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Who wins the Super Bowl 2023

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Final: Chiefs 38, Eagles 35 – 10:15 p.m. — Game over, season over. The Chiefs have won their third Super Bowl in franchise history and second of the Patrick Mahomes era. An anticlimactic ending to a tremendous game, but the Lombardi Trophy resides in Kansas City once again.

Who is contending for Super Bowl 2023?

The Chiefs are coming off an impressive Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles, It’s no surprise both of those two teams are the favorites heading into 2023, given their success last year and relatively strong offseasons. Betting on teams to win the Super Bowl is a tough wager to win, given how many outcomes there are! The least you can do is shop for the best odds to make sure you are getting the best value for your bet.

Who will win Super Bowl 2024?

Super Bowl odds 2024

Team DraftKings FanDuel
San Francisco 49ers +650 +650
Kansas City Chiefs +700 +550 ❄️
Philadelphia Eagles +750 +700
Dallas Cowboys +850 ❄️ +900
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How much does Patrick Mahomes make

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Even more flexibility – Just as with the original contract, the revised deal is set up so that the team can convert Mahomes’ yearly roster bonuses — which accounted for about two-thirds of the money he was set to earn in the original contract — into signing bonuses that can be spread over as many as five years.

The team has changed the date on which Mahomes’ yearly roster bonus is paid, As with the first contract, portions of Mahomes’ compensation for the upcoming year (and sometimes the next year) are guaranteed a few days after the beginning of each new league year. (Appropriately, this is right around St. Patrick’s Day). In the original contract, the current year’s roster bonus was also paid at that time. But now, Mahomes’ annual roster bonus will be paid on May 5. This additional time allows the team to have more information before it decides whether (and how much of) the quarterback’s roster bonus should be converted to create cap space. Before — when making this decision just as free agency was beginning — the team had to guess how much cap space it was going to need. Now, if necessary, the Chiefs can wait until after the draft to decide. The way Mahomes’ compensation is paid is shifting, From 2023-2026, a total of $58.9 million of his pay is being moved from roster bonus to base salary — the biggest chunk of it in the 2026 season, when Mahomes’s base salary rises from $2.5 million to $45.4 million. This has the effect of giving the team even more time flexibility. That’s because a signing-bonus conversion can be made on any base salary that has not yet been paid to a player — even after the season begins. But just remember: a player’s contract can only be restructured once in a season. Two void years have been added to the end of the contract, It’s pretty obvious that Mahomes and the Chiefs will come back to the negotiating table after the 2026 season; Mahomes himself said so earlier this week, (Back in 2020, most observers thought the deal would be re-negotiated after 2025). But under the current deal, Mahomes is still set to be paid $52.9 million in 2027; it’s possible (but not at all likely) he could end up playing another year before another restructure. Should he continue to play under the current deal after that, the two void years will allow signing bonuses created as late as the 2029 season to be pro-rated for a full five years.

How did the Chiefs beat the Eagles?

What fueled the Chiefs’ comeback? – Motion, It might seem simple, but motion and the threat of motion won this game for the Chiefs. Despite hiring Vic Fangio as a consultant for two weeks before the game, an Eagles defense that had been suffocating in victories over the Giants and 49ers simply didn’t have answers for how Kansas City brought its players in motion pre-snap.

Subtle differences created opportunities, while panic created touchdowns. I would mostly split the motion into two groups. One was the short motion we saw from their receivers, where the Chiefs would make a slight movement just before the snap and end up with a stack or a bunch at the line of scrimmage.

In doing so, they repeatedly were able to create beneficial leverage for their receivers against Philadelphia’s defenders in coverage. Stacking defenders in short motion also created favorable matchups for the Chiefs, like the one we saw on the Travis Kelce touchdown in the first quarter,

There, Kelce originally was lined up against top Eagles corner Darius Slay on the outside, but when he moved behind Marquez Valdes-Scantling, the assignments changed. Slay ended up on the wide receiver, while safety Marcus Epps was lined up against Kelce. Epps tried to press Kelce at the line, but Kelce escaped and ran through the space Valdes-Scantling vacated for an 18-yard score.

I’m here to talk about the second half, though, and the motion that changed the game for the Chiefs was something that came up in my preview of the game, I mentioned that the Chiefs used jet motion with a receiver running horizontally across the formation before the snap to set up three touchdowns for Mecole Hardman in a win over the 49ers earlier this season, with two scores coming on a jet sweep and the third on a tap pass – which is essentially the same thing – only on a forward pitch to a receiver in front of the quarterback as opposed to a toss to one behind him.

The Eagles apparently got the memo, because they were extremely conscious of that possibility. Instead, Reid used the threat of that jet sweep and of horizontal motion to create first downs and touchdowns. The Chiefs hit a pair of big plays for 22 and 24 yards in the first half on snaps with jet motion, although the ball went somewhere else.

They actually ran the jet sweep early in the third quarter with Skyy Moore for 4 yards, although the rookie wide receiver might have been able to pick up a few more yards if he hadn’t slipped. Let’s run through a series of goal-line sequences to see how the threat of the jet sweep created opportunities for the Chiefs, because it helped set up or score each of their three touchdowns in the red zone.

  1. On the first score of the half, they brought Moore across the formation in jet motion to draw attention away from linebackers, then leaked McKinnon out into the vacated flat for an easy completion.
  2. McKinnon nearly scored, with a fine tackle from Avonte Maddox briefly saving a touchdown before Isiah Pacheco punched it in on the next play: Chiefs use jet motion from Moore to get Maddox away from the flat, then send McKinnon the other way with a natural rub.

Good play by Maddox to save a TD, although the Chiefs score on the next play. — Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) February 13, 2023 On the next goal-line series, the Chiefs ran the same idea, but this time as a run instead of a pass.

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Moore split out and then went in jet motion, moving Maddox off the line of scrimmage and into a safety role. Mahomes then handed the ball to McKinnon on a sweep into the vacated area, gaining 4 yards. What happened on the next play was the clearest example of the Eagles expecting a jet sweep and getting burned for their aggressiveness.

Kadarius Toney split out on the right side of the formation against Slay and began to sprint as if he were about to go in jet motion. Slay quickly signaled to his fellow defenders and retreated into the middle of the field to cover Kelce, but it was a ruse.

  1. Toney was running a jet return and simply turned back around to the space Slay had vacated for the easiest touchdown of his life : The Chiefs weren’t done.
  2. After Toney returned a punt to the Philadelphia 5-yard line, Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy still had more tricks in their bag.
  3. They used the threat of another Moore jet sweep to clear open the middle of the field on second-and-goal, although the Eagles defended that play well and forced a throwaway.

On third down, they went back to a similar concept as the one on the previous touchdown, if not the same play: SKYY’S ARE CLEAR ☀️ — Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) February 13, 2023 Here, the Eagles sent the house on a blitz, forcing Mahomes to get the ball out quickly against Cover 0 behind.

  1. Each Eagles defender was locked up on a man, and for Moore, that player was Maddox.
  2. When Moore began to sprint across the formation in jet motion, Maddox had no choice but to sell out and sprint in that direction to try to catch up with him, since he had no help on the other side of the field.
  3. Instead, Moore simply stopped at the snap, turned around and walked in for the first touchdown of his NFL career.

The plays are different, but the concepts are the same. The Eagles know the Chiefs want to use that jet motion to get their playmakers the ball in speed without needing to block the end defenders on the line of scrimmage. The Chiefs know the Eagles are prepared to stop that concept, and so Reid & Co.

Had counterpunch after counterpunch playing off Philadelphia’s ability to deal with that motion and react in real time on the fly. The Chiefs went 4-for-4 in the red zone before passing up the opportunity to score a fifth touchdown on that final drive, and they needed all of those touchdowns to win. It wasn’t just the jet sweep, either.

Reid used a play that didn’t even count to set up one that did. With Toney making a rare appearance on the field, the Chiefs brought him in motion behind Mahomes and threw him a swing pass, only for the play to be whistled dead for an offside penalty on Eagles defender Josh Sweat,

On the very next play, the Chiefs showed the same motion and faked the swing screen to Toney. When two Eagles tried to jump the swing, Mahomes threw a fade behind them to JuJu Smith-Schuster for 13 yards, getting the offense into the red zone. For a player who played just five offensive snaps, Toney had a huge impact on this game.

Running the ball, Sometimes fate can be very cruel. Time after time during his tenure in Philadelphia, Eagles fans brayed about Reid’s refusal to commit to running the football, which was often blamed for costing them playoff games. Never mind that the Eagles had an efficient passing attack, or that Reid essentially was seeing the future of the sport and handing his team a huge competitive advantage by choosing to throw at league-high rates.

  1. There is no problem in the NFL for which running the ball is not brought up as a solution.
  2. Well, on Sunday, Reid’s offense sparked to life by running the ball all over the Eagles.
  3. In the second half, Kansas City rushed 17 times for 126 yards and six first downs.
  4. The Eagles’ only stops for negative yardage on the ground came on a pair of Mahomes kneel-downs, the ones that set up the game-winning field goal.

Forty of those yards came from Mahomes, who picked up two key first downs on scrambles despite aggravating that ankle injury. Those runs played a key role in winning the game. The Chiefs added 37 percentage points of win expectancy with their runs in the second half.

To put that into context, no Reid team had ever added more than 26 percentage points of win expectancy with second-half runs in a playoff game before Sunday. Reid’s offenses had topped that win expectancy on the ground in the second half just four times across 407 career coaching appearances since the year 2000.

His teams don’t often need to run the ball in the second half to catch up, but this was one of the most fruitful rushing halves of his entire career, and it came at an important time. In part, the Chiefs ran because the Eagles put them in position to run.

  • In looking at the 12 carries given to McKinnon and Pacheco during the second half, seven came with two deep safeties, including six of the first eight rushes after intermission.
  • The league has moved toward more and more two-high looks over the past few seasons as more defenses have adopted Fangio-style principles, but Reid hasn’t necessarily been willing to run into those looks in years past, preferring to trust Mahomes or use run-pass options (RPOs) without committing to running the football.

Although the Chiefs did use RPOs at times, they mostly trusted their offensive line and bullied the league’s deepest defensive line up front. They used their first offensive snap of the game by running counter, the classic run play with two pulling linemen coming across the formation to clear out opposing defenders.

They ran it several other times Sunday, including the Pacheco touchdown. The Chiefs ran plenty of other concepts, too. They ran duo out of their three-TE sets. Reid even pulled something out of the mid-’90s to convert on third-and-1 late in the fourth quarter, with a play out of a split backs formation most teams haven’t put on the field since the Clinton administration: Andy Reid pulls something out of his Packers playbook from 1994 to convert third-and-1 with the sweep out of SPLIT BACKS (aka the Pro Set) — Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) February 13, 2023 The Eagles didn’t do a great job of dealing with those straightforward runs.

There were too many times when they ended up with two defenders in the same gap. On the above Pacheco run, no defender holds an edge to force the play back to the defensive help. Jordan Davis and Linval Joseph, their best nose tackles, each played just 10 defensive snaps.

Instead of their rotations, the Eagles went with heavier doses of their four best linemen in Sweat, Haason Reddick, Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave, all of whom played more than 75% of the snaps. The tactic didn’t work. Mahomes was magical, but not in the way you might expect. When you think of Mahomes doing special things, you probably think of no-look passes, missiles launched off screen for long touchdowns or scrambles that seem to go on for minutes before finding an open receiver.

He is a lot of things, but he’s not usually subtle: He’s great in ways that are easy to recognize. On Sunday, Mahomes’ numbers – 21-of-27 for 182 yards – were pedestrian. His longest completion was 22 yards, and that came in the first quarter. The guy who once struck fear in safeties covering downfield attempted just one deep pass traveling 20 or more yards in the air, an incompletion to Valdes-Scantling on a play in which the wideout had the leverage for a back-shoulder completion but didn’t run his route far enough outside to connect with the pass.

  • Where Mahomes was brilliant, instead, was in his movement.
  • Despite dealing with the ankle sprain, he kept the Chiefs afloat at times by moving within the pocket and extending plays.
  • Those opportunities didn’t turn into completions in the first half, but they did more often in the second half.
  • The Eagles pressured Mahomes on 35.5% of his dropbacks, which is actually higher than their season average of 32.1%.
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During the regular season, when the Eagles pressured the opposing quarterback, they generated sacks 33.3% of the time, which was the league’s highest rate by nearly 5 percentage points. With 10 pressures Sunday, history would tell us the Eagles should have had at least three sacks.

  • Instead, they didn’t sack Mahomes once.
  • The pass rush got close, sometimes remarkably so.
  • It just didn’t finish the job, in part because Mahomes was able to escape those pressures and get rid of the ball.
  • To stay upright all game against one of the most productive pass rushes in league history is truly impressive.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, because Mahomes is also the best quarterback in football at keeping pressures from becoming sacks. All pressures aren’t created equal, but during the regular season, opposing pass rushes turned just 11.7% of their pressures into sacks on Mahomes, which was about half the league average and the league’s best mark by more than 3 percentage points.

Since taking over as the starter in 2018, Mahomes is the only quarterback to be sacked on fewer than 15% of his pressures; he’s at 11.2%. Reid and Bieniemy also called a game that allowed Mahomes to get the ball out quickly, especially during the second half. His average pass over the final two quarters came after just 2.46 seconds, which was down from 2.93 seconds in the first half.

The former mark ranks as the third fastest for the second half of any playoff game during the Mahomes era. Mahomes finally chipped in with three scrambles, including the 26-yarder that set up the winning field goal, The Eagles rushed five and played Cover 1 on that play, leaving him a window if he could get past the line of scrimmage.

  • Mahomes wasn’t pressured, but he still managed to step up into the pocket and run away from two Eagles linemen on a bad ankle to get Kansas City into the red zone.
  • The Chiefs’ offensive line also deserves some credit.
  • It played well, especially during the second half.
  • Mahomes was pressured on back-to-back snaps at the end of the first half, which led to a scramble and the aggravation of the ankle injury.

As soon as it felt as if the Eagles might be beginning to get things going up front, though, halftime came, and the Chiefs played better after seeing Rihanna’s performance. One other factor that didn’t help: the field. Players slipped and struggled for traction throughout the game, with reports suggesting the painted spots on the field were particularly vexing.

Reddick, Philadelphia’s star pass-rusher, suggested after the game- that the field was the worst he had ever played on, As we saw during Cincinnati’s blowout win in Buffalo amid the snow, a sloppy field can wreak havoc on pass rushes, and it didn’t help the Eagles here. At the same time, the other team plays on the same field, and the Chiefs didn’t have much luck rushing Hurts.

While Hurts technically was sacked twice, both came on scrambles in which he attempted to run forward and was instead taken down for a 1-yard loss. The Eagles have a better pass rush than Kansas City, but given the Chiefs’ inexperience and issues in the secondary, they might have been even more dependent on their pass rush than Philadelphia expected to be on its own.

Who is Super Bowl favorite?

Prediction: Who will win Super Bowl 58? –

  • The Kansas City Chiefs (+600) are the favorite to win Super Bowl LVIII based on betting markets, followed by the San Francisco 49ers (+600), Dallas Cowboys (+750), Philadelphia Eagles (+800), and Buffalo Bills (+1000).
  • Where will Super Bowl 58 be?

Super Bowl LVIII will be played in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, February 11, 2024 at Allegiant Stadium. This will be the first time Nevada has hosted a Super Bowl, making it the 11th state to host the big game.

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Could the Bengals go to the Super Bowl 2023

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Bengals Super Bowl 58 Odds: September 22, 2023 – At the moment, Cincinnati ( +2000 ) has the eighth-best odds to win Super Bowl LVIII per DraftKings Ohio, Take a look below to see their updated odds to win the Super Bowl, AFC and AFC North.

👑 Odds to Win SBLVIII +2000
🏆 Odds to Win AFC +800
⭐ Odds to Win AFC North +475
🔥 Odds to Make Playoffs -110
⛔ Odds to Miss Playoffs +110

Cincinnati’s Super Bowl odds rank eighth among the 32 NFL teams. They moved down one spot, being topped by the Dallas Cowboys last week, and now the Miami Dolphins, who beat the New England Patriots in Week 2, and the Baltimore Ravens are above Cincinnati too.

  • The Bengals odds to win the 2024 Super Bowl were +1100 for most of the offseason.
  • While the AFC is considered the better of the two conferences, the Eagles and 49ers both had strong Week 1 and Week 2 showings.
  • Despite Philadelphia’s win over Minnesota, the Chiefs jumped them for the second-best odds to win it all.

It now goes San Francisco, Kansas City and Philadelphia respectively. Three NFC teams and four AFC teams rank among the top seven Super Bowl contenders. As expected, the Bengals’ odds of winning the AFC North dropped, as did their Super Bowl odds. There is a significant return for bettors who back Cincinnati to win its division for the third year in a row.

They started 0-2 last season before making a run to the AFC Championship Game. The Bengals, prior to Week 1, were favorites to win the AFC North, a division featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. They have moved from +150 to +245 to +475 with both the Browns and Ravens hurdling Cincinnati after Week 1.

The Bengals sit at +475, which indicates that a $100 bet on the Bengals to win the AFC North would return $475 for a total payout of $575. The Bengals struggled to start last season and still ended up on top and have won the AFC North in two straight seasons.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the Bengals’ playoff chances, we have a dedicated article that updates those odds and tracks them on a weekly basis. Despite a lousy Week 1 and Week 2 showing, I will be updating the Bengals’ Super Bowl odds weekly and will refresh the page after a Monday Night Football showdown in Week 3.

Be sure to bookmark this page and return to see if the value on backing Cincinnati continues to present a better wagering opportunity.

What does 600 odds mean?

What do +600 odds mean: These are Moneyline odds for a heavy underdog that payout $600 on a winning $100 wager. What does +1200 mean in betting: This is another example of Moneyline odds for a massive underdog. A $100 bet on a team at +1200 means a payout of $1,200 if successful.

Who is predicted to win the Super Bowl 2027?

2027: Houston Texans Except, the Texans have a considerably stronger draft position beyond the second pick.

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What does plus 1000 odds mean

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In golf betting, +1000 odds means a $100 bet would pay out $1,100 in profit ($1,000 plus the $100 bet). This is most common when betting on a player to win outright. For instance, Rory McIlroy might have +1000 odds to win the Masters in 2024. A player could also have +1000 odds to win the tournament in live betting.

Who is the highest-paid NFL player?

Quarterback Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals have agreed to terms on a five-year, $275 million extension. The deal makes Burrow the new highest-paid player in NFL history on an annual basis with an average salary of $55 million per year.

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What is Tom Brady’s net worth

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Football is back, and it’s the first season in decades without star NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who retired earlier this year after 23 years on the field. While there was speculation that Brady might fill in for Aaron Rodgers after he tore his Achilles tendon during his first game with the New York Jets, Brady quickly put those rumors to rest.

  1. Brady might have retired his jersey for good, but the seven-time Super Bowl champion is plenty busy off the field.
  2. Brady has a net worth of $300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, thanks to his decades-long career as a star quarterback in the NFL, and a series of lucrative businesses and investments in sports teams.
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Here’s how Brady made his millions.

What is Tom Brady’s net worth 2023?

Tom Brady has carved an indelible mark in the annals of the National Football League (NFL). As of 2023, the NFL legend’s net worth is estimated to be a staggering $300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, This impressive figure is a testament to Brady’s illustrious career, wise business decisions, and strategic financial decisions.

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Who has the most Super Bowl wins

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How many NFL teams have not won a Super Bowl? – Ahead of the 2023 season, there are 12 teams that have yet to win a Super Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Detroit Lions Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota Vikings Tennessee Titans

: Which NFL team has the most Super Bowl wins? | DAZN News US

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Who is the most valuable player in the Super Bowl

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Super Bowl MVP Award

The Pete Rozelle Trophy
Awarded for Most valuable player of the Super Bowl
Presented by SPORT (1967–1989) National Football League (1990–present)
First award 1967
Most wins Tom Brady (5 awards)
Most recent Patrick Mahomes (2nd award)

The Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, or Super Bowl MVP, is presented annually to the most valuable player of the Super Bowl, the National Football League ‘s (NFL) championship game. The winner is chosen by a panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters, and, since Super Bowl XXXV in 2001, fans voting electronically.

  • The media panel’s ballots count for 80 percent of the vote tally, while the viewers’ ballots make up the other 20 percent.
  • The game’s viewing audience can vote on the Internet or by using cellular phones; Media voters are asked to vote with about five minutes remaining in the game, but are allowed to change their mind when the game ends.

They can nominate one player from each team, with instructions to count their vote for the player on the winning team. Voters cannot select an entire unit. The Super Bowl MVP has been awarded annually since the game’s inception in 1967. Through 1989, the award was presented by SPORT magazine.

  1. Bart Starr was the MVP of the first two Super Bowls.
  2. Since 1990, the award has been presented by the NFL.
  3. At Super Bowl XXV, the league first awarded the Pete Rozelle Trophy, named after former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, to the Super Bowl MVP.
  4. Ottis Anderson was the first to win the trophy.
  5. The most recent Super Bowl MVP, from Super Bowl LVII held on February 12, 2023, is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes,

Tom Brady is the only player to have won five Super Bowl MVP awards (four with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ); Joe Montana won three and four other players— Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Eli Manning, and Patrick Mahomes —have won the award twice.

Starr and Bradshaw are the only ones to have won it in back-to-back years. The MVP has come from the winning team every year except 1971, when Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley won the award despite the Cowboys’ loss in Super Bowl V to the Baltimore Colts, Harvey Martin and Randy White were named co-MVPs of Super Bowl XII, the only time co-MVPs have been chosen.

Including the Super Bowl XII co-MVPs, seven Cowboys players have won Super Bowl MVP awards, the most of any NFL team, Quarterbacks have earned the honor 32 times in 57 games (and 58 awards). From Super Bowl I to Super Bowl XLIX the Super Bowl MVP won a new car from General Motors as a part of their MVP award.

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Who will host the Super Bowl in 2026

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Super Bowl LX

Levi’s Stadium in February 2016 prior to Super Bowl 50
Date February 8, 2026
Stadium Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California
TV in the United States
Network NBC Peacock (streaming) Telemundo (Spanish language)
Radio in the United States
Network Westwood One
  • ← LIX
  • Super Bowl
  • LXI →

Super Bowl LX is the planned championship game of the National Football League (NFL) for the 2025 season. It will be the 60th Super Bowl and the game is scheduled to be played on February 8, 2026 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, This would be the second Super Bowl that Levi’s Stadium would be host, the first time being Super Bowl 50 ten years earlier.

What is the least popular Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Ratings History (1967-present) Super Bowl ratings dating back to the very first game in 1967. The Super Bowl ratings record remains a 49.1 for 49ers-Bengals in 1982, but the viewership record was set more recently, 114.4 million for Patriots-Seahawks in 2015.

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Who played in #1 Super Bowl

Answered By: Jackson Bell Date: created: Jan 18 2024

The Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first-ever Super Bowl.

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Is Super Bowl most popular

Answered By: Jake Watson Date: created: Feb 14 2024

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Satellite trucks broadcasting from Super Bowl XXXV, The game was watched by more than 84 million people in the United States. Super Bowl television ratings have traditionally been high. One of the most watched annual sporting events in the world, the NFL ‘s championship game is broadcast in over 130 countries in more than 30 languages.

Who won Super Bowl score 2023 MVP?

Super Bowl 2023: Patrick Mahomes Named MVP, Rihanna Pregnant (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) Super Bowl LVII: The Kansas City Chiefs, their second win in four years. Patrick Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP.

  • A late field goal with just 8 seconds left gave the Chiefs the 38-35 lead they needed to clinch the championship.
  • Patrick Mahomes passed for three touchdowns to lead his team to victory.
  • Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts ran for three touchdowns and passed for one, with over 300 yards of passing.

The ads: The Super Bowl game continued its reign as the most expensive ad real estate on TV. Some of the commercials included:

  1. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez,
  2. Rakuten as Cher from “Clueless.”
  3. Heineken with Paul Rudd as Ant-Man.

Thanks for joining us. Visit for the latest news. : Super Bowl 2023: Patrick Mahomes Named MVP, Rihanna Pregnant

Who is most likely to win MVP Super Bowl 2023?

Favorites to win the 2023 NFL MVP – Patrick Mahomes to win MVP +650 The Chiefs have not gotten off to a strong start on offense, but Mahomes remains a solid bet for the MVP award. Mahomes has never finished worse than third in EPA/Play in any season. The Andy Reid and Mahomes combination is a good bet to be elite again despite the opening stumble. » Bet it now: +600