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Who won Apprentice last night

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Who wins The Apprentice 2023? – Sir Lord Alan Sugar decided to hire Marnie, making her the winner of The Apprentice 2023 and £250,000 investment along with the partnership. Sir Lord Sugar said he wanted to “try a new horizon” with her community-focused boxing gym.

  • He said it was “something which is completely alien to me to be honest and you’ve never run a business before”.
  • And following her win Ms Swindells, from Oldham, said she was “so happy” she would be going into business with Lord Sugar on her gym, called BRONX.
  • Afterwards she told her Instagram followers, “I’ve been wracking my brains wondering what to write.

What CAN you write when one of the biggest names in business just chose YOU to be his business partner. I’m nothing but a 28 year old girl with a taste for hard work and some big dreams just trying to make a life for herself different from the one she knew.

“I have so much to say, but at the same time, I’m speechless. I feel empowered, but overwhelmed. Confident and terrified in equal measure. All the lines are blurred right now, but if there is one thing I can say with absolute clarity it’s this: She continued, “There is NOTHING in this life that is off limits.

No room you cannot enter, no wall to high and no door you can’t knock down if you just bang hard enough.” And went on to thank Lord Sugar for the opportunity.

Who is left in the final of The Apprentice 2023?

Episodes –

No. overall No. inseries Title Original air date UK viewers(millions) 
197 1 “Antigua Tourism” 5 January 2023 ( 2023-01-05 ) 7.37
Alan Sugar’s search for a new business partner is back and this year’s candidates kick things off on the Caribbean island of, Under the watchful eye of and, the teams must sell and run bespoke tours. The men choose to run a historical and cultural tour of the island, selling out the tour, offering a high-quality tour and making good commission money despite some issues with pricing and negotiations. Karren left filming early to watch play in the semi final of the, The women offer a catamaran experience yet struggle to find customers due to poor location and team in-fighting. In the boardroom, the men are revealed to have made a larger profit leaving the women to face questions over their mistakes. Of the final three, Emma Browne is the first to be fired by Sugar for her lack of co-operation with the rest of the team.
198 2 “Bao Buns” 12 January 2023 ( 2023-01-12 ) 7.59
The candidates are summoned to Hutong at in Central London. Lord Sugar reveals that they will be manufacturing savory to punt to the public and a bespoke sweet bun to sell to a corporate client, with the team who secures the biggest overall profit winning. The women sell fish savory buns to the public, and a chocolate meringue sweet one to their corporate client, along with upselling garnishes with their savory buns, achieving good sales of the former despite issues with ordering ingredients, and receiving a lower price for their corporate order. The men sell chicken buns to the public, and created a fruit and marshmallow sweet bun for their corporate customer, but suffered issues in manufacturing, not selling all their stock, and a failure to upsell the garnishes along with a questionable pricing policy. In the boardroom, the women are revealed to have made a bigger profit – although they are left surprised when Shannon Martin chooses to leave the process before the results are announced owing to her concerns over the environment, leaving the men to be grilled over their errors. Of the final three, Kevin D’Arcy is dismissed over his mismanagement of the sub-team, being Irish and coming up with a flawed pricing strategy for the savory buns. Note: Beginning with this task, would be stepping in for Claude for the remainder of the process due to health concerns.
199 3 “Cartoons” 19 January 2023 ( 2023-01-19 ) 6.84
The candidates are summoned to London’s Regent Street Cinema, where Lord Sugar reveals that they will be producing a new preschool cartoon aimed at two-to-four-year-olds to pitch to industry experts. Affinity create a cartoon about a nervous giraffe who uses her height to help in unique situations, but face concerns about the giraffe’s name and design. Apex produce a cartoon about the relationship between a boy and a girl who uses a wheelchair, but face concerns over its message and incomplete design. Ultimately, the experts pick Affinity’s cartoon over Apex’s, leaving the latter facing questions over their concept. Out of the final three, Lord Sugar fires Gregory Ebbs for making no contributions to the task, despite performing well previously. Following the firing, Lord Sugar visited the candidates’ house, to inform them of the next task. Note: As it was created to tie in with the BBC’s centenary, this episode features a cartoon with the voices of,, and,
200 4 “Brighton Discount Buying” 26 January 2023 ( 2023-01-26 ) 6.96
Lord Sugar sends the teams to to purchase nine items associated with the city for the lowest prices. Between incorrect identification of items, poor strategy and misunderstandings in negotiations, Affinity correctly secure six items while Apex correctly secure five. In the end, Affinity’s costs after fines are lower than Apex’s, leaving the latter facing scrutiny over their failure. Out of the final three, Denisha Kaur Bharj is dismissed for demonstrating poor logistic and leadership skills.
201 5 “Electric Motorbike Advertising” 2 February 2023 ( 2023-02-02 ) 6.58
The teams are summoned to Imperial College, where they are asked to brand a new electric motorcycle – they must create a name, a logo, a television advertisement and a digital billboard, before pitching their ideas to industry experts. Affinity market their bike towards younger bikers, but the original ideas for the concept are ignored and they face criticism for their brand name, logo and campaign. Apex market their bike towards owners of conventional petrol powered motorcycles, but face issues with the content of their advert, their message and their logo. After feedback from the experts, Lord Sugar selects Apex as the winners, leaving Affinity facing questions over their flawed design. Of the final three, Shazia Hussain is fired for making a variety of mistakes, including a failure to use her alleged skills in media design to her advantage and being instrumental in the creation of the poor branding.
202 6 “Dubai Corporate Hospitality” 9 February 2023 ( 2023-02-09 ) 6.73
The teams fly out to from to run corporate away days with a teambuilding activity, although Reece Donnelly does not take part and ultimately leaves the process. Affinity focus on a camel tour with coffee making as the teambuilding exercise, attempting to making as much profit as possible, but face issues with dietary requirements, quality of service and are criticised for limiting the amount of liquid that their clientele can consume. Apex focus on the marina with jetskiing, a yacht ride and a DJ masterclass as the teambuilding course, but face issues with food delays, a sick team member and the amount of time the DJ is available. When the profits are revealed afterwards, it is announced that Affinity received smaller overall profits and a larger refund compared to Apex’s, resulting in them facing questions over their strategy. Out of the final three, Joseph Philips is ejected from the process for providing poor food service and playing a role in the decision to limit the amount of drinks available to the clientele.
203 7 “Children’s Lunchbox and App” 16 February 2023 ( 2023-02-16 ) 6.27
The candidates find themselves designing a new children’s lunchbox for six-to-eight-year-olds, along with an accompanying app intended to encourage healthy eating, before pitching it to retailers. Affinity design a pirate-themed, treasure chest-shaped lunchbox and app with an animated pirate mascot, but face issues with an incomplete app design, a bland box colour and a poorly-chosen brand name, which along with constant talk of changes in the pitches leads to the retailers issuing no orders. Apex design a leaf-shaped lunchbox and app with a caterpillar mascot, securing some orders despite concerns that the branding is potentially targeting the wrong age group and that the lunchbox’s shape and size makes it impractical. After the results are revealed, Lord Sugar puts Affinity to task for their failure. Out of the final three, Sohail Chowdhary is fired for mismanaging his team and standing by a failed product.
204 8 “Immersive Event” 23 February 2023 ( 2023-02-23 ) 6.01
Running immersive experiences in Shropshire with food and entertainment is the theme of this task. Affinity run a Victorian experience in Blists Hill, serving fidget pie and presenting a contortionist, providing a memorable experience despite serving the wrong pie to a customer. Apex run an experience at Shrewsbury Prison involving the guests being placed in the role of prisoners, serving gourmet burgers and presenting a magician, but face issues with costs and fail to sell tickets to the public, while those who do get tickets do not know about the immersive element of the experience, leading to confusion. Afterwards, Apex’s profit is revealed to be lower than Affinity’s, leading to them facing questions over their experience. Out of the final three, Mark Moseley is dismissed over the team’s failure to control their costs and his own failure to sell the immersive experience properly.
205 9 “Male Beauty” 2 March 2023 ( 2023-03-02 ) 6.22
The candidates become cosmetic designers for this task, where they must create a male skincare brand and host a launch event for it where they must sell it to industry buyers. Affinity attempt to create an exfoliant with a snake-themed bottle for the 30’s-40’s market, but their creation is seen as slimy and the branding is dubbed childish, while potential buyers are put off by the fact that the product stains the skin of the user. Apex create a moisturising cream for older males, which is seen as unoriginal and comes with a star-shaped box that draws comparisons to scented candles. Apex win over Affinity by securing orders, leading to Bradley Johnson being fired immediately for being instrumental in creating a poor branding, for touting changes to the product too many times in the pitches and for losing three times as project manager. Out of the remainder of Affinity, Avi Sharma is dismissed for his contribution to the failed formula and his questionable track record.
206 10 “Dog Food” 9 March 2023 ( 2023-03-09 ) 5.93
The candidates are asked to create a new brand of dog food with a signature dish, before pitching it to major retailers. Affinity create a gourmet brand with lamb as the signature flavour, but face issues with the food’s protein content, name, tagline and packaging. Apex create an insect-based brand with a signature dish that is based on a ‘dog’s dinner of a Sunday roast’, but the food’s protein content is thought to be too low, it is found to have no texture, and it does not go down well with a focus group. One of the retailers places an order for Affinity’s food. With no orders for their food, Apex are made to face questions over their failure. In the end, Simba Rwambiwa is ejected from the process for contributing to the poor branding, having a questionable track record, and being perceived as not being someone who listens to others.
207 11 “Interviews” 16 March 2023 ( 2023-03-16 ) 6.28
The final five face a series of interviews with some of Lord Sugar’s closest associates: Karren Brady, Claude Littner, Mike Soutar and Linda Plant. Feedback from his associates leads to him firing Victoria Goulbourne over having a business plan without a unique selling point, Dani Donovan for offering a poor business plan and Megan Hornby for a lack of business experience. Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Raye Anthony are left as the final two, owing to their capabilities as candidates and businesspeople.
208 12 “Finals” 23 March 2023 ( 2023-03-23 ) 5.73
The two finalists, Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Raye Anthony, must create new brands for their proposed businesses, as well as a television advertisement, a digital billboard and a metaverse, before pitching their ideas to Lord Sugar at a gala event attended by industry experts. Marnie’s proposal is for a boxing gym in the centre of London; her ambition is noted as positive despite the fact she is planning to enter a crowded market. Rochelle’s plan is to open new locations for her hair salon and hairdressing academy; she faces scaleability concerns. They then have to convince Lord Sugar to part with £250,000 in investing in their businesses. In the end, Lord Sugar deems Marnie to be his new business partner, with her determination, track record and his own risk-taking being deciding factors despite her lack of experience in running a business, leaving Rochelle as runner-up.
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Has Marnie opened her gym?

Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells opens up on her life-changing year Published: 10:05 BST, 17 September 2023 | Updated: 10:24 BST, 17 September 2023 There are few more exposing television shows than The Apprentice. With every move being scrutinised by Lord, if you’re not up to the task, you will quickly be found out.

  • That was the challenge Marnie Swindells had to overcome when she entered series 17 of the show at the start of this year.
  • Her idea of opening her first boxing gym in Camberwell, south London, looked to be an optimistic one, and Sugar certainly needed convincing after initial scepticism.
  • Yet slowly but surely, Swindells won him around, and was eventually crowned the winner in a dramatic final episode.
  • Sugar has since invested £250,000 to help Swindells achieve her dream of opening her new gym, Bronx, capping off a whirlwind year for the 28-year-old, who has admitted life has never quite been the same since her triumph.

Marnie Swindells (left) was crowned the winner of The Apprentice by Lord Sugar (right) earlier this year Swindells has admitted her life has changed dramatically since winning the show ‘It’s changed in so many ways, some better some worse,’ Swindells told Mail Sport.

  1. ‘Initially coming out of the process, it was hard to get through things without scrutiny.
  2. Everything I would post, everything I would say, people would have commentary on.
  3. That was difficult.
  4. ‘But in the same breathe, it meant everybody was watching.
  5. More eyes were on Bronx so from that perspective I probably couldn’t have done that on my own.

So having the show and Lord Sugar’s help with bringing more eyes to what I was doing was really beneficial.’

  1. Swindells wanted to produce a gym that welcomed all-comers, from complete novices to professional athletes.
  2. With Bronx now firmly up and running, Swindells confirmed she has stayed true to her principles.
  3. ‘I think that’s something I’m really proud of and that has panned out exactly as I planned it to and anticipated,’ she added.
  4. ‘It was always about creating that middle option, and even just within the space of the gym itself, keeping the integrity in the spirit of an amateur gym, but having the style and the professional execution of a more high-end gym, and that is something I do feel like we’ve nailed.

‘We have everybody. We have people who’ve never put a pair of gloves on in their life walk through the doors, all the way through to people like (heavyweight contender) Joe Joyce who visited the gym. So we’ve had the whole breadth of people, which is exactly as I imagined.’ Swindells’ ambition to open a boxing gym started several years ago, and she has now got it over the line.

  • So, what was the overriding emotion when Bronx finally flung its doors open for the first time? Relief? Pride? Not quite.
  • ‘It’s hunger, I want more!’ Swindells revealed.
  • ‘I got the keys for this gym back in 2019, and through issues with the lease, or the council, or the tenants, it just took so long to get to this point where we could get in there.

We didn’t get in there until February this year to start trading. ‘So for all those years I thought my biggest dream was just to open this gym, and now I’ve got it, all I find myself doing is looking for what’s next. I’m really hungry to move on and get the next one done.

  • ‘If anything, what I thought was going to really satisfy me when I got to this point, it’s just made me more urgent to hit the next milestone.
  • That’s ultimately what me and Lord Sugar are doing at the minute.’ Swindells is hungry for more after opening her Bronx boxing gym in Camberwell There can be no doubting Swindells’ passion for boxing.

Having previously taken up the sport herself as a teenager, she is now determined to aid the next generation.

  • Opening more gyms is certainly on the horizon, but Swindells is also keen on trying her hand at promoting, believing she has all the attributes to thrive in the role.
  • Promoters tend not to be the most popular people, with boxing fans quick to turn on the likes of Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren if they don’t get the fights they want to see.
  • This doesn’t concern Swindells, though, who showed her resilience on The Apprentice and in her previous job as a court advocate, and she is prepared to ruffle a few feathers to make her mark.

‘I’m thick-skinned, and using a boxing analogy, I really can take it on the chin. Not much fazes me,’ she explained. ‘I’ve gone from fighting myself where you literally take the knocks, to being in a courtroom where a judge and opposing counsel will just eat away at your spirit.

‘And you just have to keep standing there, being resilient, fighting back, and I think that is something I could definitely bring into promoting. I’m not a sensitive soul, I think I can hack it. ‘I have been thinking very strongly about what would make me stand out as a boxing promoter – aside from just being the only female who would be doing it – how I can really look at boxing with fresh eyes.

It’s a very old-school sport that’s been done the same way for so long.

  1. ‘I think it needs someone to have a shake-up of the whole system and really look at a different way of doing things.’
  2. Swindells has wasted little time in building on her Apprentice success, and has no plans to take her foot off the gas now.
  3. She admits she still has more work to do before jumping into the promoting world, but makes no secret of the fact she wants to go right to the top, and has outlined a potential timeframe for her move into the industry.

Swindells previously boxed herself, and now has her sights set on going into promoting Eddie Hearn (left) and Frank Warren (right) are two of the biggest promoters in the UK, but Swindells thinks the sport needs ‘fresh eyes’ and a major ‘shake-up’ ‘I’m impatient! But I also don’t want to rush this,’ Swindells said.

  1. ‘There are still a lot of things about the pro boxing world that I still have to learn.
  2. ‘I’ll only step into that world when I think I’m ready and I can take it by storm.
  3. I don’t want to do a half-hearted small attempt at it.
  4. I want to go all the way.
  5. But having said that, I would like that to at least be within the next two years.’ Swindells has proven she is not afraid to challenge herself over the past 12 months, and her bold approach has paid off.

As she sets her sights on becoming a leading promoter, it would be brave to bet against her continuing her rapid rise. : Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells opens up on her life-changing year

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How is harpreet doing now

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Lord Sugar And Apprentice Winner Part Ways 18 Months After Going Into Business and 2022 winner have parted ways, 18 months after going into business. After taking part in the reality show, Harpreet secured a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar for her dessert parlour business Oh So Yum!.

However, less than two years later, she has bought back the businessman’s shares in the company, and now controls the business with her sister Gurvinder. A joint statement from Harpreet and Lord Sugar described the move as “a significant achievement in the journey of the Yorkshire-based entrepreneur”.

“With the purchase of Lord Sugar’s shares, Harpreet and her sister, Gurvinder Kaur, are now in full control of the business and its future direction,” the announcement revealed, describing the split as “amicable” and “mutually agreed”. “Harpreet is an exceptionally bright and driven business woman,” Lord Sugar said. Apprentice 2022 winner Harpreet Kaur Harpreet said she was “extremely grateful for the knowledge and support that Lord Sugar and his team of advisors” had provided her with, adding: “It has been invaluable in getting Oh So Yum! to the place where it is today, and I’m excited for the journey ahead. Harpreet with former co-star and now-fiancé Akshay Thakrar Sharing the happy news on Instagram, Akshay posted a photo from his lavish proposal on a London rooftop, featuring sparklers, a floral display and a light-up sign which read “Will you marry me?”.

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How old is harpreet

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Devastated Apprentice winner Harpreet Kaur reveals her beloved father has died Winner of the 2022 series of BBC’s The Apprentice Harpreet Kaur has shared the devastating news her father has died in a heartbreaking post to her followers Devastated Apprentice winner Harpreet Kaur reveals her beloved father has died

  • The Apprentice winner Harpreet Kaur has announced the devastating news that her father has died.
  • The 30-year-old businesswoman is the co-owner of a dessert parlour and shared the heartbreaking news on social media with her fans.
  • Harpreet won the 2022 series of BBC1 show The Apprentice after battling 17 other candidates for the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

Posting to her followers on, Harpreet said: “Love you forever dad. Thank you for your kind messages. My father sadly passed away yesterday. If I don’t get back to you at this difficult time, just know that your kind words are appreciated and mean a lot.” In another post, the businesswoman shared photos of her father and her family.

  1. Harpreet captioned it: “We all love you forever dad 1963-2023 rest peacefully now x”
  2. She was then flooded with thousands of messages from people showing their support.

Current Apprentice contestant Rochelle Anthony said: “Ahh Harpreet! That’s really really sad! I am so sorry for your loss!! I cannot understand what you are going through. I just know your dad is looking down on you so very proud of the courageous woman he created! thinking of you” Winner of the first series of the show and current aide to Lord Sugar, Tim Campbell commented: “Forever rest his soul So sorry to the news Harpreet and all love and thoughts from our family to yours at this sad time.” Harpreet with her father, who has passed away ( @harpsi_kaur/Instagram) Former Apprentice finalist Khadija Kalifa also added: ” I’m so sorry.

  • Sending you so much love!” Harpreet won the 2022 series after weeks of tasks set by Lord Sugar.
  • She managed to pip Kathryn Burn to the post and secured the £250,000 investment.
  • Harpreet joined forces with Lord Sugar as he invested in her sweet business Oh So Yum! The dessert parlour is available in store and online and offers a range of baked goods and sweets.
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The winner recently returned to our screens as the 2023 series got underway. She appeared on The Apprentice: You’re Fired, hosted by comedian Tom Allen. Harpreet is dating co-star Akshay Thankrar ( Harpreet won the 2022 series of the BBC programme The Apprentice.

  • However, after spotting Harpreet’s former co-star Akshay Thakrar in the audience, Tom hinted he was in attendance
  • Harpreet admitted: “Well, since the show and in the past few months, you know, something has blossomed between us.”
  • She appeared a little embarrassed and smitten while the questioning continued with Tom joking: “Is it a £250,000 investment?”

Harpreet commented: “I feel like you’re waiting for more juicy details, aren’t you?,” leading to an excited Tom asking her to “tell us everything”. She denied anything happened between the pair whilst filming the show as they were both fully focused on the competition.

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How old are Akshay and Harpreet

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Fans of The Apprentice will be overjoyed to learn that 2022 series champion Harpreet Kaur has announced her engagement to her on-screen co-star and fellow contestant Akshay Thakrar, The duo met last year when attempting to claim the top spot during Lord Sugar ‘s long-standing business competition, but Harpreet left the show with more than a jaw-dropping investment, when she and Akshay unexpectedly struck up a romance behind the scenes, Harpreet and Akshay announced their engagement today (Image: Instagram | harpsi_kaur) “Our journey began in the most unexpected way. Now it’s time to begin our forever chapter. She said yes.” He concluded: “Thank you to everyone who helped me create this special moment @the_proposalplanners @londondiamonddealer @shivaniphotography”. The loved-up couple announced their relationship last year (Image: Instagram | harpsi_kaur) Harpreet’s fellow finalist, pyjama company owner Kathryn Louise Burn wrote: “MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED AHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH, a match made in heaven”. The pair met on The Apprentice (Image: Instagram | harpsi_kaur) Announcing their romance last year, Harpreet shared a snap cosying up to her man after three months of dating, captioned: “The best things in life happen unexpectedly. I love sharing my Oh So Yum business journey with you all but this’s a personal one. The couple took part in the 2022 series of the show (Image: PA) Harpreet later told The Apprentice: You’re Fired host Tom Allen when appearing as a guest on the show: “There was literally absolutely nothing going on at the house. “And I think just going through the process, coming out of it, we built a friendship and it kind of went from there.” From the audience, Akshay confirmed: “Me and Harpreet barely spoke on the show because we never worked on the same team.

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Who was fired on Apprentice

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Week 9 – Bradley Johnson and Avi Sharma – Bradley Johnson and Avi Sharma on The Apprentice 2023. BBC Bradley Johnson and Avi Sharma were fired from The Apprentice this week. “Disgrace, total disgrace,” Lord Sugar said in the boardroom. “Bradley, three times project manager, three times you’ve tried to change the product when you’re pitching it.

I’ve told you before, I don’t ever want to see you back in this boardroom again, and I’ll tell you what, I’m never going to see you back in this boardroom again. Bradley – you’re fired.” Bradley then left the boardroom and the rest of the team were sent to the loser’s café as Lord Sugar told them: “You three are not off the hook.

You go and talk amongst yourselves, you’re coming back in here and at least another one of you is going to be leaving the process today.” After chatting at the cafe, Marnie, Avi and Rochelle returned to the boardroom for Lord Sugar to reveal who else would be going home.

How much does The Apprentice winner get paid?

Karren Brady, aide since series six – I’d known Alan for a long time. When I started working in football in 1993, he was the chairman of Tottenham. Our paths crossed and we got on well. He asked me to do the first Comic Relief Does the Apprentice in 2007, with Jo Brand, Cheryl Cole, Maureen Lipman and Trinny Woodall.

  • I remember him saying in the boardroom: “Karren, you’ve got the most to lose because you’re the business person.” I thought: “Christ, I really have to up my game.” The girls made me project manager, we wiped the floor with the boys and raised more than £750,000.
  • I did the guest interviews for a series.

Then Alan phoned and said: “Margaret is leaving. There’s no one I’d like more to replace her, but I have to warn you: it’s very long and arduous, think carefully, you’ll spend a long time away from home.” My kids were young, I was still just in my 30s, so I talked it over and they said: “We want you to do it, mum.” Then Alan said, “Margaret’s changed her mind.” I thought: “That’s the first time I’ve been fired before I’ve been hired!” ‘Wear comfortable shoes’ Karren Brady. Photograph: BBC/PA But the following year, Margaret did leave, and I started with that rolled into the main series. Margaret phoned and said: “Karren, I’m going to give you a bit of advice. You’re on your feet all day.

Wear comfortable shoes.” When The Apprentice says it’s 4am, it really is 4am, and the days are 12 hours. I spent my first day filming in a market in high heels. That night, I was in the bath, my feet were throbbing. I texted Margaret: “You’re quite right.” I never made that mistake again. Normally in reality TV, you win and that’s it.

Winning the Apprentice is life-changing. The day after the final, £250,000 is sent from Alan’s account and they can do whatever they want with it. The authenticity is important, but it’s such a simple format. Alan tells the candidates what the task is, they complete that and someone on the losing team gets fired.

But it’s the characters and the interaction that make the show. People love shouting at the television: “Why are you doing this? You should be doing that.” I think it’s that kind of programme we’d all like to have a go at to show how good we are. And, of course, if I were a candidate against Lord Sugar, I’d beat him hands down.

The Apprentice is on Thursdays at 9pm on One and BBC iPlayer. : Alan Sugar on making The Apprentice: ‘If I was a candidate, I’d win every time’

Did a woman ever win The Apprentice?

2009 – Yasmina Siadatan – Crowned winner of The Apprentice in 2009, Siadatan went on to join Lee McQueen at Amscreen, but left the following year after becoming pregnant and didn’t return. She was then headhunted by Dragon’s Den star James Caan before setting up her own start-up loans company. She currently helps run a fintech company called Dynamic Planner based in Reading.

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Where did Marnie Swindell win her gold medal

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Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells’ grief turned her into a fighter Published: 22:01 BST, 9 April 2023 | Updated: 23:22 BST, 9 April 2023 My gloves are up, guarding my face. Chin down and elbows tucked in at the ribs. Feet shoulder-width apart and upper body turned slightly towards my opponent.

  • I bend my knees and practise springing up and down — hopefully ‘floating like a butterfly’ but ready to swivel my hips so I can also ‘sting like a bee’.
  • I’m nervous for three reasons.
  • First: I haven’t put on a pair of boxing gloves for a long time.
  • Second: I’m facing Marnie Swindells, winner of the 17th series of The Apprentice and a woman who knows a thing or two about boxing.

I’m facing Marnie Swindells (pictured), winner of the 17th series of The Apprentice and a woman who knows a thing or two about boxing

  1. And third, last month I wrote a critical review of the BBC One show on these pages, dismissing the 18 contestants as ‘delusional fantasists — men with naff haircuts and women with indistinguishable trout pouts and cheap hair extensions’.
  2. To be fair to Marnie, she doesn’t fit that mould, and of all the Apprentice contestants it was clear early on that her business proposal — a boxing gym offering more than the standard ‘boxfit’ or ‘boxercise’ classes and aimed at a new clientele — was well-thought-out.
  3. Prior to the show, she’d already secured significant funding, including a £150,000 grant from Sport England.
  4. This go-getting 28-year-old has been a fan of the sport since the age of 17 and became a champion amateur boxer before pursuing a career in law.
  5. In The Apprentice final, Marnie went head-to-head with Rochelle Anthony, a hair-salon owner seeking to expand her business.
  6. There was initial scepticism from Lord Sugar and his business experts who scrutinise the contestants’ plans and quiz them ruthlessly about their aims.

After all, boxing as a means of maintaining fitness is nothing new. But Marnie’s ambition was to create a middle-market option positioned between the high-end, expensive boutique gyms and the spit and sawdust clubs — and Lord Sugar went for it. Marnie was ecstatic and describes poignantly how, after her win when she was driven away in Lord Sugar’s Rolls-Royce, she felt her late father’s presence.

On her wrist was the gold bracelet he’d bought for her ninth birthday but was never able to give to her because of his sudden, premature death. Marnie (pictured, left) was ecstatic and describes poignantly how, after her win when she was driven away in Lord Sugar’s Rolls-Royce, she felt her late father’s presence.

With her prize — a £250,000 investment by Lord Sugar — Marnie has now transformed a derelict building in Camberwell in South East London into Bronx, the boxing gym where we meet. First impressions are good. The workout area is spacious, with a 16 ft competition ring in one corner and 18 punch bags.

The exposed brickwork bestows an authentic feel of the underground boxing clubs of old. She gives no hint that she read my critical review but there is a steely look in her eyes as she positions me in a fighting stance — and then holds up the pads and invites me to hit them. ‘I want full power now,’ she tells me.

‘Come on, one-two!’ I jab hard. ‘I want you to get your foot involved, all the way down to your tippy-toes.’ A resounding smack on the pad — yes! ‘Remember, boxing is about body, it’s about rotation,’ she says. ‘Imagine you have a pole going right through you.’ When I fail to rotate far enough she urges me to ‘throw a bit more hip into it.

  • Marnie is a good teacher, which is hardly surprising given her experience coaching at the Double Jab Boxing Club nearby.
  • During that time she learnt the positive impact of boxing on young people, especially the ‘Jab Don’t Stab’ sessions aimed at keeping teenage boys from being drawn into knife crime.
  • Marnie leads an affluent lifestyle, living with her partner in Peckham, South London, and enjoying luxury holidays — but it’s a far cry from her childhood.

With her prize — a £250,000 investment by Lord Sugar — Marnie has now transformed a derelict building in Camberwell in South East London into Bronx, the boxing gym where we meet Born in my own hometown of Oldham in Greater Manchester, Marnie lived in a caravan until her teens.

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Money was scarce. The family moved around Lancashire, settling for a time in coastal towns such as Blackpool. When she was eight, her father died in front of her, in an incident she can’t bring herself to talk about. The little girl in school uniform had to direct the ambulance through the caravan park.

‘It was tough. Going through grief like that really does make people into fighters,’ she says. Just days later, Marnie put on a brave face to dance and sing in the lead role of Sandy in her school’s production of Grease. Her mum had told her that staying strong was the only way to move forward.

  1. In her teenage years she found herself getting into fights and that was the trigger to take up boxing — the only girl in the class at her local gym.
  2. ‘I had a lot of pent-up feelings and boxing was the first time there was a sense of relief and it was like the clouds parted,’ she recalls.
  3. ‘There’s a fire inside, where everyone has their demons.

But when you box for the first time, it’s bringing out that raw emotion of wanting to fight, to hit and get it all out.’ Ambitious Marnie moved to London at 18 to pursue a boxing career, winning several medals while working as a promoter and coach. In 2015, she won a gold medal in the Haringey Box Cup, billed as Europe’s largest amateur boxing event.

  1. That same year, she graduated with a BA in History and Politics at Goldsmiths College, University of London.
  2. It was while coaching a barrister in boxing that she was inspired to consider a law career of her own.
  3. She completed a law conversion course and barrister training, becoming a court advocate, representing individuals and organisations before courts and tribunals.

But Marnie’s passion still lay with boxing and she saw The Apprentice as a way to make her dream of opening her own boxing club a reality. Just days later, Marnie put on a brave face to dance and sing in the lead role of Sandy in her school’s production of Grease Was there anyone on the series she wanted to punch? ‘Not at all!’ she insists.

  1. ‘Even though we’re at each other’s throats in the process itself, there’s a lot of bonding and camaraderie that comes from the fact that you’re put in such a difficult position together.’ This year’s candidates got a lot of stick on social media for obsessing about their appearance.
  2. But Marnie sees no reason a woman can’t be both glamorous and successful.

‘I enjoy walking into the gym in make-up and heels, and people being confused that I own it,’ she says. ‘With each day, my skin grows thicker and if that means me wearing a dress in my gym or trackies at a meeting then who are you to stop me?’ Lord Sugar has yet to visit her at Bronx, though it’s high on his agenda.

Will Marnie be offering him a boxing lesson? ‘I don’t think he’ll be taking it up any time soon! I feel like Lord Sugar is already quite a spirited man!’ For now, she’s giving her fledgling business all her attention. Open seven days a week, Bronx runs classes in the morning and evening, and there are ten coaches to train would-be fighters.

Sessions for under-18s are just £6, while adult classes start at £10 per hour. She wants Bronx to become a hub for everyone in the community — especially women. The women-only sessions — three days a week — are already running at capacity. Following the high-profile murders of several women, safety on the streets has become a major issue.

  • Marnie feels strongly about women being able to protect themselves.
  • She is determined that her classes are not simply ‘boxfit’ or ‘boxercise’ because ‘women need to know how to throw a punch, how to convert their weight into power.
  • Boxfit won’t do that.
  • For now, she’s giving her fledgling business all her attention.

Open seven days a week, Bronx runs classes in the morning and evening, and there are ten coaches to train would-be fighters ‘Women are obviously genetically not as strong as men. But if you can throw your weight correctly, you’d be surprised how much of an impact that would have on someone,’ she adds.

  1. Many female celebrities now cite boxing as part of their fitness regime.
  2. After all, it’s a rigorous workout that burns between 350-600 calories in an hour and uses your entire body: upper and lower, abs, arms, glutes and thighs.
  3. Jennifer Lopez boxes to maintain her curvy yet super-toned physique, while supermodel Gigi Hadid credits it for her washboard abs (though good genes obviously help).

And even the Kardashian sisters have imperilled their manicures to put on some gloves. Even when she’s not boxing, Marnie enjoys putting people down on the canvas — she loves painting and has sold a few of her portraits. As for her love life, she got engaged last October — while cruising on a private yacht off Crete — to fellow boxing coach Michael Harris.

They have been together for a decade. They’ve yet to set a date for the wedding, as her focus is solely on the club. Longer term, her aim is to open up another club in central London and eventually establish a chain. Will she set one up in Manchester? ‘I would love to,’ she says. ‘I miss the North. It definitely has my heart.

As they say in football, I want to bring it home.’ And if Marnie Swindells can persuade a non-athlete like me to look into boxing sessions again, then she stands a good chance. : Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells’ grief turned her into a fighter

What is Marnie’s business idea?

The Apprentice 2023: Who is Marnie Swindells and why did Lord Sugar hire her? Boxer Marnie Swindells has won Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment in The Apprentice 2023 after winning him over with her knockout boxing gym business idea.

Asked By: Nathaniel Howard Date: created: Jan 30 2023

Who made The Apprentice final

Answered By: Gordon Morgan Date: created: Feb 01 2023

The Apprentice viewers have taken to social media to share their thoughts after Lord Sugar decided who his next business partner would be. The BBC series, which has been running since 2005, aired the 2023 finale on Thursday, March 23. During the final episode, the two finalists – Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Anthony – were tasked with pitching their business idea to the 75-year-old business tycoon.

They were joined by a small selection of fired candidates. At the end of the episode, Lord Sugar decided that it was Marnie who’d be getting hired. She will receive £250,000 to set up her community-focused boxing gym BRONX. For the latest TV and Showbiz news sign up to our newsletter here, Read more: The Apprentice final 2023: Who won the BBC One series last year? “Two very excellent candidates.

But I’ve always been known to be a gambler, I’ve always been known to try new horizons so I’m going to try a new horizon Marnie, you are going to be my business partner,” Lord Sugar said of choosing his 2023 business partner. Lord Sugar with series finalists Rochelle Anthony and Marnie Swindells (Image: PA) Following the decision, there was a huge response on social media. One viewer wrote: “Lord Sugar has made the right decision there! Well done Marnie.” A second then commented: “I knew it! Well done Marnie.” A third agreed, saying: “Aw I’m so happy for Marnie.

BBC The Apprentice inundated with ‘bullying’ complaints as viewers switch off Which Gavin and Stacey character are you? Try our quiz BBC The Apprentice: Horrified Karren Brady slates ‘crazy business plan’ as one of the worst she’s ever seen BBC The Apprentice: Why Bradley Johnson didn’t leave in a taxi despite being fired The Apprentice viewers left baffled as glaring packaging error never mentioned

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Who is still in The Apprentice 2023

Answered By: Keith Gonzalez Date: created: Sep 03 2023

BBC’s “The Apprentice” 2023 has reached its final stage and out of all the participants, only two are left now. The final of The Apprentice 2023 features an all-women showdown as Rochelle and Marnie go head to head to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment in their business. – Agencies As ” The Apprentice ” 2023 reaches its final stage, only two contestants are left to compete for the coveted £250,000 business investment from Lord Alan Sugar. Following a tense semi-final, Rochelle and Marnie were chosen as this year’s finalists and will go head to head in the grand final next week.

  1. The previous episode showcased the dreaded interview stage of the series, in which Claude Littner returned to interrogate the semi-finalists on their business plans and proposals.
  2. Unfortunately, the latest episode aired on March 16 marked the end of the road for Victoria, Dani, and Megan,
  3. This 17th series of the BBC One show started with 18 new candidates vying for Lord Sugar’s approval and investment, but now only Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Anthony remain.

BBC The Apprentice 2023 finalists

  • Marnie Swindells
  • Rochelle Anthony

Who has left The Apprentice 2023 thus far? Victoria, Dani, and Megan were the three contestants who were fired in the interview round of The Apprentice 2023. As for the previous eliminations, Avi Sharma, Bradley Johnson, Denisha Kaur Bharj, Emma Browne, Gregory Ebbs, Joseph Phillips, Kevin D’Arcy, Mark Moseley, Reece Donnelly, Shannon Martin, Shazia Hussain, Simba Rwambiwa, and Sohail Chowdhary have all left the show.

  1. What does BBC stand for? It stands for British Broadcasting Company
  2. Who is BBC’s director general? Tim Davie

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Who won The Apprentice series 15?

The Apprentice (British series 15) 15th series of a British reality television series Season of television series The Apprentice Season 15 Promo group shot of Alan Sugar standing before the candidates for series 15 Starring

Country of originUnited Kingdom No. of episodes12ReleaseOriginal networkOriginal release2 October ( 2019-10-02 ) –18 December 2019 ( 2019-12-18 ) Series chronology ← Previous Next → The fifteenth series of British series (UK) was broadcast in the UK on, from 2 October to 18 December 2019.

  1. As with the previous series, the first task was conducted abroad, with the candidates travelling further afield than had been previously staged in the programme’s history of business-related tasks held in other countries.
  2. In addition, the sister programme The Apprentice – You’re Fired saw a change in the host before the series broadcast, with comedian overseeing interviews with candidates after their final appearance within this series.

Alongside the standard twelve episodes, the series was preceded by the mini online episode “Meet the Candidates” on 24 September, with two specials aired alongside the series – “The Final Five” on 10 December, and “Why I Fired Them” on 18 December. Sixteen candidates took part in the fifteenth series, with becoming the overall winner.