

Lana’s aunt Nell moves to Metropolis with her fiancé in the season two episode “Ryan”, but Lana opts to move in with her friend Chloe Sullivan ( Allison Mack ) so that she may finish high school in Smallville. By the end of season two, Lana and Clark slowly try and start a romantic relationship, but fear backlash from Chloe because of her personal feelings for Clark.

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Just as the two give in to their feelings fully, Clark unexpectedly runs away from Smallville in the season two finale. At the start of season three, it is shown that Lana, alongside the Kents, has been spending her time searching for Clark; she ultimately finds him in Metropolis thanks to Chloe’s help.

Clark’s actions in Metropolis force the two to rethink their relationship in the season three episode “Phoenix”, and Lana eventually begins a new relationship with Adam Knight ( Ian Somerhalder ), whom she met while in physical therapy after being trampled by a horse in season three’s “Asylum”.

By the season three episode “Crisis”, it is discovered that the relationship Adam attempted to form with Lana was just a ploy so that Adam could investigate Clark. Season three’s “Forsaken” reveals that Lana, in order to move on with her life, applies and is admitted into a program to study in Paris, France,

Season four shows that Lana, while in Paris, began a romantic relationship with Jason Teague ( Jensen Ackles ). At the beginning of season four, Lana returns to Smallville after receiving a mysterious tattoo on her lower back, which resembles a symbol on the local Kawatche cave walls, when she touched the tomb of Countess Margaret Isobel Theroux.

In season four’s “Spell” and “Sacred”, the tattoo acts as a doorway for the spirit of Isobel to inhabit Lana’s body; each time Isobel takes over Lana’s body she sets out to find the three stones of knowledge, which are also being searched for by Clark and Lex Luthor ( Michael Rosenbaum ). In the season four finale “Commencement”, Lana is confronted by Jason’s mother Genevieve ( Jane Seymour ), who is also after the three stones of knowledge, and during a struggle Isobel comes forward and kills Genevieve.

The resulting death of Genevieve, who was revealed to have been the cause for Isobel’s death centuries prior in the episode “Bound”, releases Isobel’s control over Lana. During the second meteor shower, Lana witnesses the landing of an alien spacecraft, and two alien beings emerging and killing everyone in sight in the season five premiere.

The spaceship becomes Lana’s primary focus in season five, officially teaming up with Lex Luthor to discover the mystery behind the ship in the episode “Splinter”. When her relationship with Clark hits a breaking point in season five’s “Hypnotic”, she begins to grow closer to Lex. The relationship with Lex eventually leads to marriage in the season six episode “Promise”, but not before Lana discovers Clark’s secret and realizes why he has been lying to her all these years.

When she learns that Lex set up a fake pregnancy in order to get her to marry him in the season six finale “Phantom”, Lana effectively ends the marriage and fakes her own death to escape Lex after he threatens her. She also frames Lex for her murder, to punish him for his betrayal.

  1. It is revealed at the start of season seven that her effort fails, but as part of the “settlement” of their divorce, Lex makes sure that Lana does not go to jail for her actions.
  2. With Clark’s secret no longer an issue, the two begin a real relationship in the season seven episode “Fierce”.
  3. Lana becomes obsessed with making Lex pay for all his crimes against humanity, which causes her to develop the Isis Foundation, using $10 million she stole from Lex.

The Isis Foundation is a counseling center for kryptonite-infected people, but it doubles as a front for Lana’s surveillance on Lex. Her obsessions also begin to affect her relationship with Clark by the episode “Wrath”. Eventually, Lana realizes that, even though she loves him, the only way for Clark to help the world to the best of his ability would be if she left Clark and Smallville for good, which she does in the season seven finale.

  1. In the season eight episode “Bride”, Oliver Queen ( Justin Hartley ), believing he is tracking Lex Luthor who has been missing since the season seven finale, discovers Lana instead.
  2. Oliver convinces her to return to Smallville so that she can attend Chloe’s wedding.
  3. In the season eight episode “Power”, it is revealed that Lana really returned so that she could steal Lex’s “Prometheus” technology for herself, which harnesses alien DNA into a nanite “super-suit” to give the wearer superhuman abilities.

By the end of the episode, the procedure is complete, and Lana becomes just as strong and invulnerable as Clark. In the episode “Requiem”, Lana discovers that her suit absorbs kryptonite, but also emits the radiation making her a potential danger to Clark.

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Does Lana still love Clark

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Season Six – “Lana, we should be together; I want this more than I have ever wanted anything, and I know you do, too.” – Clark to Lana, Promise Lana quickly started a new relationship with Lex, and became pregnant with Lex’s child. Despite her anger with Clark, when Lex proposed to her, Lana had reservations since she still had feelings for Clark.

  • She gave Clark a final chance to make amends, but when he found out she was pregnant, Clark decided to let her go, much to her disappointment.
  • When Clark was taken over by a phantom and trapped in his mind, the phantom tried to use Lana to take over Clark’s body, making him realize his feelings for her.

While under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark kidnapped Lana and told Lana not to marry Lex but marry him instead. A red kryptonite-infected Clark kisses Lana. Frustrated that he chose now to admit his feelings, Lana rejected Clark’s advances. Nevertheless, her intrigue over Clark’s secret kept her close to Clark and, when she received death threats, she hid from the stalker in Clark’s bedroom and took the opportunity to look for any clues to the truth about Clark.

  1. When Clark saved her life, he let her know that he had been watching over her for the same reason she had been watching him.
  2. Lana believed that Clark might be meteor-infected and proved her allegiance to Clark when she protected what she thought was Clark’s secret from Tobias Rice, a meteor freak who could identify other meteor freaks.

Lana finally found out Clark’s secret on her wedding day by witnessing Clark’s powers from a hiding place. At the same time, Clark realized that he had to tell Lana about his feelings for her. After kissing Clark and telling him she’ll meet him at the barn at 5:00pm, Lana is confronted by Lionel Luthor, who found out Lana’s intention to stand Lex up and promised he would kill Clark if she didn’t marry Lex. Clark confronts a distraught Lana about her marriage to Lex. Clark was devastated that she had gone through with the wedding. A week later, Lana collapsed and suffered a miscarriage. Subsequent tests showed that she had never been pregnant, and the doctor accused Lana of taking synthetic hormones to simulate a pregnancy to get Lex to marry her.

  • However, it became clear that she was not happy in her marriage after Lana learned that Lex had faked her pregnancy.
  • Angry over what had been done to her, she was going to leave Lex trapped in a caved in tunnel until she learned that Clark was with him.
  • Clark and Lana soon found their way back to one another, when Lana met Clark at his barn and told him she was leaving Lex, and Smallville, to escape.

Clark told her about his secret in an attempt to get her to stay, but she only kissed him and admitted she already knew. Soon after, Lana was apparently killed when her car exploded. After learning of Lana’s death, Clark became very emotional and wanted revenge for the woman he loved.

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What happened with Chloe and Toby?

23 August 2023, 17:19 | Updated: 24 August 2023, 13:27 Chloe Burrows cries over breakup with Toby on Celebs Go Dating Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran were the Love Island series seven couple fans were rooting for, but when did they split and why did they breakup? Here’s what they’ve said about their relationship.

  • Chloe Burrows, 27, and Toby Aromolaran, 24 met on Love Island 2021 and dated for over a year, breaking up after growing apart.
  • However, in a recent episode of Celebs Go Dating Chloe admitted she ‘wasn’t ready for their relationship to end.’ Fans have been rooting for them to get back together since they split, and it’s thought neither of the Islanders have since moved on with other people.

Their series seven co-stars Liam Reardon and Millie Court recently rekindled their relationship meaning fans are holding out hope that Chloe and Toby will follow in their footsteps. Before their split they lived together, moving in just a few months after meeting on the ITV dating show.

Chloe Burrows Teases Sister’s Appearance On Love Island Chloe Burrows ‘Accidentally Confirms’ Millie Court Is Back With Liam Reardon Are Any Love Island 2021 Couples Still Together?

Here’s what you need to know. Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran were together for a year after Love Island. Picture: Toby Aromolaran/Instagram

Are Liberty and Jake together?

Are Liberty and Jake still together? – Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish have split. Picture: ITV2 Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish left fans heartbroken when they split during their time in the villa, The longest-lasting couple from the seventh series decided to go their separate ways and agreed to leave the villa together, remaining amicable.

How did Faye Winter lose weight?

Faye Winter opens up about drastic transformation to her appearance

has drastically changed her appearance since leaving the Love Island UK Villa.The reality star opened up about getting her filler removed to achieve a more natural look and changes in her weight. Stream every episode ever of and for free on 9Now.

During her time on the show, the 26-year-old revealed she gained close to 12 kilos. But since returning to the real world, she has lost the weight after getting back into her normal routine. “It’s just doing what I normally do. I haven’t stepped foot in a gym since I left Love Island or eaten any differently. Faye shows off her the drastic change. (Instagram) After having 4ml removed, Faye told that it was a “shock to the system”. “I have built my lips up over time, so I did forget how small they were,” she said. However, since then she has had another 1.5ml added in her lips because she thought her smaller lips made her nose and teeth look bigger. Faye shows off a much more natural look. (Instagram) “It’s no secret about my lips. I had my lips dissolved and then refilled with a new technique so it’s allowed my lips to look bigger with less filler,” Faye told, She’s now happy with the size of her lips.

  • She also opened up about fixing her botched filler.
  • My Botox had gone wrong and both of my eyebrows had dropped.
  • However, I’ve had that fixed.
  • My eyebrows are now where they should be and I’m wrinkle-free on my forehead,” she explained.
  • The reality star is now content with the way she looks and has no plans to get any more filler.

“I am happy with how I look. I knew from a young age I had small lips so had some filler to make them bigger, and I had Botox for my wrinkles.” Stream every episode ever of and for free on 9Now. Stream the latest episodes : Faye Winter opens up about drastic transformation to her appearance

Are Zac and Elizabeth from Love Island 2019 still together?

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli – The couple that ultimately went on to win the entire show didn’t last much longer after the cameras stopped rolling. The duo paired up on day one of “Love Island” and remained together despite all the temptation, drama, and, let’s face it, red flags all around them.

  • In the end, America voted and they got the cash prize.
  • They left the island together and dated for a few months before ultimately calling it quits later in 2019.
  • Zac was the first to take to his Instagram Story to reveal they split on mutual terms and remained friendly.
  • Today, he’s based in New York City and is working on a successful modeling career.

Elizabeth soon released her own statement echoing his sentiments, thanking fans and letting the world know they simply grew apart. Today, she too has a modeling career and has worked as a brand ambassador for several companies. She also co-hosts the “After The Island” show about all things “Love Island.”

Are Cashel and Alexandra still together?

Love Island USA’s Cashel Barnett ditched Kyra for this gorgeous mystery woman Love Island USA fans were shocked to discover that Cashel Barnett had moved on from his former island flame, Kyra Green, with a mystery woman named Alexandra Karacozoff. The pair seemed to have a strong connection, sharing their love for music and the outdoors. Cashel Barnett posted sweet photos with girlfriend Alexandra Karacozoff. During their time on the island, Cashel and Kyra had a rocky relationship. They were on and off for months before ultimately calling it quits. But rumors suggest that Cashel had already started seeing Alexandra before their official breakup.

  1. Fans speculate that Kyra may have discovered Cashel’s new, leading her to unfollow him on Instagram in February 2020.
  2. Could this have been the final nail in the coffin for their relationship? Cashel and Alexandra’s relationship also seemed to have fizzled out, with Alexandra posting photos with a new mystery man named Mike in March 2021.

Cashel’s last post featuring Alexandra was in September 2021, leaving fans wondering what went wrong. Also read | With Love Island USA season 5 just around the corner, fans are eager to see who Cashel will up with next. Will he find love on the island, or will his past relationships continue to haunt him? Only time will tell.

Are Phoebe and Mitch still together?

Phoebe and Mitch – were one of the strongest couples on Love Island Australia last season, which may come as a surprise since the pair had their fair share of ups and downs during their time in the Villa. Despite their rollercoaster relationship, the couple are still going strong since making the final three in the Villa.

Since the finale wrapped up, fans were curious if Mitch and Phoebe were still together outside the reality show. Especially since the season was pre-recorded earlier this year. Phoebe and Mitch confirmed to WHO that they’re still together and closer than ever following the finale. “We haven’t left each other’s side!” explained Phoebe, before revealing the couple were planning on moving in with each other.

“We’re basically already living together, and the next step is to actually move in together as we are both paying rent right now, which is silly because we only really stay at mine,” she continued. Now, a year after the pair first met, Mitch took to Instagram to celebrate their first anniversary.

One year with you I remember when we were laying in bed a day after the Love Island finale. For the first time since knowing each other, we didn’t have a mic strapped to us or a million cameras watching us. It was just me and you. it was real and It was perfect.” “I was on the biggest high. I knew I wanted to spend every day I had left feeling this way.” A year later and I cannot believe I’m still on this high,” he continued.

“Phoebe you make me the happiest I have ever been and I still can’t believe I met you on a f***ing tv show. As much as we try and move on from it I’m so grateful because it gave me you.” “You are by far the most beautiful, loving and entertaining human I have ever met.