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Does Alex win The Traitors

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A Traitor Wins The Traitors. – Paramount ANZ Alex Duggan Wins $250,000. She came as a Faithful. She killed as a Traitor. She conquered the game. Alex Duggan from South Australia has won the first Australian series of The Traitors. Through her Logie Award-winning tears, here is how she strategically manipulated her way to $250,000 In an all or nothing challenge, the final four players – the Faithfuls Craig and Lewis, and the Traitors Kate and Alex – abseiled down a terrifying waterfall to claim the silver bars, bringing the total prize pot to $250,000.

During the hustle, Alex had her sights set on Kate. Of the two Faithful left, she decided to work with Craig, and after much persuasion, Craig was on board. Meanwhile, Kate had her sights set on Alex. For Faithful Lewis, he believed Kate was the only person he could trust. His number one suspect was Alex which was perfect for Kate’s game.

Kate’s plans became derailed when Craig told Alex and Kate that Lewis was gunning for Alex. In the final Banishment Ceremony, the votes piled on Lewis, who revealed he was indeed a Faithful. Yes, Craig, you sweet, sweet man, the girls have been playing you.

Then it was time for the Traitor showdown we’d been waiting for, with both Alex and Kate pleading their case with Craig to take them to the end game. In the end game, Alex, Kate and Craig had to decide whether to share the winnings or go to a final vote to banish who they thought was the Traitor. Unanimously choosing to vote, Alex’s crocodile tears worked overtime on Craig, which led to Traitor Kate being banished.

Craig was thrilled thinking he had nabbed himself the last Traitor, but when Alex revealed to him that she was actually a Traitor, Australia saw Craig’s heart break. He was duped, and Alex was $250,000 richer. Don’t hate the player, love the game!

The Traitors. Catch Up On 10 Play. Join the conversation:

: A Traitor Wins The Traitors. – Paramount ANZ

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What happens in Traitors UK

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Format – 22 strangers arrive at a castle in the Scottish Highlands as “Faithful” contestants – hoping to share a prize fund worth up to £120,000. Among them are the “Traitors” – a group of contestants selected by host Claudia Winkleman on the first day, whose goal is to eliminate the Faithfuls and claim the prize for themselves.

Should the Faithful contestants eliminate all the Traitors, they will share the prize fund, but if any Traitors make it to the end, they win the money instead. Each night, the Traitors come together and decide upon one Faithful contestant to “murder” – and that person will leave the game immediately.

The remaining Faithful contestants will not know who has been eliminated until the following day when that person does not enter the Castle for breakfast. The group then take part in a mission to win money for the prize fund. Some challenges will also offer an opportunity for players to visit the Armoury – during which one player will randomly and secretly be awarded the Shield – which awards the player immunity from being Murdered, but not from the Banishment Vote.

  1. An attempted murder on the shield holder will result in no player being eliminated by Murder.
  2. At the end of each day, the players will participate in a Round Table, where the players discuss who to vote out before individually voting for a player to be banished.
  3. Players cast their votes privately before revealing their votes in turn to everyone once all votes are locked-in, and may give a brief rationale for the vote.

The person who received the most votes for banishment is banished from the game and must reveal their affiliation. If a Traitor is eliminated, the remaining Traitors may be given the option to recruit a Faithful to join them. If the Faithful accepts, they become a Traitor from that point on.

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What did Kieran say at the end of Traitors

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The Traitors’ Kieran’s final message to Wilf after ‘parting gift’ in roundtable The Traitors star Kieran had a final message to Wilf as the BBC show wrapped up last night, following his huge revelation in the roundtable which ultimately led to his demise The Traitors: Wilfred Webster reveals he’s a traitor The Traitors star Kieran had a final message to Wilf as the show wrapped up last night.

In shock scenes, Kieran hinted to the other contestants that Wilf was also a Traitor as he was banished by the remaining four. Whilst some accused Kieran of breaking the rules, the game continued and Hannah, Aaron, Meryl and Wilf all had to choose whether to vote for another banishment or end the game there and then.

Hannah and Aaron both chose to vote again, meaning they had to banish one more person – which ended up being Wilf. He broke down in tears as he admitted he was a Traitor and said he was “so happy” they’d won. Kieran left a parting gift for the finalists In his final revelation, Will told his shocked friends: “I’m a Traitor.

I can’t tell you how f***ing happy I am at the moment. I’m so happy for you guys. I’ve had to fight, and the more I’ve got to know you guys and had to try and steal money from you, it’s been really hard. “But honestly, I couldn’t go through this process without people that make me happy. You lot made me happy, you made me enjoy being here.

Every day I tried to play as a Faithful, I tried to enjoy my time here, and the only way I can do that is by having people like you around me, knowing that at least if this time ever comes, the money’s going to people I really like.” Wilfred was unmasked in the nick of time ( BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Paul Chappells)

There were tears all around before Aaron joked: “You are a massive d***head but I love you so much.”Following Kieran’s comments, the solutions and business consultant took to social media to comment on the final and had one more message for his fellow Traitor Wilf as he watched the final with everyone else.

“Can we give a moment for this man,” he wrote on, “Made the best TV in years, without him the show would not be as good as it was! Epic battle Wilfred you were a worthy opponent, thank you for the memories! xxx,” Hannah, Aaron and Meryl won the BBC show ( PA) Fans of the show rushed to the comment section to pay tribute to Kieran for his incredible game playing.

“That “parting gift”. Was just *chefs kiss*. remember that moment in when Craig confronted Nick in the first series? This was your moment!” one wrote, as another added: “Fully agree, you all played the game well but Wilf played it like a pantomime villain and played it true the name of the show which in turn made it a must see show.” A third shared: “I really hope you guys shook hands after the end game.

(Seems so.) You two gave the game that edge we needed to keep it ‘sinister’. Fantastic game play from both of you. Absolutely blinding game play!” You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. : The Traitors’ Kieran’s final message to Wilf after ‘parting gift’ in roundtable

Does Kieran become a traitor?

Kieran became the penultimate person to be banished from the BBC show and was unveiled as a Traitor as the Faithfuls tried to decide if they’d rooted them all out.

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Do The Traitors win us

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Winning $250,000 (£200,000) would usually be a cause for celebration. But for The Traitors US winner, the prize came with a huge downside – lying to their friends to get it. The following contains SPOILERS for The Traitors US. The Traitors US (hosted by Alan Cumming ) sees contestants head to a remote Scottish castle.

  1. Three contestants (Cirie Fields, Christian De La Torre and Cody Calafiore) became ‘Traitors’, whose job is to ‘murder’ fellow contestants nightly.
  2. The remaining cast are ‘Faithfuls’, whose job is to deduce who the Traitors are and banish them.
  3. If the Faithfuls win, they split the money.
  4. If Cirie, Christian or Cody win, they get to keep the cash themselves.

Unlike the UK version of the reality show, which aired on the BBC in late 2022, The Traitors US final (airing now on BBC Three and on Peacock in the US) saw a Traitor win the game. For winner Cirie Fields, that meant leaving her two closest allies Quentin Jiles and Andie Vanacore with nothing.

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Does Amanda leave The Traitors

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Amanda Clark-Stoner’s early exit from The Traitors was shocking. Now she explains why she was removed from the reality murder mystery competition. The Traitors contestant Amanda Clark-Stoner’s shocking removal from the competition led to a lot of speculation about why she had to leave, and she is now setting the record straight about her early exit. Amanda, an emergency room nurse from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, seemed to be on a path to winning the game.

Although she was not one of the traitors, Amanda was doing a fantastic job as a faithful. She was fearless during competitions, staying calm even while buried alive during a mission. However, at the halfway point in the competition, host Alan Cumming announced that Amanda had to leave The Traitors, and no explanation was given.

In an Instagram Reel, Amanda revealed why she had to leave the castle during The Traitors season 1, She began the Reel by saying, “It’s your favorite disappearing faithful Amanda here.” She then disclosed that the reason she had to leave early was because she tested positive for COVID-19.

Amanda said that she took every precaution, including wearing an N-95 mask and a surgical mask on her flights. She quarantined before and after she got into Scotland, where The Traitors was filmed. She is also vaccinated, but she still tested positive and could not continue. Amanda shared that when she found out, she felt “like the rug got pulled out from underneath me, and all my hopes and dreams and this amazing opportunity that I will probably never get again just was taken away from me in an instant.” However, she is focusing on the positives during her time on The Traitors, which were that the faithfuls did not banish her, and the traitors did not murder her while she was still in the game.

Amanda said that she has unfinished business in the castle, adding, “So who knows? Maybe I’ll get my revenge.”

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When did The Traitors end

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Published: 22 December 2022 As the hit BBC One and BBC iPlayer show The Traitors reaches its epic finale on Thursday 22nd December at 9pm we have spoken with the final five contestants about their journey on the show so far. They’ve survived numerous murders and banishments, backstabbing and treachery, but for the players left in the game it all comes down to today in the finale of the hottest show on TV. Back row: Aaron, Hannah and Kieran. Front row: Wilf, Claudia Winkelman, Meryl Who will be victorious? Will the Faithful be able to uncover who the Traitors are and share the money, or will a Traitor remain undetected and take the life changing prize for themselves? HM

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Who won Traitors 22

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The Traitors 2022: Alex Duggan Crowned Winner As She Fools The Final Faithful – Network Ten.

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Who got voted off Traitors

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Alyssa – banished – Alyssa was the first Traitor to be caught by the others (Picture: BBC) The contestants finally managed to see off a Traitor when they chose to banish Alyssa Chan from the group – with the business student tearfully confessing her status to the others after her fellow Traitors Wilfred and Amanda also voted for her to be banished.

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Did Craig from Traitors get any money?

‘Faithful’ turned ‘Traitor’ takes home one of the year’s biggest prizes, despite small audience on 10. –

  • Published by David Knox
  • on November 14, 2022

South Australian social media coordinator Alex Duggan has won 10 series The Traitors, taking home a cool $250,000 for her efforts. She defeated Queensland business coach Craig Carr for the final prize. The final four players – ‘Faithfuls’ Craig and Lewis, and ‘Traitors’ Kate and Alex abseiled down a waterfall to claim the silver bars, bringing the total prize pot to $250,000.

  • In the final Banishment Ceremony, the votes piled on Lewis, who revealed he was a Faithful.
  • Then it was time for the Traitor showdown with both Alex and Kate pleading their case with Craig.
  • In the end game, Alex, Kate and Craig had to decide whether to share the winnings or go to a final vote to banish who they thought was the Traitor.

Unanimously choosing to vote, Alex’s crocodile tears worked overtime on Craig, which led to Traitor Kate being banished. Craig was thrilled thinking he had nabbed himself the last Traitor, but when Alex revealed to him that she was actually a Traitor, he was duped, leaving Alex $250,000 richer.

Did The Traitors recruit Alex?

Alex revealed she turned down the chance to appear on Love Island (Picture: BBC) The Traitors star Alex Gray revealed she turned down the chance to appear on Love Island simply because she didn’t want to ‘prance around in a bikini.’ The 27-year-old presenter and actress almost made it to the very end of Claudia Winkleman ‘s hit BBC One game show, which saw Faithfuls Aaron Evans, Meryl Williams and Hannah Byczkowski win the £101,050 jackpot after banishing the ultimate Traitor Wilfred Webster.

  1. Shortly before, Wilf had tried to recruit Alex to join him as a mole, however, she turned the offer down and was banished around the roundtable.
  2. The series saw Alex and boyfriend Tom Elderfield stun their co-stars with the revelation that they had been dating before the show, but kept their romance a secret from the other players as a part of their ‘game plan’.

The reality star recently shared that she was intrigued by The Traitors after saying no to the annual ITV2 dating show – which is currently presented by Maya Jama. ‘That kind of genre of reality show where it is more about prancing around in a bikini and falling in love with other contestants, that wasn’t for me,’ she told SWNS Media Group. ‘These kinds of boring formats have been done over and over again’ (Picture: ITV) ‘I’d always kind of shunned it and turned away from doing reality until I saw that the BBC were doing their first ever proper reality show,’ she added. I liked the fact that it was with the BBC and the idea that it wasn’t about looks, it wasn’t about falling in love – these kinds of boring formats have been done over and over again.’ Before making her making her debut on The Traitors – which was met with rave reviews -she presented for various companies and worked for the likes of ITV, Nissan, and The World Poker Tour.

She’s also interviewed famous faces including Yungblud and Love Island’s Dr Alex George. According to IMDb, Alex also featured as an extra in an episode of Witness Data, and voiced Jessie on the Love Island mobile game. As well as being a social media personality and actress, Alex founded Toxic London – a company selling self-love mirror decals.

The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Got a story? If you’ve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the entertainment team by emailing us [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

Are Alex and Tom still together?

Alex of The Traitors couple on behind-the-scenes secrets and what happened next

  • One half of the ‘secret’ couple from The Traitors has revealed she turned down Love Island – because it’s more about “prancing around in a bikini”.
  • Alex Gray, 27, and Tom Elderfield, 24, rocked BBC show when they revealed their secret relationship to fellow contestants.
  • They entered the show pretending they were strangers – but Tom told all in a bid to convince fellow ‘faithfuls’ they were legit.
  • Alex has said she totally “tuned out” when Tom surprised her with the admission – and they are still together.
  • The presenter has revealed she took part in the show after turning down the chance to appear on Love Island.
  • Alex, from north west London, said: “That kind of genre of reality show where it is more about prancing around in a bikini and falling in love with other contestants, that wasn’t for me.
  • “I’d always kind of shunned it and turned away from doing reality until I saw that the BBC were doing their first ever proper reality show.
  • “I liked the fact that it was with the BBC and the idea that it wasn’t about looks, it wasn’t about falling in love – these kinds of boring formats have been done over and over again.

Tom Elderfield, 24 and Alex Gray, 27

  1. “This was something new – something exciting.
  2. “Before I knew it, I sent off my application almost in vain thinking nothing was going to happen.
  3. “Then, before I know, I’m kind of being buried alive by Claudia Winkleman in the Scottish Highlands.”
  4. Magician Tom and Alex decided to keep their relationship secret because they believed it would harm their chances of winning.
  5. But Tom broke down and confessed all.
  6. Recalling the scenes in the show, Alex said: “I just saw black.
  7. “I just completely tuned out of the room at that moment in time and I was like ‘ok, oh my god, this is happening.’
  8. “I was thinking about how I could salvage this moment because all that I was getting at that time was hatred from the rest of the cast.
  9. “I honestly just felt like I just had to kind of block out everything just to protect myself because there was a lot that was being said.
  10. “There was a lot of energy, there was a lot of crying and lots of hysterics.
  11. “I was shocked that everyone was reacting that way.”
  12. Alex also feared Tom’s announcement would jeopardise her time in the game but said it ultimately ended up saving her.
  13. Alex said: “Nobody would have ever clicked on to the fact we were a couple.
  14. “I think it would have come out at some point for us to leave the game.
  15. “In terms of my survival, I think at that moment in time, I had a one in three chance of being murdered because it was me, Ivan and John up for trial.
  16. “On top of that, as a group, we collectively assumed as a group that one of the three must have been a traitor.
  17. “No one was going to vote for John because he was assumed to be faithful – people were right in assuming that – so that left it at 50/50 between me and Ivan.
  18. “If I hadn’t survived the round table I would have been murdered, so the fact that I survived the round table and I had so much heat on me and suspicion on me it, therefore, meant that I survived.
  19. “In a weird way, it did actually help me, as I think I could have been a goner that night.”
  20. Alex said that it was difficult at the round table discussions seeing people accuse Tom of being a ‘traitor’ and knowing he wasn’t.
  21. She said: “A lot of people had some really dumb theories and it got quite personal and mean for no reason.
  22. “For that reason, it was really difficult to sit there and listen to people chat a lot of sh*t about Tom.
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Alex Gray

  • “That is why the one and only time I actually broke down and cried was when Tom got banished because it was so horrible seeing someone you love get attacked like that.
  • “At that round table where Tom got banished, everyone was hell-bent on voting for him.
  • “Also, he kind of did shoot himself in the foot by saying ‘if I am wrong about Ivan then vote me out tomorrow night’ it was like, well, you literally did invite everyone to vote for you – it is a game of survival.”
  • Alex said the loved the escapism element of the show.
  • She said: “You cannot replicate that in real life – the fact that we would be the first original cast to get to do that and be in the Highlands.
  • “Yeah it was traumatic, it was stressful, and it was exhausting and you know, we all did struggle.
  • “When we would go off into the Highlands for our challenges, it was like ‘oh my god’ this is so magical’ – we are all trauma bonded together.
  • “I loved the escapism from reality for those two to three weeks.
  • “It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t think about everyday life.
  • “I didn’t once think about the problems and worries that I had before going in.
  • “I was fully immersed and we were all so fully immersed in this Traitors world.”
  • Since leaving the show, Alex said she is still in touch with many members of the cast.
  • She said: “A lot of us are really close – we’ll chat every day.
  • “We’ll have video calls here and there, but obviously, there were so many of us, it would be unrealistic to assume that we’re all best buddies – especially in a show where the casting process is specifically tailored towards pitting people against each other.
  • “In an ideal world, we would all be best buddies and gallivanting around, visiting the Highlands again for good old times sake, but no, of course, there are some people who nobody is that close to.”

: Alex of The Traitors couple on behind-the-scenes secrets and what happened next

Do The Traitors stay in the castle?

The Traitors host Alan Cumming reveals that all is not what it appears to be as the competitors spend their nights in a Scottish Highlands castle. On The Traitors, the faithful go to bed each night in a castle in the Scottish Highlands, wondering if they will be the next to be ” murdered ” by the three traitors, but now Alan Cumming reveals the truth about those nerve-racking nights. The Traitors brings together 10 famous contestants (most of them from the world of reality television) and 10 non-celebrity contestants.

  1. They compete in a series of challenges in order to win a cash prize of up to $250,000.
  2. Based on a popular Dutch series of the same name, The Traitors is set in a remote castle in the Scottish Highlands.
  3. During the 10-episode series, three contestants, known as the traitors, devise a plan to steal the prize from the rest of the competitors, who are called the faithful.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Alan Cumming revealed that he and the contestants did not actually sleep in the castle during filming. The Traitors host Alan confessed that, although the Traitors contestants appear to go to bed in the castle, “Spoiler alert: None of us stayed in the castle.

  1. None of us.” He explained that, instead, the contestants “all stayed in the airport hotel in the Inverness airport,
  2. How glamorous—you come to Scotland, and you stay in the Inverness airport hotel.” Alan added that during filming for The Traitors, he “stayed in a little house in Inverness.” Although he did not actually live in the castle, he had a room there “where I would get made up and dressed.” Alan said that the room had “a huge bed in it.

So I did actually sleep quite often but not overnight.”

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What happened in Traitors BBC

Answered By: David Griffin Date: created: May 24 2023

The Traitors star Aisha Birley has lifted the lid on a life-changing experience on the Claudia Winkleman’s BBC game show that has the nation hooked. The reality series, set in a castle in the Scottish Highlands, captured imaginations as 22 strangers competed in a series of missions for a chance to win a prize fund of up to £120,000.

Amongst the players were a select group of ‘Traitors’, chosen by host Claudia, who met in secret to decide who to eliminate from their fellow contestants, known as ‘Faithfuls’. The goal, as they took their place at the round table each evening, was to identify and eliminate the Traitors through a ‘banishment.’ If any Traitors made it to the end of the series, they could steal the money, and, each night after dark, the Traitors met in secret to decide which Faithful to ‘murder.’ At breakfast it was revealed who had gone home without any goodbyes and their portrait was brutally removed from the wall.

READ MORE: Helen Flanagan reveals she’s had a secret boob job after “saggy” breasts affected her confidence Faithfuls Aaron Evans, Hannah Byczkowski and Meryl Williams were crowned winners and took home the £101,050 prize in the game of twists, turns and skullduggery.

  • The last remaining Traitor, Wilfred Webster, was finally banished after causing jaws to drop by backstabbing his fellow Traitors Amanda Lovett, Alyssa Chan and Kieran Tompsett.
  • English teacher Aisha, 24, from Prestwich, was the first contestant to be ‘murdered’ in the middle of the night by Wilf, Alyssa and Amanda and she told us what it was like to be part of reality TV history, as fans eagerly await series two.

“We all hoped it would be big and the new big thing but everyone is obsessed with it,” she said. The Traitors stars Amos, Maddy, Fay, Ivan, John, Theo, Kieran, Andrea, Wilfred, Meryl, Alyssa, Tom, Claudia Winkleman, Aisha, Imran, Alex, Claire, Nicky, Matt, Amanda, Rayan, Hannah and Aaron (Image: BBC) “I’m still having people messaging me saying they’re just starting watching it.

I’m from a generation of binge watchers and because it’s on iPlayer people say ”I’ve not slept for the last 12 hours’, I’ve just watched it, it’s amazing. we need season two already.’ They’re obsessed.” The Traitors, which has been compared to early days Big Brother, proved to be addictive TV, but its contestants had no idea of what was to come.

“I didn’t expect it to be as big. I’d just graduated from uni and split up from my boyfriend and thought, ‘why not, I might as well. You’re not doing anything else, let’s just do it’,” said Aisha. “None of us knew how big it was going to be. We didn’t know if anyone would watch it or be bothered. Aisha (left) with Claudia Winkleman and fellow contestants Rayan and Andrea (Image: BBC) She added: “We all went into it completely blind. We had no idea what any of the contestants were like, we didn’t know where we were going. We knew it was filmed in the Scottish Highlands but that’s all we knew.

Everything else we were left in the dark about. That’s what made it so exciting, that we had no clue. “You had no idea of game play. People went in day dot with a game plan and I was like ‘woah, this is a lot.’ I applied for it. I thought ‘why not, let’s see what happens’.” Aisha said: “Big Brother was a bit before my generation.

I watched The Hills and all that stuff, and The Circle came out, I was obsessed with that and Love Island. It’s most similar to the old days of Big Brother and The Circle. Reflecting on what made it such a success, she thinks it’s the cast of ‘ordinary’ people. The gripping game show was set in the Scottish highlands (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Llara Plaza) “I thought the most similar thing to doing this that I’ve done is going to university and being in halls with a bunch of people you don’t know, that’s the most similar thing.

But then people are genuinely who they say they are and you don’t know this with this show. “So you go into it thinking ‘this is what it’s going to be like and then it’s completely not.’ If it’s renewed for a new season people are going to go on it thinking ‘okay this is what this season was like so I’m going to do this.’ But you don’t know until you get there and it changes every day.

It’s so intense. “Every day different things come of it. We were all so set on Imran being a traitor and then Nicky’s demeanor changed, she ended up going, so any little thing you do can change the outcome of who gets murdered, who get banished. Pretty much all the way through it, Aaron was on the chopping block and then he won it.

  1. It’s about how you fight and navigate through it.
  2. I remember being there and you’re so anxious, you don’t know if it’s going to be you or not.
  3. Its a very intense experience all day, every day.” Asked if the show has changed her outlook on life, Aisha said: “I’m already quite a pessimistic person, for me you have to earn my trust before I will trust you.
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So with people I’m like ‘anybody could be lying about anything, you don’t know.’ It could be the sweet old lady from down the road. “That’s why it did so well, the broad age span and people from up and down the country. It represented the nation and also meant I got to be around women like Andrea, being around a 72-year-old woman who wasn’t my nan and becoming friendly with her and texting her on a regular basis, and the same with Claire who has a son who is my age and is one my closest friends now. Wilf was finally identified as a Traitor (Image: BBC) She continued: “I’m proud to be part of TV history. It was going back to basics like old school reality TV and to be part of season one of this amazing new show that is hopefully going to go on for years now.

  1. I can say ‘I’m season one and I’m part of that’.” Aisha is now recognised from the show.
  2. I went to visit my friend in Cambridge and we were in a bar and this guy turned to me and said ‘you’re that really gobby girl on The Traitors and I was like ‘yeah, hi.’ “People will double glance and stare and point.

The kids at school watched it and they were like ‘miss, you were on TV.’ The majority has been positive, people saying they loved me and they can’t wait to see what I get up to next.” On being ‘murdered’ so soon in the process, Aisha says: “It was hard to go out at the point I did, but I never went into it thinking I was going to win.

But I didn’t think I would go out when I did. That was a shock and that’s always hard.” She continued: “You’re put in an environment far away from home with 20 other people you’ve never met before and they become your family. At halfway it’s anyone’s game. When you go you’re more sad that you’re leaving these people rather than that you’ve lost out in this money.

“Once you’re gone, you’re gone you don’t get chance to say goodbye. You have to wait until everybody has left to be able to contact them. You’re sat there thinking ‘I can’t wait for it to be over so I can talk to and see these people again and build friendships in the outside world’, rather than the lies you may have told. The final four Hannah, Aaron Meryl, Meryl and Wilfred (Image: PA) “That’s the hardest part of when you go, regardless of whenever you go. It’s an exprience nobody else will understand and will always join us all together for the rest of our lives.” Aisha is calling for show bosses to stick with the same format for The Traitors.

  • The BBC are smart people.
  • They know what they are doing.
  • They made this amazing show in the first place.
  • With the Australian version it’s normal people, with the US one it’s half celeb half non celeb.
  • But I think with this one the reason the general public loved it as nobody had any followers – they were doctors, teachers, lawyers, university students, just your average everyday normal people.

They should keep that format. If they didn’t people might not enjoy it as much. “I remember getting mic’d up and being in TV environment and thinking ‘this is so wild’. I was like, ‘it’s being on a TV set’ and the others said ‘you kind of are.’ We were all the same, none of us had done TV before.” Aisha took away a couple of treasured souvenirs from her time on the show – her name card from the train journey to Scotland and her portrait from the breakfast room wall.

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What happens to Maddy in Traitors

Answered By: Donald Griffin Date: created: Jul 04 2023

Maddy was incredibly memorable in the show (Picture: BBC) Maddy Smedley, who is well known to TV viewers after appearing in the BAFTA winning hit TV series The Traitors, has landed an exciting new soap role. Maddy has previously appeared on EastEnders for one episode in 2021, as well as an episode of Casualty the following year, but it was The Traitors that really made her name.

  1. Maddy was a ‘Faithful’ in the show and initially hid her acting career from the other contestants, saying that she worked in a care home.
  2. This was true, but she thought if she disclosed her other job it would go against her in a game where people tried to guess who was being genuine and who was putting on an act.

She finally revealed details of her acting career to the other contestants, saying, ‘I didn’t want you to think I was dodgy if I came in here and said I was an actor. I’ve played it as myself’ – although there were some who had their doubts following the revelation. Maddy has previously appeared in EastEnders and Casualty (Picture: Instagram/ Maddy Smedley) Since The Traitors Maddy has announced that she’s expecting a baby, recently posting on Twitter a picture of herself showing her 32 week baby bump. ‘Can’t sleep.32 weeks.

Can’t believe it,’ she wrote. Meanwhile there’s another reason to celebrate as the actress has landed a part in Hollyoaks. She’ll play a talent agent called Faye Fuller (is this a nod to her previously being a ‘Faithful’?) who’ll be working with influencer Rayne Royce (Jemma Donovan). It’ll become apparent that Faye wants to get Rayne on the reality show Love Cave, but will she pick up on the social media star’s dark side that’s recently been on show? Maddy told OK Magazine that her character is ‘trashy, sassy and a bit cutthroat.

She’s a bit more brutal than me in real life. She’s like Del Boy mixed with Deborah Meaden.’ Faye will be involved in the storyline involving Rayne (Picture: Lime) The star-struck actress told the magazine that she had to pinch herself to be working alongside the likes of Jemma Donovan and Owen Warner, who plays Romeo Nightingale. ‘When you think, “Oh my God, I know you from Hollyoaks and I’m A Celeb” – that was a bit daunting,’ she admitted.

‘But they act like normal humans. I used to watch and talk about it with friends before school started. I wonder what little me would be thinking now.’ She also added: ‘I’ve had a blast filming, everyone at Hollyoaks has been so kind and accommodated me and bump so well. Faye Fuller is trashy, sassy and a bit cutthroat.

I used to watch Hollyoaks and chat about it before school on the radiators. Chuffed to now be a part of it.’ MORE : A new era! 15 Hollyoaks pictures reveal first look at The Dog’s makeover as new chapter for the iconic boozer kicks off MORE : 12 soap spoiler pictures: EastEnders baby twist, Coronation Street secret exposed, Emmerdale’s Mary moves on, Hollyoaks new era