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Who won MasterChef tonight 2023

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Tonight on ” MasterChef,” the final three home cooks take on their last challenge in the MasterChef kitchen in front of a live audience. Each chef has to whip up a spectacular three-course meal, knowing only one deliberation stands between them and the $250,000 prize.

Then, judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich crown the next MasterChef champion in the all-new “Finale Part One / Finale Part Two” two-hour season finale episode of “MasterChef: United Tastes of America” airing Wednesday, September 20 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, Follow our live blog below.

SEE Reagan Sidney (‘MasterChef 13′) on being gracious through her semi-finals elimination: ‘They made the right choice’ 8:00 p.m. — Previously on “MasterChef,” the top six chefs faced the ultimate challenge of taking over the world’s largest Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.

  • Then, the remaining five home cooks took on two rounds of challenges that determined who would move on to the Finals.
  • In the end, Sav Miles, Wayne Lewis and Reagan Sidney were all eliminated.
  • Now Grant Gillon (Midwest), Kennedy U.
  • West) and Jennifer Maune (South) will battle for the $250,000 prize and title of MasterChef.

Who will join the “MasterChef” winner’s list ? Let’s find out! 8:15 p.m. — The three finalists enter the MasterChef kitchen, which is filled with a live audience including their families and the previously eliminated contestants. To win the competition they will have to make the best three-course meal including an appetizer, an entree and a spectacular dessert.

  • Jennifer will mix Southern food and flavors with French fine dining techniques.
  • Grant plans to incorporate his Italian heritage with his Midwest roots.
  • Ennedy’s theme is self-acceptance through the eyes of nature, telling a story with ingredients from Colorado.
  • They have 60 minutes to prepare appetizers first and the clock starts now! 8:35 p.m.

— Time expires on the appetizer round and nobody had any complete disasters. Now it’s time to see what the judges think of each dish. First up is Jennifer’s Lobster Succotash with Sweet Corn Puree, Truffle Oil and Champagne Caviar Vinaigrette. Joe says it looks “refined” and like the restaurant dish they requested.

  1. The lobster is expertly cooked.
  2. The dish lacks in salt and the caviar gets lost.
  3. Aarón says Jennifer knows what works well with lobster and she cooked it perfectly, but the vinaigrette is really big with a lot of lemon.
  4. Gordon likes the vinaigrette and says Jennifer is off to a great start.8:40 p.m.
  5. Grant brings forward Raviolo Al Uovo with Morel Cream Sauce, Truffle Butter and Shaved Truffles.

Gordon calls it a “bold move” and the pasta looks great. The egg yolk looks perfect and Gordon calls it “absolutely delicious.” The morels are slightly overpowering. Aarón loves the seasoning from the truffles and cheese, but he could have pulled back on the cream sauce.

  • Joe says it’s a delicious dish, but the raviolis could have been boiled twice as long.8:45 p.m.
  • Ennedy presents Crispy Skinned Trout with Truffle Potatoes, Oyster Mushrooms, Tarragon Pea Puree, Saffron Tuile, Trout Roe and Smoked Oyster Aioli.
  • Gordon says it looks “absolutely stunning,” like a cover of a famous chef’s cook book.

He calls forward Kennedy’s sister to sit down in his chair and have a look. It looks like a painting. When the judges have a taste, Gordon says the trout is cooked beautifully, but she should be careful with the smoked oyster aioli. Aarón enjoys the freshness of the pea puree and loves Kennedy’s flavor pairings.

  • Joe says the trout is perfectly seasoned and even likes the saffron tuile.
  • It sounds like Kennedy came out on top this round.9:05 p.m.
  • It’s time to cook entrees.
  • In this round, each home cook should bring something “undeniable them” to the table.
  • After 60 minutes to prepare their entrees, the judges will taste each one.

Grant begins with Pork Loin Medallions with Salmoriglio Sauce, Agrodolce, Celery Root Puree and Beer Braised Fennel & Onions. Joe likes the the plating style and the progression of Grant’s menu. Gordon says the pork is delicious and if he was vegetarian he would “OD” on the fennel.

Aarón thinks the pork is a “little simple” but delicious. Joe says everything on the dish has purpose and is done with a high degree of flavor.9:10 p.m. — Next is Kennedy’s Rabbit Saddle with Seared Rabbit Liver, Pickled Cherries, Beets and Juniper Berry Sauce. The story is a foggy night of rabbit hunting, and she serves it under a fogger and the plate looks splattered in blood.

Gordon loves the uncertainty Kennedy brings to the competition. Gordon loves the rabbit, but the garnishing beets are a little too earthy. Aarón compliments the gravy — juniper was a smart move. Joe says the technique and flavor support the narrative she brings to the table.

The cook and seasoning on the rabbit are “perfection.” 9:15 p.m. — Jennifer presents her Rack of Venison Persillade with Roasted Root Vegetables, Parsnip & Potato Puree and Bordelaise Sauce. Gordon says the plate is beautiful and the meat is perfectly rested. Joe is concerned about the consistency of cuts on each plate.

Gordon says Jennifer nailed the cook on the venison, but it needs more seasoning. The sauce is slightly over-reduced. Aarón thinks the vegetables are a tad underdone, but well-seasoned. Joe says the flavor profile is quite delicious. After another round, it sounds like Kennedy is just running away with this.

Joe says Grant’s menu is the most evolved. He asks if Kennedy’s need to tell a story subverts what they’re eating.9:45 p.m. — The last round is desserts. After 60 minutes, Kennedy is up first with her Black Sesame Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Blackberry Mousse and Yuzu Chocolate Snow. Joe calls it “quite beautiful” and hopes the flavor stands up to the beauty on the plate.

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Gordon says the chocolate cake is “really dense” but he loves the ganache. Joe says the cake is dry and has the consistency of bread. Aarón says it “almost looks like a bagel.” This is Kennedy’s first big misstep of the night.9:50 p.m. — Next is Jennifer’s Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake with Chambord Raspberry Coulis, Crystallized Raspberries and Chocolate Mirror Glaze.

  • Gordon says it looks “stunning.” He looks at Jennifer and says, “I love you.” The cake is exceptional.
  • Aarón compliments how well it’s constructed.
  • Joe says the highlight is the cake itself.
  • The sauce is a little amateurish, but the cake is perfection.9:55 p.m.
  • Grant brings forward Torn Stout Cake with Coffee Stout Mousse, Chocolate Pizzelle and Coffee Ice Cream.

Gordon calls it “delicious” and Grant “on a plate.” The gelato is exceptional. Aarón says it could have been one-note, but the wafer really helps — the dessert is unique. Joe says the gelato is “excellent” and the salt is a “brilliant touch.” Kennedy, who seemed like the clear front-runner after two rounds clearly lost this round.

So who will win? 10:00 p.m. — It’s time to crown a winner. After the judges deliberate, they decide the winner of “MasterChef: United Tastes of America” is Grant! The 32-year old from Altoona, Iowa will take home $250,000 and the title of MasterChef. After winning it all for the Midwest, Grant says, “I’ve worked so dang hard for this.

My whole goal for this entire endeavor was to show Grady that if we try hard, we work hard and we believe in ourselves we can do big things.” Be sure to make your predictions to influence our reality TV racetrack odds. You can keep changing your predictions until just before the next episode airs on FOX.

Where is MasterChef winner 2023 now?

Chariya Khattiyot, has gone from master coffee roaster to MasterChef UK Champion 2023, becoming the 19th amateur cook to claim the coveted title on BBC One’s prestigious cooking competition. Facing off the talents of 44 other ambitious contestants, Chariya triumphed at the end of eight exciting weeks of MasterChef culinary challenges, which culminated in a white-knuckle cook-off against the exceptional remaining finalists, Anurag Aggarwal and Omar Foster.

Chariya was awarded the revered MasterChef UK trophy by judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace on TV’s biggest cooking competition. Originally from Thailand, Chariya lives in Basingstoke (Farnborough during filming), with her fiancé Adam, whom she met in Japan whilst studying there in her early twenties.

After moving to the UK, Chariya spent seven years as a district manager for a national coffee shop chain before setting up her own coffee roasting company and becoming a Master Coffee Roaster. Chariya’s love of cooking stems from growing up in Northern Thailand with her grandad who, with limited means, taught Chariya how to make the most out of what they had and get the best flavours from food.

  • They grew their own vegetables and cooked on a fire outside to create simple but tasty meals.
  • During her childhood Chariya also often loved to play restaurant, and remembers warmly that her grandad would always be her customer.
  • MasterChef judge, John Torode, said: “Chariya’s food has always been honest and from the heart.

It’s always exciting, it’s always unusual and it’s always been beautiful and addictive. And not just punchy, exciting Thai flavours that we saw at the start, but also exceptional, innovative and exciting technique all the way through. A proper master.” MasterChef judge, Gregg Wallace, commented: “Chariya is outstanding and one of the best MasterChef contestants I can remember.

Chariya has delighted and amazed me in equal measure. Some of her creations are absolutely beautiful – almost with an artist’s touch. She is one of the most creative, skillful cooks I’ve seen on MasterChef for a long, long time.” An emotional Chariya reacted to her win: “This is unbelievable. It means the world, the sun, the moon and everything to me.

I don’t think anything can top this. I’m so happy! This just proves that if you dream something and you work really hard and you never give up, you can get it. That’s what my grandad said to me – never give up. He would be so proud of me!” Catch up now on BBC iPlayer,

Which MasterChef winner is most successful?

Season 3: Christine Hà – Amy E. Price/Getty Images The Season 3 winner of “MasterChef,” Christine Hà, who is vision impaired, returned to the set last season as a guest judge, where she put together a mystery-box challenge for the contestants. She’s one of the most successful of the “MasterChef” winners, with around 158,000 followers on her Instagram account and a bestselling cookbook, “Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food,” which came as the result of a publishing deal she inked as part of her win.

These days, Hà is likely to be found in the kitchen of one of her two thriving Vietnamese restaurants in Houston, The Blind Goat and Xin Chao, both of which have achieved critical acclaim. For her restaurants, Hà and her partner Tony Nguyen have earned two James Beard nominations: as a semifinalist in 2020 for Best New Restaurant in America for The Blind Goat and as a finalist for Best Chef in Texas in 2022.

This year she and Tony Nguyen — also partnered on Houston’s Xin Chào — are semifinalists once again for Outstanding Chef for the James Beard Awards. She also appeared in a recent episode of Lidia Celebrates America, where she prepares a Vietnamese pork dish and shares how she used cooking as a way to adjust to the loss of her vision.

Who won Celebrity MasterChef last night?

What’s the reaction to Wynne’s MasterChef win – The opera singer was stunned into silence when judge John Torode announced him the 2023 champion and as Amy congratulated with a hug, she said: “You deserve that.” Media caption, “I’ve got the biggest mouth in show business so how I’ve managed to keep it to myself is a miracle” Luca added: “To be in the final, I don’t think I can have any disappointment.

  • It’s been a great experience but today the best person won.” Wallace said Wynne’s cooking “gives us theatre” while Torode paid tribute to the performer’s culinary ability as he added: “Every single dish tells a story.” “I don’t know how a MasterChef winner celebrates,” said Wynne with a wink.
  • But I know how a bloke from Carmarthen celebrates.” He later admitted joining Luca and Amy for post-show celebratory drinks but Wynne revealed he thought he left the prestigious MasterChef trophy in a taxi after a few drinks.
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“We had a celebration in the studio and Luca had been cooking with my favourite tipple Drambuie,” said the broadcaster, who presents a show on BBC Radio Wales, “So I had a few of those because he had some left then we went out and celebrated. Image source, BBC /Shine TV Image caption, Wynne Evans said going on MasterChef was something for him now his two children have grown up “I woke up in the morning in a blind panic because I thought I’d left the trophy in a taxi.

“I’m meant to keep me winning a secret from March to September but if I’ve left the trophy in a taxi, there’s huge implications for the entire series. “Thankfully they took it off me in the studio, They do that so you can’t accidentally send a selfie to your mates.” Image source, BBC/Shine TV Image caption, Wynne Evans has become the 18th Celebrity MasterChef winner – and the first one from Wales.

The singer from Carmarthen also admitted the first meal he cooked after filming the show was baked beans on toast because he was “fed up of cooking”. “I didn’t want to cook for about a month after the programme, it was so full on,” he said.

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Has MasterChef ever had 2 winners

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Over the last week, MasterChef: The Professionals contestants Anton Piotrowski and Keri Moss have produced plate after plate of stunning food, matching one another dish for dish so that picking a winner looked like an impossible task for Michel Roux Jr and Gregg Wallace.

  1. Turns out it was exactly that.
  2. After much deliberation – strewn with numerous superlatives in praise of the two chefs’ food – the judges chose to name them joint 2012 MasterChef: The Professionals champions, the first time in the show’s history contestants have shared the title.
  3. This has probably been one of the hardest, tightest finals that I have ever seen,” said Roux, who runs two Michelin-starred London restaurant Le Gavroche.

“It was just impossible to split – their talents have been matched plate for plate for the past several challenges and it was truly impossible to award one the title over the other.” “What an amazing final,” added Wallace, “I can’t ever remember a decision this tight.” In hindsight, it seemed like destiny.

Have 2 people ever won MasterChef?

‘MasterChef’ Serves Up Two Winners MasterChef judges have served up a first – by declaring joint winners in the final of the latest series. Keri Moss, 41, and Anton Piotrowski, 30, shared the title as MasterChef: The Professionals reached its climax and they still could not be separated. Anton Piotrowski and Keri Moss Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr and fellow expert Gregg Wallace were unable to choose between Moss and Piotrowski, whose dishes had included cocoa-marinated loin of venison and confit duck-leg cubes. During the final week viewers have seen them designing and preparing a Michelin-standard course each for more than 30 world-renowned and critically acclaimed Michelin-starred chefs – who have amassed 47 stars between them – inspectors and restaurateurs.

  1. And they were also let loose in the kitchen of the famed Heston Blumenthal restaurant The Fat Duck.
  2. Their last task was to prepare a three-course meal for judges Roux and Wallace.
  3. Moss, a freelance caterer from Nunhead, south-east London, said: “Joint winners is just fantastic, we’ve had a good run together, Anton is awesome.

Today has surpassed anything that I have ever achieved in my career, in my whole life, this is just massive.” Piotrowski, who lives in south Devon with his wife Clare, where they run a pub, The Treby Arms, said: “It’s absolutely amazing; to share the title with someone that’s so talented and so amazing is unreal.

Is MasterChef 2023 finished?

MasterChef Australia (series 15) Australian television series season Season of television series MasterChef Australia: Secrets & Surprises Season 15Judges

No. of contestants18WinnerRunner-upRhiannon Anderson Country of originAustralia No. of episodes50ReleaseOriginal networkOriginal release7 May ( 2023-05-07 ) –16 July 2023 ( 2023-07-16 ) Series chronology ← Previous The fifteenth series of the Australian cooking game show premiered on 7 May 2023 on and concluded on 16 July 2023.

  1. The series was originally announced at ‘s and Network 10’s in October 2022.
  2. Subtitled Secrets & Surprises, the season featured 18 contestants, with 17 new to the show.
  3. And returned to the show as judges from the,
  4. The series was originally scheduled to premiere on 1 May 2023.
  5. However, following Zonfrillo’s death on 30 April, the premiere was postponed until 7 May.

Filming of the season had been completed in March 2023 and was thus unaffected by the death of Zonfrillo. The premiere was preceded by a special edition of that paid tribute to Zonfrillo. The series was won by, who previously appeared in but withdrew for mental health reasons.

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Is MasterChef still going 2023

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The thirteenth season of the American competitive reality television series MasterChef (also known as MasterChef: United Tastes of America) premiered on Fox on May 24, 2023, and concluded on September 20, 2023. Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich all returned as judges.

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Who won MasterChef Season 23?

32-year-old Brent Draper was crowned this year’s champion during Sunday night’s emotional final episode, beating 47-year-old Rhiannon Anderson and taking home a whopping $250,000.

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Does Brent Draper win MasterChef 2023

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Brent Draper has won the coveted MasterChef Australia 2023 trophy after what has clearly been a long-winding journey. Initially a contestant in the 2021 competition, Draper had dropped out due to mental health issues and came back with a bang this year to finally win the competition. Read on to know more. Image Credit: Instagram/Brent Draper Brent Draper has won the coveted and globally popular cooking competition, MasterChef Australia ‘s 2023 Season 15. The announcement was made after a grueling two-round finale, where Draper defeated fellow MasterChef Australia contestant Rhiannon Anderson by 11 points.

This is a big win but it isn’t just for me,” Draper wrote in a post on social media. “Honestly it’s for every single person who backed me, who reached out and shared their hard stuff and stories with me, it’s for all those who never gave up.” In the post, Draper thanked the MasterChef Australia judges Melissa Leong and Andy Allen, and also paid tribute to the late Jock Zonfrillo : “And to the man who’s been the most influential for me on my food and mental health journey, Jock.

I’m gutted you’re not here mate and that we won’t get to have a scotch and celebrate this together – but just know that this win is for you. Thank you for the legacy you’ve left behind, for the memories and laughs and just know that you’ll never ever be forgotten in our home.” Video Credit: YouTube/Coles To say that Draper’s journey has been extraordinary is an understatement. “I had everything to prove coming back,” he told 10Play in an interview after his win. “I also wanted to come back and show the judges the growth I had done I had a lot to prove.” And prove he did, not only with his incredible barbecue dishes cooked on the hibachi grill, but also some occasional desserts.

In fact, the winning dish for Draper was the recreation of renowned pastry chef Amaury Guichon’s pocket-watch dessert. So, what’s in store for Draper now that he was won the MasterChef Australia title? Draper has revealed that he will be working on releasing a barbecuing cookbook aimed mostly at men and their mental health.

“Within the cookbook would be stories of people and their mental health battles and their recipes,” he explained. “I just want to merge those two things because, as males, we don’t tend to talk to each other face-to-face, but if there was a barbecue going, and we’re just turn some snags, there’s a bit more opening up there.” Looking for more slurrpy stories? Subscribe to our newsletters now and get them delivered into your mailbox daily or Read our newsletters here

Who are the top 2 finalists in MasterChef 2023?

MasterChef India (Hindi season 7) Season of television series MasterChef India Season 7 Judges No. of days65 No. of contestants16WinnerNayanjyoti SaikiaRunner-upShanta Sarmah Country of originIndia No. of episodes70ReleaseOriginal networkOriginal release2 January ( 2023-01-02 ) –8 April 2023 ( 2023-04-08 ) Season chronology ← Previous Season 7 of the Indian competitive series premiered on on 2 January 2023.

  • And returned as one of the judges for the show while was replaced by,
  • This season marked Khanna’s sixth consecutive season serving as a judge on the show and Brar’s third season.
  • Similar to the past seasons, remained the title sponsor of the show.
  • The Masterchef India season 7 was announced on 14 August 2022 on channel and audition rounds were conducted in 4 cities across the country- (24 September), (1 October), (8 October) and (15 October).

The shown ended with grand finale on 31 March 2023, The winner was Nayanjyoti Saikia, a student from, and got the prize money of ₹25,00,000 while the first runner-up was Santa Sarmah, a homemaker from and second runner-up was Suvarna Bagul, a homemaker from, both got the prize money of ₹5,00,000.

Will there be a MasterChef 2023?

The thirteenth season of the American competitive reality television series MasterChef (also known as MasterChef: United Tastes of America) premiered on Fox on May 24, 2023, and concluded on September 20, 2023. Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich all returned as judges.

Who are the 6 finalists of MasterChef 2023?

With Lucknow-based home cook Sachin Khatwani’s elimination from Masterchef India 2023 yesterday, Kamaldeep Kaur, Aruna Vijay, Nayanjyoti Saikia, Santa Sarmah, Suvarna Bagul and Gurkirat Singh have become the six finalists of the cooking reality show, which airs weeknights at 9pm on Sony Entertainment Television and SonyLIV.

  1. Sachin was eliminated after he failed to live up to the expectations of the judges — celebrity chefs Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar and Garima Arora — during the ‘dessert special challenge’.
  2. Sachin had prepared a ‘very berry chocolate cake’ for the task.
  3. Renowned pastry chef Pooja Dhingra appeared as a special guest in this episode.

“I have learnt so many things from the MasterChef kitchen. I will also take away a lot of things. When I came here a few months ago, I didn’t know anyone. Now that I’m leaving, I have made a family here,” said Sachin after his exit from the show. The eliminated contestant lauded the judges for being great mentors and received praises from them in turn.

  • They also appreciated Sachin for the crab xec xec and poi bhatura that he had prepared earlier on the show.
  • Chef Vikas Khanna assured the contestant that a lot of chefs and many kitchens were waiting for him, while Ranveer Brar thanked Sachin for leaving a lot of beautiful memories in the kitchen.
  • He never accepted defeat and always demonstrated that a difficult challenge or situation is never a problem,” he said.

“You came to his kitchen as a young, novice cook and learnt so much during all these weeks. And learnt it so quickly. You are a fast learner. Use it to your advantage,” chef Garima Arora said while praising Sachin.