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Who wins Super Bowl 2023

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Final: Chiefs 38, Eagles 35 – 10:15 p.m. — Game over, season over. The Chiefs have won their third Super Bowl in franchise history and second of the Patrick Mahomes era. An anticlimactic ending to a tremendous game, but the Lombardi Trophy resides in Kansas City once again.

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What quarterback won the Super Bowl in 2022

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Winning and losing quarterbacks –

Season Super Bowl Winning QB Team Losing QB Team
1966   AFL / NFL I Bart Starr * MVP Green Bay Packers n Len Dawson * Kansas City Chiefs a
1967   AFL / NFL II Bart Starr * MVP Green Bay Packers n Daryle Lamonica Oakland Raiders a
1968   AFL / NFL III Joe Namath * MVP New York Jets a Earl Morrall Baltimore Colts n
1969   AFL / NFL IV Len Dawson * MVP Kansas City Chiefs a Joe Kapp Minnesota Vikings n
1970 V Johnny Unitas * Baltimore Colts A Craig Morton Dallas Cowboys N
1971 VI Roger Staubach * MVP Dallas Cowboys N Bob Griese * Miami Dolphins A
1972 VII Bob Griese * Miami Dolphins A Billy Kilmer Washington Redskins N
1973 VIII Bob Griese * Miami Dolphins A Fran Tarkenton * Minnesota Vikings N
1974 IX Terry Bradshaw * Pittsburgh Steelers A Fran Tarkenton * Minnesota Vikings N
1975 X Terry Bradshaw * Pittsburgh Steelers A Roger Staubach * Dallas Cowboys N
1976 XI Ken Stabler * Oakland Raiders A Fran Tarkenton * Minnesota Vikings N
1977 XII Roger Staubach * Dallas Cowboys N Craig Morton Denver Broncos A
1978 XIII Terry Bradshaw * MVP Pittsburgh Steelers A Roger Staubach * Dallas Cowboys N
1979 XIV Terry Bradshaw * MVP Pittsburgh Steelers A Vince Ferragamo Los Angeles Rams N
1980 XV Jim Plunkett MVP Oakland Raiders A Ron Jaworski Philadelphia Eagles N
1981 XVI Joe Montana * MVP San Francisco 49ers N Ken Anderson Cincinnati Bengals A
1982 XVII Joe Theismann Washington Redskins N David Woodley Miami Dolphins A
1983 XVIII Jim Plunkett Los Angeles Raiders A Joe Theismann Washington Redskins N
1984 XIX Joe Montana * MVP San Francisco 49ers N Dan Marino * Miami Dolphins A
1985 XX Jim McMahon Chicago Bears N Tony Eason New England Patriots A
1986 XXI Phil Simms MVP New York Giants N John Elway * Denver Broncos A
1987 XXII Doug Williams MVP Washington Redskins N John Elway * Denver Broncos A
1988 XXIII Joe Montana * San Francisco 49ers N Boomer Esiason Cincinnati Bengals A
1989 XXIV Joe Montana * MVP San Francisco 49ers N John Elway * Denver Broncos A
1990 XXV Jeff Hostetler New York Giants N Jim Kelly * Buffalo Bills A
1991 XXVI Mark Rypien MVP Washington Redskins N Jim Kelly * Buffalo Bills A
1992 XXVII Troy Aikman * MVP Dallas Cowboys N Jim Kelly * Buffalo Bills A
1993 XXVIII Troy Aikman * Dallas Cowboys N Jim Kelly * Buffalo Bills A
1994 XXIX Steve Young * MVP San Francisco 49ers N Stan Humphries San Diego Chargers A
1995 XXX Troy Aikman * Dallas Cowboys N Neil O’Donnell Pittsburgh Steelers A
1996 XXXI Brett Favre * Green Bay Packers N Drew Bledsoe New England Patriots A
1997 XXXII John Elway * Denver Broncos A Brett Favre * Green Bay Packers N
1998 XXXIII John Elway * MVP Denver Broncos A Chris Chandler Atlanta Falcons N
1999 XXXIV Kurt Warner * MVP St. Louis Rams N Steve McNair Tennessee Titans A
2000 XXXV Trent Dilfer Baltimore Ravens A Kerry Collins New York Giants N
2001 XXXVI Tom Brady MVP New England Patriots A Kurt Warner * St. Louis Rams N
2002 XXXVII Brad Johnson Tampa Bay Buccaneers N Rich Gannon Oakland Raiders A
2003 XXXVIII Tom Brady MVP New England Patriots A Jake Delhomme Carolina Panthers N
2004 XXXIX Tom Brady New England Patriots A Donovan McNabb Philadelphia Eagles N
2005 XL Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers A Matt Hasselbeck Seattle Seahawks N
2006 XLI Peyton Manning * MVP Indianapolis Colts A Rex Grossman Chicago Bears N
2007 XLII Eli Manning MVP New York Giants N Tom Brady New England Patriots A
2008 XLIII Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers A Kurt Warner * Arizona Cardinals N
2009 XLIV Drew Brees MVP New Orleans Saints N Peyton Manning * Indianapolis Colts A
2010 XLV Aaron Rodgers † MVP Green Bay Packers N Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers A
2011 XLVI Eli Manning MVP New York Giants N Tom Brady New England Patriots A
2012 XLVII Joe Flacco † MVP Baltimore Ravens A Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers N
2013 XLVIII Russell Wilson † Seattle Seahawks N Peyton Manning * Denver Broncos A
2014 XLIX Tom Brady MVP New England Patriots A Russell Wilson † Seattle Seahawks N
2015 50 Peyton Manning * Denver Broncos A Cam Newton Carolina Panthers N
2016 LI Tom Brady MVP New England Patriots A Matt Ryan † Atlanta Falcons N
2017 LII Nick Foles † MVP Philadelphia Eagles N Tom Brady New England Patriots A
2018 LIII Tom Brady New England Patriots A Jared Goff † Los Angeles Rams N
2019 LIV Patrick Mahomes † MVP Kansas City Chiefs A Jimmy Garoppolo † San Francisco 49ers N
2020 LV Tom Brady MVP Tampa Bay Buccaneers N Patrick Mahomes † Kansas City Chiefs A
2021 LVI Matthew Stafford † Los Angeles Rams N Joe Burrow † Cincinnati Bengals A
2022 LVII Patrick Mahomes † MVP Kansas City Chiefs A Jalen Hurts † Philadelphia Eagles N
Season Super Bowl Winning QB Team Losing QB Team
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Who is hosting 2023 Super Bowl

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The game will be hosted at State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona – the home stadium of the Arizona Cardinals — on Feb.12, 2023.

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Who has won the most Super Bowls

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How many NFL teams have not won a Super Bowl? – Ahead of the 2023 season, there are 12 teams that have yet to win a Super Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Detroit Lions Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota Vikings Tennessee Titans

: Which NFL team has the most Super Bowl wins? | DAZN News US

Who is Super Bowl 57 MVP?

— For the second time of his career, Patrick Mahomes is a Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP. The Chiefs quarterback was named the Super Bowl 57 MVP after he led Kansas City to a 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. He is the sixth player ever to win multiple Super Bowl MVP awards.

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What QB has never lost a Super Bowl

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Zeke Bratkowski wasn’t beaten in Super Bowls in his career.

Zeke Bratkowski Super Bowl 0.0
Bart Starr Super Bowl 226.0
Joe Namath Super Bowl 206.0
Babe Parilli Super Bowl 0.0
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Has the highest paid QB ever won the Super Bowl

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Background: Feb 13, 2023; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes speaks flanked by Vince Lombardi Trophy during the Super Bowl 57 Winning Team Head Coach and MVP press conference at the Phoenix Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee Up until this year’s Super Bowl, the highest cap hit for a winning team’s QB was $26.5M, which was set by the Rams’ Matthew Stafford in February of 2022.

One of the main reasons why Super Bowl winning QBs have not taken up a large percentage of their team’s caps has been Tom Brady’s willingness to take team-friendly deals so that it gives his team the extra cap space to build a championship caliber roster. Because of Tom Brady’s eagerness to take team-friendly deals, I have been predicting that another high profile star QB will follow in Brady’s path and that eventually the average QB salaries will start to decrease, rather than continue to rise.

In recent days we have been hearing rumors about QBs like Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts commanding more than $50M a year. The word out of New York is that Daniel Jones is looking to be paid in the vicinity of $45M a year. He has recently hired a new agent who may advise Jones to come down on his asking price.

Or maybe not. But, what’s significant is that with the Chiefs winning this year’s Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes has become the first QB in NFL history to win a Super bowl counting more than $35M on the salary cap. Mahomes counted $35.8M on the Chiefs’ 2022 cap. What we have yet to see is a QB counting more than $40M a year win a Super Bowl.

If Mahomes repeats the feat next year, he would be the first. Mahomes’ 2023 cap figure is $46.8M. The top 5 highest cap hit for QBs in 2023:

  1. Deshaun Watson – $54.99M
  2. Dak Prescott – $49.1M
  3. Patrick Mahomes – $46.8M
  4. Josh Allen – $39.8M
  5. Ryan Tannehill – $39.6M

What’s fascinating about the Chiefs winning this year’s Super Bowl is HOW they accomplished it. In essence, this year’s Super Bowl was a matchup between two different models for teams trying to win a Super Bowl:

  • Model 1: try to win it with a high paid QB and a host of young players on rookie contracts.
  • Model 2: try to win it with a QB still on his rookie deal and a host of veteran players,

And then there is a third model —- the “All-In” method that the Rams pulled off in 2021.

Model 3: try to win it by trading for a good, veteran QB whom they can sign to a new deal that will enable them, for a year or two, to backload the QB’s yearly salaries and then give up extensive draft capital to trade for some Pro Bowl caliber veterans, (Note —- this model also includes the scenario of signing a QB heading out of his rookie deal to a rich contract that the team can also backload to buy a couple of years, so that in the short term, the QB’s cap hits are not prohibitive.

One of the questions that is not asked enough is just how much money do these QBs really need? There is a pervading expectation that QBs, for the sake of all other QBs, should take as much money as they can in order to keep the top salary needle moving forward and upward, Then there is the sense that QB’s salaries have become a status symbol for just how appreciated the QBs are by their organizations.

  1. The truth is that the vast majority of the top QBs in the NFL could actually make a handsome living simply on the tv ads and endorsements they are offered each year.
  2. Tom Brady knew this and cashed in on it.
  3. What QBs can’t buy is a Lombardi trophy for their coaches, teammates and themselves.
  4. And, it stands to reason that the more the QBs count against their teams’ salary caps, the less likely their teams are to win a Super Bowl.

This brings us back to HOW the Chiefs pulled off this stunning victory in what was supposed to be perhaps a bit of a “reset” year following their decision to trade All Pro WR Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins for:

  • 2022 first-round pick (No.29 overall)
  • 2022 second-round pick (No.50 overall),
  • 2022 fourth-round pick
  • 2023 fourth-round pick
  • 2023 sixth-round pick

So, then, look at how the Chiefs absolutely crushed their 2022 NFL Draft:

  • Round 1: No.21 (from NE) – Trent McDuffie, CB, Washington
  • Round 1: No.30 – George Karlaftis, DE, Purdue
  • Round 2: No.54 (from NE) – Skyy Moore, WR, Western Michigan
  • Round 2: No.62 – Bryan Cook, S, Cincinnati
  • Round 3: No.103 – Leo Chenal, LB, Wisconsin
  • Round 4: No.135 – Joshua Williams, CB, Fayetteville State
  • Round 5: No.145 (from SEA via DET via DEN) – Darian Kinnard, OT, Kentucky
  • Round 7: No.243 (from LV via NE) – Jaylen Watson, CB, Washington State
  • Round 7: No.251 – Isaih Pachecho, RB, Rutgers
  • Round 7: No.259 – Nazeeh Johnson, S, Marshall

Trent McDuffie, George Karlaftis, Bryon Cook, Leo Chenal, Joshua Williams and Jaylen Watson started multiple games on the Chiefs’ defense. The Chiefs started five of them in the AFC Championship game and in the Super Bowl. And, per PFF, the Chiefs finished the season at the NFL’s 5th best defense, with a grade of 79.3.

Kudos to DC Steve Spagnuolo and his assistant coaches. Skyy Moore had the huge punt return in the AFC Championship to help set up the game winning FG and he caught the game winning TD in the Super Bowl.7th round super steal, RB Isaih Pacheco had well over 1,000 yards rushing a receiving averaging 4.9 yards per carry and in the Super Bowl he carried the ball 15 times for 76 yards (5.1 ave.) and 1 TD.

Wait, it gets even better. Have you seen the draft capital the Chiefs have in the 2023 NFL Draft? Are you sitting down? Chiefs’ 2023 Draft Picks:

  • #31
  • #63
  • #95
  • #100 (comp)
  • #123 (from MIA)
  • #133 (from PHI), #168.
  • #217 (comp)
  • #219 (comp)
  • #227 (from ATL)
  • #251
  • #257 (comp)

The Chiefs had 11 picks last year and they are already scheduled to have 11 picks this year. Just for shiggs and gittles here’s a Chiefs’ Mock from the PFF Simulator: Conclusion:

The Cardinals should follow Model 1: try to win it with a high paid QB and a host of young players on rookie contracts.

With over 30 of their own UFAs hitting free agency and Kyler Murray’s cap hit jumping from $16M this year to $51.9M in 2024, It would behoove the Cardinals to acquire as much draft capital as possible. In addition, it should behoove the Cardinals to do what the Chiefs did —- coach up and play the rookies from the get-go. The Cardinals currently have 8 draft picks:

  • 3
  • 34
  • 66
  • 96 (comp)
  • 105
  • 169 (comp)
  • 180
  • 213 (comp).
  • It would be great of the Cardinals could wind up having 11 draft picks this year, the same number the Chiefs had in their bonanza of a draft last year.

In my weekly mock on Friday, I am going to go into it with the goal of winding up with 11 picks. If and when you are on a draft simulator, try to do the same. Let’s see what we as a team can up with.

Where is SB 2024?

Slated for February 11, 2024, the Super Bowl will take place at the recently opened Allegiant Stadium and marks the first time Las Vegas and the state of Nevada will welcome the Super Bowl, further solidifying the destination as the Greatest Arena on Earth™.

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What is Super Bowl score

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Final score: Chiefs beat Eagles 38-35 to win Super Bowl LVII The Kansas City Chiefs won the 2022 NFL championship with a 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday evening — the team’s second championship in the last four seasons.

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How much money did the Super Bowl bring in

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Super Bowl ads – Given the huge exposure of the Super Bowl, it is unsurprising that the event generates millions of dollars in advertising revenue for the NFL. The advertising revenue from the 2021 Super Bowl, for example, stood at a record 485 million U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, an average 30-second ad spot during the Super Bowl broadcast cost an estimated 6.5 million U.S. dollars in 2022.

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Has anyone won 7 Super Bowls

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-9 Kansas City Chiefs – Super Bowl LV, Tampa Bay, 2021 This was meant to be one challenge too great even for Brady. Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player Sky Sports NFL presenter Neil Reynolds reflects on Tom Brady’s NFL career, his highs and lows, and what is next for the seven-time Super Bowl winner.

  1. Sky Sports NFL presenter Neil Reynolds reflects on Tom Brady’s NFL career, his highs and lows, and what is next for the seven-time Super Bowl winner.
  2. At 43 years old, in his first year with a new team, learning a new offense, with the added challenge of living through a global pandemic, Brady and the Buccaneers overcame a sluggish start to the season in which they dropped to 7-5 with a Week 12 defeat to the very same Chiefs.

They would not lose another game. The chemistry the team had struggled for through those first three months was there in abundance in the Super Bowl rematch against a heavily-favoured Kansas City side. The defense was rampant in disrupting Patrick Mahomes and the league’s No 1 offense, limiting them to just nine points.

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Who has lost the most Super Bowls

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The New England Patriots and Denver Broncos are tied for the most Super Bowl losses with five each. The Patriots still have a winning record in Super Bowls at 6-5.

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What does Super Bowl MVP get

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What Does the NFL Super Bowl MVP Winner Get? Feb 14, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Rams receiver Cooper Kupp poses with Super Bowl 56 most valuable player trophy during Super Bowl LVI winning coach and most valuable player press conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports The NFL’s MVP award is given to the most valuable player from the biggest game of the season.

  • Often, that falls on the shoulders of the quarterback, but there are some instances when that’s not the case.
  • Although most players care only about hoisting the, the NFL Super Bowl MVP honor also comes with some special hardware.
  • What does the Super Bowl MVP winner get if they are selected for the award? The Super Bowl MVP winner gets the Pete Rozelle Trophy,

Now, that might not be as exciting as the Lombardi Trophy, but it’s still a huge honor for most NFL players. The list of Super Bowl MVPs includes some of the biggest names in the sport, so etching your name into that history book is impressive, to say the least.

  • Up until 2015, Super Bowl MVP winners were also given a free car.
  • Tom Brady, after winning the award for his Super Bowl XLIX performance, was the last Super Bowl MVP to be given a free vehicle.
  • He that car to the real hero of that Super Bowl, Malcolm Butler.
  • You might recall that game between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks when Butler intercepted Russell Wilson at the goal line to seal a Patriots victory.

MORE: “I would love to give him the truck,” Brady said. “I’m going to figure out how to make that work.” A week later, Butler famously drove off in a brand-new red Chevy. When Hyundai signed to be the NFL’s “official car” from 2016-2019, they stopped giving a free vehicle to the award winners.

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Who is the only MVP to lose the Super Bowl

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Chuck Howley of the Cowboys is the only Super Bowl MVP from a losing team. Now he’s a Hall of Famer.

Why did Mahomes win MVP?

As N.F.L.’s Quarterback Guard Changes, Patrick Mahomes Wins Second M.V.P. Award Mahomes, Kansas City’s quarterback, won football’s top honor for the second time, establishing his place atop a new generation of passing talent. Patrick Mahomes is the first Black quarterback to win the MVP twice. He also won after the 2018 season, his first as a starter. Credit. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Published Feb.9, 2023 Updated Feb.12, 2023

Follow our live updates of the PHOENIX — Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, won his second Most Valuable Player Award on Thursday night, for his work in perhaps the most challenging season of his career, cementing himself as the leader of a new wave of talented young quarterbacks.Mahomes is the first Black quarterback to win the league’s highest individual honor twice, having previously won the award after the 2018 season, his first as a starter.

In the past 20 seasons, the award has been won by the generation-defining quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers 12 times, with no other player repeating as M.V.P. With the retirements of Manning, in 2016, and Brady this season, Mahomes leads an emerging class of young passers defining the N.F.L.

Mahomes did not attend the N.F.L. Honors award show in Phoenix as he prepared for Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles in nearby Glendale, Ariz. In a recorded video, he thanked his family, coaches and teammates, and looked toward Sunday’s championship game. “I would never be standing here today without y’all,” Mahomes said, speaking about his teammates, “every day giving everything we have together, going for our ultimate goal: the Super Bowl.

Let’s continue to go for that dream this weekend. Patrick Mahomes accepted his award, in a recorded message, during the N.F.L. Honors award show on Thursday. Credit. David J. Phillip/Associated Press He beat out four other finalists for the award: quarterbacks Jalen Hurts of the Eagles, Josh Allen of the Bills and Joe Burrow of the Bengals, as well as Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson, who won the Offensive Player and Awards.

Most football pundits might have granted Mahomes, 27, a pass if his play had regressed this season. Kansas City traded Tyreek Hill, one of the most dynamic receivers in the N.F.L. to the Miami Dolphins in March after contract negations fell apart., Hill and Mahomes connected for 46 touchdowns from 2018 to 2022, a number surpassed only by Rodgers and Davante Adams in Green Bay.

While Mahomes’s talent has been evident since he took over the starting spot in 2018, he arrived with a near-perfect situation for quarterback success: throwing to Hill, whose speed helps beat most coverages; teamed with arguably the league’s best tight end in Travis Kelce; and under the creative offensive play calling of Coach Andy Reid and the offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

Mahomes also had a year to sit behind quarterback Alex Smith to learn the offense as a backup. With Hill’s departure before this season, Kansas City brought in five new receivers, including JuJu Smith-Schuster from the Steelers and Marquez Valdes-Scantling from the Packers, and the team juggled their usage early in the season as the offense shifted and injuries cropped up.

Despite the roster changes, Mahomes led the league in passing yards (5,250, a career high) and touchdowns (41), aiming scoring throws at 11 different receivers over the season. Kansas City finished the regular season with a 14-3 record and the top seed in the A.F.C., en route to the team’s third Super Bowl appearance in four seasons.

Bruh, he’s competitive. He’s not your average individual,” Bieniemy said while shaking his head in a recent interview. Bieniemy pointed to Mahomes’s getting new receivers up to speed before the season, or calling him at random hours of the night to review plays. Perhaps Mahomes’s best performance of the season was in the A.F.C.

championship game win over the Cincinnati Bengals, who have been a persistent roadblock for Mahomes and Kansas City. The Bengals had prevailed in their last three matchups, pressuring Mahomes into uncharacteristically poor decisions while Burrow gained prominence — and a Super Bowl berth last season — in part because of his success against Kansas City.

Mahomes was hobbled with a sprained ankle the week before, but he managed 326 passing yards and two touchdowns, and Kansas City won, 23-20, to advance to the championship game. After Kansas City’s win, Mahomes and his teammates quickly responded: “We showed this place is Arrowhead. It’s not ‘Burrowhead’ out here,” Mahomes said after the game, referring to comments made by Bengals players before the matchup.

Mahomes’s remark was a rare public boast, and it came after a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders. With Brady retired and Rodgers reportedly pondering his own, a new generation of quarterbacks will battle and trade M.V.P. Awards as those two did for much of their careers.

In the A.F.C., there is quarterback talent aplenty with the Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert of the Chargers and Burrow, among others. But even with that deep talent pool, Mahomes has been a step ahead of the rest, with the road to the Super Bowl having to go through him and Kansas City each season.

A version of this article appears in print on, Section B, Page 9 of the New York edition with the headline: Mahomes Defines Era With 2nd M.V.P. Honor, | | : As N.F.L.’s Quarterback Guard Changes, Patrick Mahomes Wins Second M.V.P. Award

Who is the richest NFL player?

Richest NFL (National Football League) Players, 2023

Rank NFL Player Net Worth
1 Roger Staubach $600 Million
2 John Madden $200 Million
3 Peyton Manning $200 Million
4 Tom Brady $180 Million

Who is the highest paid NFL player?

Quarterback Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals have agreed to terms on a five-year, $275 million extension. The deal makes Burrow the new highest-paid player in NFL history on an annual basis with an average salary of $55 million per year.

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Why is Tom Brady so rich

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What is Tom Brady’s net worth? – Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images. The question NFL fans want to know: What is Tom Brady’s net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Brady’s net worth $250 million, with $30 million earned each year. (His wife, Gisele Bündchen, for her part, is worth worth $400 million, with $40 million each year, according to Celebrity Net Worth.) Of course, most of Brady’s net worth is from his NFL salaries, but a lot of his money also comes from side businesses outside of the NFL.

  • In 2013, Brady launched his own lifestyle brand, TB12.
  • Brady also has his own production company, 199 Productions, which he created in 2020.
  • The company is set to develop documentaries, feature films and TV shows.
  • Brady has also done campaigns for several brands over the years, including Wheaties, UGG, Movado, Smart Water and Tag Heuer, which only adds to his massive net worth.

In 2020, Brady also published his first book, The TB12 Method: How to Do What You Love, Better, which became a New York Times bestseller.

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What QB won the Super Bowl this year

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QB Patrick Mahomes joins elite fraternity with 2nd Super Bowl title Prev Next Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, middle, celebrates victory over the Philadelphia Eagles after the NFL Super Bowl 57 football game, Sunday, Feb.12, 2023, in Glendale, Ariz. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. Posted at 9:49 PM, Feb 12, 2023 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Patrick Mahomes joined an elite fraternity Thursday with his second NFL MVP award.

He entered more rarefied air Sunday with his second Super Bowl title after a 38-35 win against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.Mahomes is one of 10 players with multiple MVP awards and now he’s the 13th QB in NFL history to lead his team to multiple Super Bowl titles.He finished 21 of 27 for 182 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions against the Eagles.Mahomes, who late in the second quarter, also had six carries for 44 yards.Tom Brady owns the NFL record with seven Super Bowl wins as a starting quarterback, while Pittsburgh’s Terry Bradshaw and San Francisco’s Joe Montana each won four Super Bowls.Troy Aikman led Dallas to three Super Bowls in the 1990s.Mahomes joined a group of nine quarterbacks — including John Elway; the Manning brothers, Eli and Peyton; Bob Griese and Bart Starr — with two Super Bowl titles.

Mahomes is the first player to win the league MVP award and the Super Bowl in the same season since Kurt Warner did it with St. Louis in 1999.

Who were the two quarterbacks in the 2022 Super Bowl?

You can’t have a Super Bowl without hearing that someone has something to prove, even if that someone ranks as one of the most accomplished players in NFL history. In February 2005, for instance, quarterback Tom Brady sat next to safety Rodney Harrison as the Patriots’ team bus made its way to practice for Super Bowl XXXIX.

The bus was largely quiet, but over the hum of the oversized tires against the road, Brady softly yet sternly reflected on how six quarterbacks and 198 players were drafted ahead of him in 2000. It didn’t matter that he already had two Super Bowl MVPs on his résumé and was about to play for a third championship.

Brady was still motivated to remind scouts and front office personnel that they missed the mark by allowing him to fall to the sixth round of the draft. We hear it so often – So-and-so is playing with a chip on his shoulder – that it’s hard not to wonder if the words are athlete-speak or something that has real impact on the field.

  1. Are they white noise or a legitimate motivational tool? Dr.
  2. Corey Yeager doesn’t hesitate to answer.
  3. A life coach and psychotherapist for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, Yeager also has worked with NFL players to help them thrive as people and, by extension, players.
  4. It is real,” he said of using slights as motivation.

“The realness is connected to this idea that we’ve all heard that perception is reality. From a young age, the athlete’s mind is formed in a way that we’re always looking for, listening for, feedback on our athletic abilities. As 7-year-olds, that’s listening to dad after the game saying, ‘You did really well against this kid, but this kid may be better.’ There’s always this feedback loop that athletes are looking for and receiving, particularly with social media and the different outlets.” The subject seems particularly pertinent as we near kickoff of Super Bowl LVII on Sunday in Glendale, Arizona, as both starting quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes, have acknowledged being confronted with significant challenges coming into the season.

  1. For Philadelphia’s Hurts, it was the call to prove he could be the Eagles’ quarterback of the future as well as the present.
  2. Some labeled this a make-or-break year, contending the Eagles might use one of their two first-round draft choices in 2023 to acquire a replacement if he failed to take his game to the next level.

Never mind that he moved into a starting role late in his rookie season and took the team to the playoffs in only his second year. The fact that he struggled in the postseason loss to the Buccaneers became the storyline for 2022. It was ammunition for those who said he never would make it as a QB1 after being drafted in the second round out of Oklahoma.

Hurts has acknowledged hearing the talk while consistently stiff-arming the notion that his MVP candidacy or 16-1 record this season was driven by doubters. Can that be true? “If we’re talking about the research, what we’re discussing is the conceptualization of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation,” Yeager said.

“Are you motivated by external factors, or are you internally motivated? To this idea of slights as motivation, it is a melting pot of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.” Meaning, extrinsic motivation largely comes from what others say or think about you.

Intrinsic motivation is more personal. It comes from within. When players talk about no one being harder on them than they are on themselves, that’s intrinsic motivation. Some might distill it to mean: an unwavering pursuit of greatness, as defined by the athlete, not others. You see it in both Hurts and Mahomes, the decorated quarterback who will lead the Chiefs on Sunday.

At 27 years old, he is driven to reach levels few have. He has won a league MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and is seeking his second championship in his third Super Bowl appearance over the past four years. That’s the intrinsic motivation. The extrinsic was the question about whether he could continue to flourish after losing big-play wideout Tyreek Hill in an offseason trade with Miami.

In previous seasons, whenever a dynamic play had to be made, whenever a short pass needed to be taken for a long touchdown, the speedy Hill regularly came through for the Chiefs. But his departure caused some to openly act as if Mahomes needed to prove he could still be a transcendent talent. In the ” What have you done for me lately?” world of professional sports, you’re only as good as your next pass, and Mahomes acknowledged as much last September, saying: “I always feel like I have something to prove.

I’m just a guy from Texas Tech who they said couldn’t play in the NFL.” “The psychology of the game is so critically important for the high-level athlete, because, looking at athletic ability, everyone’s is high,” Yeager said. “So these slights can be a motivating factor.

  • It is very real, and it is that ‘perception being reality’ that is a key.” You can say he’s got a chip on his shoulder, but I never had that.
  • The most important thing was, you don’t have to go out and show them; you have to go out and show yourself.
  • Doug Williams And yet, those slights are often forgotten when the games begin.

Yeager and others contend that any slights, real or perceived, tend to help an athlete lock in during the lead-up to games, narrowing their focus in practice or raising their intensity in workouts. But once the game starts, muscle memory and training take over.

“I’ve worked with thousands of athletes in all sports, and drive is the big thing,” said Graham Betchart, a mental skills coach with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. “It starts for a lot of people with, What are you against? People say you can’t do this or you can’t do that, and you respond to it. But at a certain level, it becomes, What are you with? not What are you against? “It’s like if you’re on a surfboard, and instead of paddling against the wave, where you feel a resistance and say it’s a great challenge, now you’re going with the wave.

You’re going with the flow. When someone is in the zone, afterward they will tell you, ‘There wasn’t any resistance. I was just flowing. I wasn’t thinking about anything.’ That’s our best performance. Chip on your shoulder – it can get you to work out every day.

But when we have our ultimate greatness, our best, no one ever says my best came out tonight because I was in total resistance and wanted to prove someone wrong. No, it was: I got into the zone, I got present, I was fully trusting and I got into a different dimension.” If any player ever had a reason to have a chip on his shoulder, it was Doug Williams,

In 1978, he became the first Black quarterback to be drafted in the first round, going 17th overall to the Buccaneers. But he never got the respect or the salary he deserved in his early years, which forced him to jump to the USFL. In many respects, he carried the weight of not only his team on his shoulders, but also his race.

He would sit at his locker after a loss with Tampa Bay and reflect on what had just happened and what was going to be said in the public, aware that how he did could have a direct impact on whether Black quarterbacks coming up behind him would get a fair shot. And yet, Williams said he never played with a chip on his shoulder.

And in his mind, there really is no reason for either Hurts or Mahomes to do it, though he understands the narrative. “I can see where Jalen was a little upset by not getting drafted in the first round, or people saying he was more athletic than a quarterback,” Williams said.

  • You can say he’s got a chip on his shoulder, but I never had that.
  • The most important thing was, you don’t have to go out and show them; you have to go out and show yourself.
  • What Jalen has done is probably reinvent himself from his first two years at Alabama.
  • The people who were saying that about Jalen watched him early on in his career, but they don’t give him no credit for transferring to Oklahoma, where he did everything that Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray have done.

The last couple of years, you can see how much he has transformed himself. His throwing motion has improved and he stands in the pocket. You got a guy who finished the season with only one loss, and it’s not because of his running ability solely. And if you drop back and stand in the pocket like he does, you’ve got to be able to read defenses.

That in itself tells you this kid is in the Super Bowl because he’s as good as any quarterback in this league.” And Mahomes? “There shouldn’t be a chip on his shoulder,” Williams said, chuckling. “Somebody needs to put a weight on him to try to hold him down. He’s been doing it for five years. Everything that he has done has created something that, as a quarterback, you have not seen before in this league.

Aaron Rodgers was the closest thing to Patrick Mahomes as far as arm talent and how he can maneuver his arm and his quick thinking.” Williams laughed a bit harder. For him, he’s not concerned about motivations. His focus is on something larger: this being the first Super Bowl with two Black starting quarterbacks.

Williams was part of the first regular-season game that featured starting quarterbacks who happened to be Black, when his Bucs faced off against Vince Evans and the Bears in 1979. Eight seasons later, he became the first Black quarterback to both start and win a Super Bowl, earning game MVP honors after guiding Washington to a 42-10 throttling of John Elway ‘s Broncos.

Williams threw four touchdown passes in a single quarter during that championship triumph, finishing with 340 yards passing in the game. For him, this Sunday’s showdown is a momentous occasion. “I was sitting in the basement watching the Cincinnati-Kansas City game, and to say that I wasn’t pulling for Patrick – I was,” he said, noting that Hurts had advanced to the Super Bowl earlier in the day.

  • I love the way (Bengals QB) Joe Burrow plays, but I had to pull for Patrick.
  • When the Chiefs kicked the field goal, emotion came through my body.
  • My eyes got watery, but I didn’t let no tears fall.
  • I was emotional.
  • For about five minutes, I just sat there.
  • All by myself.
  • My wife heard me scream to the top of my voice.

‘Yes! Yes!’ I did that for me, for what I’ve been through, what Shack (Harris) has been through. For Marlin Briscoe, David Mays, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, For what all of us went through. A lot of people won’t understand that. They don’t even know what you’ve been through, and it’s hard to really just sit there and tell somebody.

  1. If you tell them, you almost have to get into that racism thing, and you don’t want to do that.
  2. You want to try to keep as much positive as you can.” Listen to Mahomes and Hurts long enough this week, and you realize that their motivation for Sunday is not to prove anyone wrong, or themselves right.
  3. It is to do what they are intrinsically wired to do: chase greatness.

And if they can do it while honoring the men who paved the road for them, men such as Williams and Briscoe and Harris, all the better.

Why did Mahomes get Super Bowl MVP?

Mahomes joins a select list of multiple Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks – Feb 12, 2023 at 10:36 pm ET • 2 min read Getty Images He’s only 27, but Patrick Mahomes has already built a career worthy of a gold jacket and a bronze bust inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Mahomes added to his laundry list of accomplishments during the Chiefs ‘ victory over the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

  1. In one of the best Super Bowls ever, Mahomes took home MVP honors after throwing for three touchdowns in Kansas City’s 38-35 win over Philadelphia.
  2. His 26-yard-run on the Chiefs’ final drive set up Harrison Butker’s game-winning field goal.
  3. Mahomes became the 13th starting quarterback to win multiple Super Bowls.

Of the quarterbacks who have previously accomplished this feat, all but one who is eligible has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Who was the winning Super Bowl quarterback this year?

Super Bowl Starting QBs

LIV 2019 Patrick Mahomes
LV 2020 Tom Brady
LVI 2021 Matthew Stafford
LVII 2022 Patrick Mahomes