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How does traitors end

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Alan Cumming says his reaction in ‘Traitors’ finale made footage unusable: ‘I was gobsmacked’ Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season One of “The Traitors.” Alan Cumming is no stranger to playing larger-than-life, theatrical characters. But in the Peacock original reality TV game show “The Traitors,” he plays what he calls his “campest” role yet: himself.

  1. For his first time hosting a competition show, Cumming donned a variety of suits, tartans and other traditional Scottish garb as a game master out of a James Bond movie.
  2. It’s a much more heightened and theatrical version of me and even much camper, in the true form of camp,” Cumming tells about his latest role.

“I say to people, ‘This is the campest thing I’ve ever done.’ And that’s me saying that.” Alan Cumming plays a Scottish lord hosting a murderous game in “The Traitors.” Peacock In the lore of the show, Cumming invites contestants to his castle in the Scottish Highlands and enlists them in a game reminiscent of “Mafia” or “Werewolf.” Season One’s 20 contestants — a mix of reality TV stars and civilians— compete in challenges, called “missions,” to add money to a prize pot. The mission in episode two involved burying contestants alive. Peacock As shocked as viewers were watching some of the twists and turns that occur over the 10-episode series released on Jan.12, Cumming reveals to there were moments that made him gasp, too.

  1. The end of the series sees two traitors — Cirie Fields of “Survivor” and Arie Luyendyk Jr.
  2. Of “The Bachelor” — fly under the radar and make it to the final four.
  3. At this point, if all the remaining players voted to end the game, Fields and Luyendyk would split the $250,000 prize.
  4. Luyendyk and the two remaining faithfuls, convinced they had already ousted all the traitors left in the game, voted to end the game.

But Fields opted for one more vote to banish a player — Luyendyk, her fellow traitor. Cumming tells that he saw that move from Fields coming. “I knew she was going to do that,” he says. “I mean, she could have stopped, and Arie and she would have shared the money.

  • But he never expected what happened next.
  • Instead of fighting it out for one more vote, Luyendyk chooses to walk away from the game, outing himself as a traitor.
  • “I was gobsmacked, sideswiped by that,” Cumming says.
  • “They told me afterwards that they couldn’t use the two-shot or the wide shot because I was just like —,” he says, dropping his jaw to illustrate.

The contestants gather around the round table to vote on who to banish in Episode Two. Peacock The round table votes also provided plenty of drama. Some of the players’ over-the-top emotional reactions also tested Cumming’s poker face. “You know sometimes when you’re emotional, you get the words wrong and you sort of say the wrong thing, that used to make me laugh a lot,” he says.

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Do The Traitors win Season 1

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‘The Traitors’ Season 1 Winner Has Been Crowned SPOILER ALERT : This article contains the name and details of the winner of Season 1. dropped all 10 episodes of the first season of The Traitors on January 12. The show based on a Dutch format called De Verraders and whose has crowned its first winner.

Since all episodes were made available at once, some viewers might just be starting to watch the show, others are close to finishing, and some have yet to discover it. This is your last warning because ahead, we will reveal the winner of the first season. After reality stars and regular civilians came together for the chance to win a cash prize of up to $250,000, the winner of the first season of The Traitors was Cirie Fields.

Fields, who is best known to reality show lovers for her multiple appearances on Survivor, was the ultimate traitor of the season. The Faithfuls were able to discover fellow traitors Cody Calafiore, Christian de la Torre and Arie Luydendyk, but not Fields who was able to remain incognito throughout her time on the show.

The last episode featured five finalists which were Below Deck’s Kate Chastain, Quentin Jiles, Luyendyk, Andie Thurmond and Fields. During the last roundtable, they finally voted Chastain out after being on their radar that she might be a traitor. When the majority voted for her, they found out that despite looking “sus,” Chastain had always been a Faithful.

Things got intense when the four remaining contestants were each asked if there were any traitors left among them. If any traitors were left, they would take away the money allotted but if they were all Faithful, they would divide the money. Luyendyk, Jiles and Thurmond all voted to end the game as they thought they were all Faithful. Alan Cumming and Cirie Fields Peacock However, Fields knew that Luyendyk was a fellow traitor and wanted to expose him. Instead of fighting it, Luyendyk came clean and revealed himself to be a traitor. Once again, the remaining three players were asked if they wanted to stop the game and they all voted to do so.

Fields would reveal herself to be a traitor and ended up taking all the cash prize, fooling both Jiles and Thurmond and stealing the money from them. The Traitors Season 1 also included reality royalty like Big Brother’s Rachel Reily, Summer House’s Kyle Cooke, Shahs of Sunset’s Reza Farahan and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville.

: ‘The Traitors’ Season 1 Winner Has Been Crowned

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Who won traitors Bravo

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‘The Traitors’ Reunion Reveals Surprising Cast Romance—With a Dose of Regret After 10 episodes of scheming in a 19th-century Scottish castle in pursuit of a $250,000 cash prize, the reality alumni (from Big Brother, Survivor, Bravo, The Bachelor, et al) and “civilians” that led The Traitors were all under the same roof once more to talk betrayal.

  • Plaid-wearing host Alan Cumming offered a brief intro before a hooded Andy Cohen was enlisted to emcee the candlelit reunion, which reconvened “traitors” and “faithfuls” alike for one last kill.
  • I trusted no one, so I’m going to be there laughing, eating popcorn,” Below Deck alum and season standout ahead of the reunion.

“And also, I want a whole segment, an entire segment where they all go around—everyone that voted for me, which is everyone—and apologize.” That portion was sadly missing—as were early season castoffs Reza Farahan and Brandi Glanville —but the relatively tame reunion yielded a few key moments nonetheless.

Most of the drama revolved around victor Cirie Fields, who plotted her way to the promised land with a trail of murders, culminating in a shocking betrayal of her closest confidant in the game. Ahead, a look at the reunion’s biggest takeaways, including a surprising cast romance revealed. Christian and Geraldine Are Dating Christian de la Torre, who was a traitor alongside Cirie before getting banished in the ninth episode, hasn’t learned much since his often grating performance on The Traitors,

Leaning into his irksome persona, Christian showed up to the reunion shirtless, sporting the same distressed red denim vest he wore on the show when selected as a traitor. The self-described “actor and content creator” admitted that if he were another contestant on the show, “I would’ve fucking hated myself.” But he ducked most responsibility for his behavior by claiming it was a strategy: “I said I’m literally gonna be the dumbest guy and most annoying dude.” Mission accomplished.

Ever the MVP, Kate then revealed that Christian cried when Shelbe Rodriguez was banished because he had a crush on her. After confirming this account, Christian teased: “I didn’t ask her out, but I’ve definitely been talking to someone through the cast.” Geraldine Moreno was unveiled as the mystery woman, cuing jaw drops from both Kate and myself.

Is The Traitors Worth It For Survivor Fans? (The Traitors US Season Breakdown and Winner Analysis)

Although Kate joked about “the first Traitor baby,” Christian insisted that he pair is “just having fun,” which is a good thing—considering he when asked to do so by Andy. Cirie Was Never Splitting That Prize Money A recap of Cirie’s winning strategy kicked off the reunion, as well as a show of hands regarding who took issue with it.

  • That yielded responses from Arie Luyendyk, whom she dumped in the final round in order to win solo; Andie Vanacore and Quentin Jiles, the final faithfuls she bamboozled; and—surprisingly— Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, Cirie’s real-life friend with whom she’s apparently no longer close.
  • Dressed in head-to-toe hot pink, Cirie said that she hasn’t made any splashy purchases with her prize money, although she plans to buy her mother a home.

When asked if she was tempted to give any of her winnings away to Andie or Quentin, Cirie was pragmatically unremorseful. “Honestly, in a perfect world, we would’ve all been able to split the money,” she began. “But I didn’t think about should I give Andie money, should I give Quentin money.

  • If it was a million dollars, it might be different.
  • It’s $250,000—so yeah I didn’t think about that.” Cirie Decided to Win Solo at the Last Minute Although Cirie and Arie had agreed that they would win the show together, she opted to throw a red pouch flame “at the last minute,” a decision she said was not pre-meditated.

“I didn’t think it was as fair to just give him half of the money” Cirie explained of her decision, which essentially halted the game and forced Arie, whom she had recruited to be a traitor late in the game, out. : ‘The Traitors’ Reunion Reveals Surprising Cast Romance—With a Dose of Regret

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Will Alex join the traitors

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BBC The Traitors viewers were left unsurprised as Alex Gray was eliminated after refusing her offer to betray the Faithfuls. Alex had a tumultuous time on the show before her exit, after her boyfriend Tom Elderfield revealed their relationship to the entire group, before he was voted off.

Alex became a fan-favourite with viewers, but in a game that is based on backstabbing and tactical tricks, no one is ever safe. The Traitors, Amanda and Will, previously extended an olive branch to the actor to join their cloak and daggers team working against the group. In frustration that Alex didn’t accept their offer, the devious duo decided to ‘murder’ her instead.

The rest of the group gathered round for breakfast the morning after, when they realised that Alex had been chosen by the Traitors when Amos walked in alone. The show flashed back to the night before in the castle dungeon, the Traitors discussed their decision.

“So are we agreed with Alex?” Amanda asked. “Yeah, 100 per cent,” Will said. “Do you know what I love, it’s like, you declined it, you tried to make a big show of it, now we’re here to show we’ll follow through with what we want to do.” As Alex read her murder letter to the camera, she became visibly upset to learn of her fate.

“Dear Alex, you should have accepted,” the star read. “Bye bye. By order of the Traitors, you have been murdered.” Alex had to make a decision whether to join The Traitors and leave The Faithfuls (Image: BBC) Alex then said: “This is a really hard game. This is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. But overall, I kind of proved myself to the group that I was a faithful.

And I’m happy about that, however in terms of strategy of the game, that was probably my downfall.” Fans of the show took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the elimination. One wrote: “Murdering Alex was a very smart move because they sent a clear message to the group that if you don’t accept the traitor’s invitationyou’re gonna get murdered #TheTraitors ” “Glad Alex is gone, obvious if you reject the offer you have to go, as for Maddy, she been gagging to tell them hasn’t she lol, need her gone lol #TheTraitors #thetraitorsUK,” said another.

A third ranted: “unbeliveable that the group hasn’t learned that “new information being revealed” doesn’t mean someone is a traitor (Alex & Tom)! It’s precisely because of this paranoia that people keep things to themselves #maddy #TheTraitors ” Another tweeted: “With Alex out, I’ve lost interest in #TheTraitors,” while someone else wrote: “Gutted for Alex, but the right move for the traitors absolutely.” BBC The Traitors will continue tomorrow on BBC One at 9pm.

Does Maddy leave traitors?

The Traitors star Maddy says early exit was ‘blessing in disguise’ A star of TV hit The Traitors says her exit was a “blessing in disguise” – as her beloved grandad died just a week later. Maddy Smedley, 30, made it through to the last rounds of the BBC reality show, set in a Scottish castle.

  1. She was one of the ‘faithfuls’ on the programme, who were trying to out the ‘traitors’ to win a six-figure prize.
  2. But Maddy, an actress, was ‘banished’ before the final – which she now says she’s grateful for.
  3. Dennis Smedley, 86, passed away not long after she left the set.
  4. Maddy, from Swanley, Kent said: “My exit in the stage before the final was a blessing in disguise.
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My granddad passed away a week after I arrived back from filming. “If I would have gone through to the end I wouldn’t have seen him before he died. And nothing would have been worth losing that time with him. Grandad was my hero and although he had dementia he was happy for me when I told him I was going to be on the TV.” Maddy has since returned to her part-time job as a receptionist at care home Birchwood Heights – where her grandad was living.

She fits the work around her acting, which has seen her appear in EastEnders and Casualty. The Traitors became essential viewing at the Swanley home during Maddy’s stint on the show. And residents even held a premiere – featuring champagne – before the first series. Maddy said: “I was totally overwhelmed at the support I had from the residents.

My friend, who lives at the home, collected press cuttings of Claudia Winkleman in the weeks leading up to my departure to try and help me feel at ease when I met her. “It was a really kind thing to do and I did actually feel like I knew her thanks to all the research. Actress and care home worker Maddy Smedley with resident Pat Warnham, 86 (Image: Oakland Care / SWNS) Resident Pat Warnham, 86, was a huge fan of the show and an even bigger fan of Maddy. She said: “Maddy is always happy and so kind. She’s a lovely person with a heart of gold.

  1. I’ve enjoyed watching her and the programme – she’s just as friendly on screen as she is here!” Maddy tweeted ‘Knew it’ after fellow contestant Wilf Webster was outed as a ‘traitor’ in the final.
  2. She had suspected him all along – but was overruled by other contestants and eventually ousted.
  3. The remaining group of three ‘faithfuls’ won the jackpot after outing Wilf in the final.

The Traitors has been streamed more than 28million times on iPlayer as of last month, the BBC said. : The Traitors star Maddy says early exit was ‘blessing in disguise’

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Did Kieran cheat Traitors

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The BBC even issued a statement afterwards, insisting that Kieran did not breach any rules. Addressing the cheating claims himself, Kieran told that he wouldn’t have got away with it if it had breached the show’s rules.

Who is in Traitors final?

It’s the show that has kept the nation gripped in the run up to Christmas, with plenty of viewers arguing that it was even more dramatic than the World Cup and The Traitors now has its winners, with victory for the Faithfuls after some late drama in the final Little was known about the 12 part series when it made its debut near the end of November, but it didn’t take long for people to get seriously invested in The Traitors, with its many twists and turns.

The BBC brings a much more sinister side out of Strictly presenter Claudia Winkleman, who had a key part to play from the get go, getting rid of Amos and Kieran before they’d even entered the show’s base in the Scottish Highlands and then selecting three Traitors – Alyssa, Amanda and Wilf. The last three weeks of The Traitors has proved to be absolutely compelling viewing as the Traitors attempted to avoid detection, while all the while picking off the Faithfuls with murders nearly every night.

READ MORE : The Traitors series two ‘all but confirmed’ as BBC land huge hit Only two Traitors were left standing in Thursday’s final: original Wilf and last minute recruit Kieran and three Faithfuls: Aaron, Hannah and Meryl. The finale saw the team work together to take the total prize money fund to over £101,000, fully aware that if any Traitors remained at the end of the game, they would take it all home.

The final Round Table discussion proved to be the most dramatic yet, with the final result determined by the players’ belief that they’d got rid of all the remaining Traitors, after one last banishment saw Kieran voted out of the competition, giving his vote to Wilf as ‘a parting gift’ to the others.

That vote caused chaos as a desperate Wilf tried to plead his case but, as the remaining four were asked whether they wanted to end the game or banish again, both Hannah and Aaron voted to banish, with Will then having to reveal himself to be a Traitor after Aaron, Hannah and Meryl voted to banish him.

  • That left Faithfuls Aaron, Hannah and Meryl and when asked again, they all decided to end the game, thus sharing the prize money.
  • Strictly final prompts ‘tactical’ Channel 5 move to attract fans *Gemma Atkinson’s Strictly tears as Helen Skelton pays emotional tribute to Gorka Marquez *Gorka Marquez shuts down ‘sore loser’ jibes with Jowita reply *Helen Skelton’s Strictly chances ‘hindered’ by judges’ decision as fans complain *Strictly’s Helen Skelton highlights crowd ‘reaction’ as she breaks silence after final defeat Story Saved You can find this story in My Bookmarks.

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What is the twist in Traitors

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The show revealed yet another plot twist, as Wilf was given the option of selecting another contestant to recruit as a traitor. He chose Kieran to give an ultimatum to – either join him as a fellow traitor, or be murdered.

How do Traitors win?

Format – 22 strangers arrive at a castle in the Scottish Highlands as “Faithful” contestants – hoping to share a prize fund worth up to £120,000. Among them are the “Traitors” – a group of contestants selected by host Claudia Winkleman on the first day, whose goal is to eliminate the Faithfuls and claim the prize for themselves.

Should the Faithful contestants eliminate all the Traitors, they will share the prize fund, but if any Traitors make it to the end, they win the money instead. Each night, the Traitors come together and decide upon one Faithful contestant to “murder” – and that person will leave the game immediately.

The remaining Faithful contestants will not know who has been eliminated until the following day when that person does not enter the Castle for breakfast. The group then take part in a mission to win money for the prize fund. Some challenges will also offer an opportunity for players to visit the Armoury – during which one player will randomly and secretly be awarded the Shield – which awards the player immunity from being Murdered, but not from the Banishment Vote.

An attempted murder on the shield holder will result in no player being eliminated by Murder. At the end of each day, the players will participate in a Round Table, where the players discuss who to vote out before individually voting for a player to be banished. Players cast their votes privately before revealing their votes in turn to everyone once all votes are locked-in, and may give a brief rationale for the vote.

The person who received the most votes for banishment is banished from the game and must reveal their affiliation. If a Traitor is eliminated, the remaining Traitors may be given the option to recruit a Faithful to join them. If the Faithful accepts, they become a Traitor from that point on.

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Are The Traitors still friends

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The Traitors star says game show has given her identity back

  • The new game show reached its shocking conclusion on Thursday (22 December).
  • The programme, hosted by, saw 22 strangers play “the ultimate game of detection, backstabbing and trust” at a Scottish Highlands castle in the hope of winning up to £120,000.
  • Among the contestants was Amanda Lovett, a 54-year-old estate agent mother of five who told PA news agency that the TV show gave her the chance to “have my own identity”.
  • Lovett was picked in the opening episode as one of three “traitors” tasked with selecting each night which of the “faithful” participants must leave the show, while trying to stay above suspicion themselves.
  • After being banished from the game in Tuesday (20 December) night’s episode, Lovett told PA : “I’ve been with children and things since I was 19, and then married and working and it was lovely to have my own identity.
  • “And for people to look at me when I said I was a traitor and go “oh my god”, it can really be a 50-plus woman who can play this role.”
  • Lovett took on a motherly role to many of her fellow contestants, revealing she decided to go for the “mother them and murder them” approach in an attempt to win the game.
  • She told PA : “We all think of mums as just ‘they’ve been there, done that, they’ve settled down and have got nothing else to give life’.
  • “But I think when you go over 50 and your children start growing up, that’s the time to embrace life.

“Use all your experiences through life and the confidence you’ve gained and put that and generate that into the direction you want to go.” Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial Despite being unveiled as one of the deceitful traitors chosen by Winkleman at the beginning of the series, Lovett revealed she has remained close to her fellow contestants and is planning a holiday with eliminated “faithful” Theo Mayne next year.

  1. Reflecting on grappling with her conscience as a traitor, Lovett added: “That was the thing, I was so upset that I was upsetting them, so I think you can see me fading a bit towards the end.”
  2. The Traitors is available in full on BBC iPlayer.
  3. Additional reporting from PA

: The Traitors star says game show has given her identity back

Can The Traitors win the money?

Faithfuls Vs Traitors – Amongst the contestants are Faithfuls and Traitors. The Traitors are selected at the beginning of the season, and it’s their job to hide in plain sight, sabotaging the Faithfuls as they go. They have to be deceptive, lie to everyone’s faces, and stay under the radar, masquerading as Faithfuls.

  1. This year, the Traitors are Ash, Blake and Sam, but there’s also the possibility that one of the Faithfuls will be recruited to the dark side over the course of the season.
  2. Meanwhile, the Faithfuls’ job is to figure out who the Traitors are.
  3. This is important, because if a Traitor makes it to the end, they automatically win the entire prize themselves.

On the other hand, if two Faithfuls make it to the end, the winner is presented with a choice. They can either split the silver with their fellow Faithful finalist, or take the whole prize for themselves.

Does Kate leave Traitors?

Kate Chastain made her mark on Peacock’s new reality competition show The Traitors, but the Below Deck star revealed that she got to a point where she was ready to go home. Kate was heavily suspected as a traitor throughout the game, and despite receiving votes in almost every round, she was able to make it all the way to The Traitors season 1 finale.

Ate ultimately became the last person voted out but not before she stirred up some drama throughout the Scottish castle. Below Deck ‘s Kate Chastain’s annoyance with the game and her fellow competitors reached a boiling point when Kate sabotaged a mission, throwing thousands of dollars away from the group pot.

Kate told Vanity Fair, “It was clear that I was never going to see that prize money.I certainly don’t love physical exertion to earn other people money.” Kate also claimed that the conditions of.

1/23/2023by Connor Dunn

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Does Cody get voted off Traitors

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The Traitors – The Mask Is Slipping / Cabins in the Woods Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 Editor’s Rating 4 stars Photo: PEACOCK/PEACOCK It finally happened. The faithfuls have finally found a traitor, and it was our dearly departed Cody. Maybe it was the editing between the last episode and this episode, but it looks like Cirie was the one who finally turned on him, and that sealed Cody’s vote.

  1. What is so genius about Cirie is that twice she tells Cody in code why she is voting for him.
  2. When she places her slate with Cody’s name in its tiny easel (really, we couldn’t find a more high-tech solution?), she says, “We’ve been getting it wrong, and sometimes you need your team to steer you in the right direction.” She is telling Cody, “They’re all voting for you, and I have to if I want to keep playing the most masterful game that reality television has ever seen.” After Cody’s teary elimination, where all the players hug him on the way out (the U.K.

version would never!), he says in an exit interview that Cirie is teaching future traitors how to play the game. He is absolutely correct. Everyone loves her, everyone trusts her, and the only person to have her name in their mouth (Brandi) was eliminated early on.

There is a great moment when Shelbe, feeling isolated from everyone, is sitting on her own, feeling sad. Cirie comes over and tells her not to separate herself from the group. Shelbe mentions how much she misses her daughter, and Cirie tells her about when she played Survivor the first time her child was 5 and how much she missed them.

The empathy! The camaraderie! Two smart, Black women bonding over a stupid game. We love seeing it, which is why Cirie better win this whole damn prize pot. The traitors’ job should get more challenging as the game progresses because there are fewer places to hide.

  1. The problem with the game, though, at least how everyone is playing it in this iteration, is that it rewards bad players.
  2. If someone is too intelligent or intuitive (like, say, Kyle or Brandi) and ends up headed in the right direction, either the Traitors murder them, or they sway the group to banish them.
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Who, among the Faithful, are we left with? A bunch of bad players. Andie hasn’t had a theory or opinion the entire game. Shelbe is too stoic to do just about anything. Arie’s only skill is to find the shield somehow every time in the armory. Kate and Rachel are so blinded by their hatred for each other that they can’t see straight.

  • What else would explain Rachel choosing those outfits voluntarily?) And Quentin.
  • Oh, sweet, handsome Quentin.
  • They say that a broken clock is right twice a day; well, Quentin is a clock that no one turned forward for daylight saving time because he has yet to be right even once.
  • Right before Cody reveals that he’s a traitor, Quentin gives this whole speech about how Cody was never on his radar, and he totally trusts him.

This is after the votes have been cast and can’t be changed; why put himself out there like this? Does he want to bro down with a member of the Big Brother cast? What is wrong with him? After Cody’s banishment, Stephenie (the only competent person left in the game) decides that the other traitors must be Kate and Shelbe because they didn’t vote against Cody.

Arie is also onto Shelbe because he thinks she didn’t react enough to Cody being a traitor. Um, why is no one bringing up Quentin? I know he’s not a Traitor, but there is no more Traitor-like behavior than literally saying how trustworthy a Traitor is while he’s going out the door. That night, the two remaining traitor meet, and you know Cirie thought to herself, “Now I am stuck with just this yahoo; Jesus take the wheel.” They can only choose between the three on trial — Kate, Rachel, and a blond ghost who is but a wisp of wind.

Kate is the only one who doesn’t have a chance at the shield, so, though it is risky, they want to keep Kate because they think her survival will make her look even more like a traitor. With that, Cirie and Christian put on their Ghostbusters Brand Proton Packs, shoot a blond ghost full of paranormal energy, throw a yellow and black trap underneath her, and suck her into a containment unit, rendering the castle entirely free of ghosts.

Good-bye, ghost. Never bothered to learn your name or where your accent was from. But wait! The castle is still crawling with ghosts, and Alan Cumming calls everyone to his billiards room, where someone has been disturbing his enormous brooch collection. It is the ghosts of past players, and it’s some challenge — everyone is awful at it.

After the challenge, suspicion continues to grow about Shelbe. She and Kate say there is a clique of the other players they are outside of, and they know they won’t vote for each other, so they suspect the next banishment will be one of them. When they get to the round table, Rachel asks Shelbe to say why she’s definitely a faithful.

Shelbe brings up an excellent point that Geraldine (which Rachel still spells Jerryallendeal), Michael, and Kyle all couldn’t convince the group that they weren’t traitors once suspicion landed on them. There’s nothing she can say. She’s right. This game is confounding because there is no way to prove one way or another that you’re innocent.

As they go around the table all voting for Shelbe, they’re like, “You’re such a good traitor,” but when she reveals she’s a faithful, they should all question what they think makes a good traitor because they obviously aren’t seeing it at all. Kate tells them, “Just because you’re not part of the clique doesn’t mean you’re a traitor.” Kate continues to go hard at the firepit.

When Quentin says he feels awful, Kate says, “You should. You sent home a single mother.” Arie tells Kate that she is a cancer in the group, and she says, “What about the traitors who are murdering you and taking your money.” The group then gets up and goes inside, and Kate asks, “Is it something I said?” She is a gift, our Kate.

An absolute pleasure. Put her on every show. Make her the new host of Jeopardy! Give her a seat on The View, Make her the new CEO of Twitter. Her best line, though, is at the next challenge, which was basically an escape room where everyone got bugs dumped on them.

  1. Alan Cumming, using a scarf as an ascot, leads them to cabins in the woods, and Rachel says, “I filmed a horror movie at a creepy cabin in the woods.” Kate immediately asks, “Was it your honeymoon?” I mean, come on! We don’t even deserve this.
  2. Before we can get to the challenge, the traitors have a big challenge.

Alan Cumming tells them that they have to recruit one of the faithful to become a traitor, but that person can decline their invitation. Cirie and Christian choose Arie, who they think is the only one dumb enough to join their team. He agrees, and we are once again three traitors deep.

But Arie hasn’t proven himself especially adept or crafty at the game so far. Maybe he can keep it up. The one thing the traitors need to plan for is how to explain in the morning why there was no murder. Arie, of course, won the shield. I can’t believe they didn’t say, “Oh, I had the shield; they must have tried to murder me and missed.” That way, we know he is a faithful because otherwise, the traitors wouldn’t have tried to murder him.

Instead, they don’t do this, and Christian, because he has the subtle gameplay of a monster-truck driver, tells everyone that he was recruited by the traitors and said no. He thinks this will make him look like a faithful, but before the sentence is even out of his mouth, Stephenie throws down her stale scone and shouts, “J’accuse! traitor!” Well, not really, but just about.

Cirie is also pissed because, once again, Christian is doing the most, and it will blow up her game. I hope Cirie realizes that, in the end, she wants to be the only traitor standing. It’s just a question of when she should cut Christian loose, and it seems like she is sharpening her scissors. After breakfast, Quentin comes after Rachel so hard you think he and Kate swapped bodies like this is Freaky Friday but in Scotland.

Cirie does the same thing that she did with Kyle; she goes to Rachel, tells her that everyone is talking her up, and then lets Rachel destroy herself. Rachel starts going to everyone, asking how she can prove she’s a faithful, which just makes her look more suspicious.

  • It’s genius when Cirie gets to look like she’s a friend, gathering trust, but she is just leading faithfuls right out the door.
  • We have the scary bug cabin challenge, which Cirie says is the worst day of her life.
  • Here is a woman who has starved herself on a desert island multiple times, and this is worse? Damn, she must really hate those bugs.

Both groups get out and win $35,000 for the prize pot. In the car back to the castle, Stephenie says that Christian has been a traitor all along. Duh! Brandi has been saying that since day one. Same with Kate, who then forgot about it because she wanted to set everything in Rachel’s suitcase on fire.

Christian says that Rachel and Stephenie are onto him, so he needs Rachel to get banished, and then they can murder Stephenie. At the round table, everyone goes in on Rachel, especially Kate, of course. She says that Rachel lied and deceived on Big Brother, and she’s doing it again here. Also, when Cody calls her “cutthroat” right before his elimination, she thinks that means that they were both traitors and that Cody said that because she was cutting loose one of her own.

I mean, as good a theory as any, really, here on Idiot Mole, That Rachel has said multiple times that it’s just a game and doesn’t take it personally convinces some others it has to be her. The irony is that no one has taken it as personally as Rachel, pleading for her life even as each vote is cast.

Sister, your death warrant has been signed, and you’re already dressed like Ms. Frizzle. Don’t make yourself look even worse as you go to the circle and tell everyone you’re Faithful. Kate is shocked that she has been wrong this whole time, but, as she said in her speech, she doesn’t really care because she finds Rachel offensive.

Give her all the reality television awards possible because I love Kate, I love that we are torturing her for our amusement, and I love that she might win! After Rachel is gone, everyone seems to have a moment of clarity. Kate, Stephenie, and Andie all conclude that it has to be Christian.

Asked By: Brandon Clark Date: created: Mar 28 2023

Did Cody know Ryan before Traitors

Answered By: Oswald Patterson Date: created: Mar 29 2023

‘Big Brother’ Winner Cody Calafiore Admits He ‘Struggled’ While Filming ‘The Traitors’: ‘I Was Just Completely Losing It’ Cody Calafiore has played multiple seasons of Big Brother – even winning the all-star edition of the long-running CBS series – but he calls his appearance on Peacock’s latest competition show, The Traitors, the “hardest thing probably ever done.” The New Jersey native was picked to be a traitor alongside Survivor legend Cirie Fields and Army veteran Christian de la Torre, a role he was excited about at first.

  1. If I want to have an opportunity to win, the best opportunity to win was probably being a traitor,” Cody exclusively tells Us Weekly.
  2. This isn’t a game where you can go and win a competition.
  3. You could form alliances and then if your alliance wins a competition, you’re kind of safe.
  4. But, not really, you know? I was kind of trying to wrap my head around how I can equate this to Big Brother.” He admits to underestimating just how much “being a traitor was gonna weigh on me,” adding, “I just could never have calculated that.” Cody Calafiore on ‘The Traitors.’ PEACOCK Cody says he bonded with other players, but it was clear that the “faithfuls” were bringing morality into the game as they tried to suss out who was lying.

“I wasn’t even myself right from the start. And it all started very early on after the first murder,” Cody explains. “That weighing of, ‘Everybody thinks you’re a low life.’ I was like, ‘Man, this is not what I’m used to.’ Like, you don’t make a decision in Big Brother and somebody goes home and everybody’s like, ‘Man, oh man, that is horrible.

How could they do that?’ In Big Brother, there’s a group of people that know ultimately the decision that’s being made. So you’re doing it together as a group. This didn’t feel like that.” Cody says he knows guilt “was written on my face,” adding, “So many people after the fact were like, ‘Oh, everybody saw you struggling, but nobody really questioned you because you were likable.’ And then all of a sudden stuff started happening because I really started completely losing it.

Like, I was just completely losing it.” One of the actor’s critical mistakes seemed to be when he told Summer House star Kyle Cooke that Olympian Ryan Lochte – who had just been murdered by himself and the other traitors – wanted him out. “I just slipped up because I was just losing it,” Cody tells Us, adding that Kyle “was super strategic” and more of a player than even what viewers saw.

  • He’s an entrepreneur.
  • He’s a businessman.
  • He’s intelligent.
  • There’s so much more to Kyle.
  • And it was starting to come out on The Traitors because he was strategically trying to figure it out.
  • He wasn’t just there to have a good time.
  • He was getting pissed off that he couldn’t figure out who the traitors were.

I should’ve known that beforehand, but I was close with Kyle, so we were talking a lot. So it was just word vomit. That’s why I say if I was sitting next to anybody else, I wouldn’t have word-vomited like that. I was comfortable with Kyle.” PEACOCK Prior to that, tensions also seemed high among the traitors when Cirie accused Cody of knowing and having a friendship with Ryan outside the game.

“Never spoke to him. Never met him before,” Cody tells Us. “Don’t know where I would’ve ran into Ryan Lochte, the Olympian. I mean, I guess people could, maybe, say because Ryan was on Big Brother. I didn’t even think of that. And so when that was thrown at me immediately, I was very defensive. Because I was like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ I was like, ‘That’s not true when you’re believing somebody outside of our turret.'” He adds, “And to me, it was a manipulation strategy.

I was like, ‘She wants to get her way. This is her way of trying to do it.’ I was like, ‘OK, you can have this one.’ But at that point, I was like, ‘I’m done. I don’t wanna work with either of you.'” After that conversation in the turret, “There was no more trust with her,” Cody explains.

Cirie wasn’t questioned by anybody because not a lot of people in the house watch Survivor and nobody really was like, ‘Oh, Cirie could be a traitor.’ It was always, ‘Cody could be a traitor. Cody’s definitely a traitor.'” Despite their brief tension, Cody says Cirie – who went on to win – “played the game exactly how you had to play.” “It’s like a script,” he says.

“It’s like when you watch these other shows, you try to emulate how other people played the game. Cirie went in, she didn’t say anything. She barely said anything in the traitors turret. She just would be like, ‘OK, I’m gonna observe. I’m gonna observe.’ And that’s obviously the rule when you go and play these shows.

You don’t wanna be too reserved, but you don’t wanna be talking more than other people are talking because that always draws attention. And Cirie did it masterfully. She was a beast. I didn’t hold any resentment – even though in that situation it seemed kind of tense between the two of us – there was zero resentment.” Cody Calafiore, Cirie Fields, Amanda Clark, and Quentin Jiles on ‘The Traitors.’ Euan Cherry/Peacock Cody is still wrapping his head around the experience: “When you’re going through this, it’s not losing that bothers me.

I’m a winner. I like winning, but losing doesn’t make me immediately go, ‘experience ruined.’ It’s the struggle of this one was watching it back, knowing how bad I struggled each day there. There’s stuff that I really can’t mention, but I was struggling.” “Why was this so hard on me? Why was I struggling every night? Why couldn’t I sleep?” he wonders.

  • I would wake up with knots in my stomach.
  • I was like, ‘What was going on in my head that was going through the rest of my body?’ I was like, ‘I need to figure this out.
  • I need to talk to somebody about this.’ There were obviously struggles on Big Brother, like, there were people that I nominated that I just didn’t want to, and that hurt.
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But I got over it. I couldn’t get over this.” As for his future on reality TV, Cody tells Us, “It really depends. It depends on the circumstance.” He also wants to start a family with his fiancée, Cristie LaRatta. “I want to get married. I want to have a family. : ‘Big Brother’ Winner Cody Calafiore Admits He ‘Struggled’ While Filming ‘The Traitors’: ‘I Was Just Completely Losing It’

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What is Alex traitors full name

Answered By: Brian Lee Date: created: Jul 11 2023

ALEX GRAY ✰ The Traitors (@alexogray) Instagram photos and videos.

Asked By: Jesus Sanchez Date: created: Jul 06 2023

Who wins traitor UK

Answered By: John Davis Date: created: Jul 07 2023

It is the series that has gripped the nation, launched countless WhatsApp groups discussing the latest antics taking place at Ardross castle and trended on Twitter for every episode. Over the last four weeks and twelve episodes, 22 strangers have played the ultimate game of detection, backstabbing and trust, in the hope of winning up to £120,000.

Now, after a series filled with more twists and turns than any other show in recent memory, the victorious final three – Aaron, Hannah and Meryl – will take home their share of the £101,050 prize pot. After a final spectacular mission involving jumping out of helicopters, speedboats and wild boar it was The Faithful who managed to win this game.

Viewers were treated to the most dramatic round table to date as the other finalists turned on Kieran and banished him, but he left a parting clue for The Faithful by dramatically voting for fellow Traitor Wilfred. Kieran’s gameplay made the others suspect there was still a Traitor in their midst and around an emotionally-charged firepit they banished Wilfred from the game.

Asked By: Devin Jones Date: created: Jul 12 2023

Why did Alex leave The Traitors

Answered By: Lawrence Morgan Date: created: Jul 13 2023

The cloak-and-dagger drama continued on The Traitors last night (15th December), with fan-favourite Alex becoming the latest contestant to be killed off by the titular saboteurs. Alex’s elimination wasn’t a huge shock to viewers considering she’d turned down the chance to join the Traitors in Tuesday’s episode – however, the reality star has revealed her one regret from her time on the show, and surprisingly, it’s not choosing to be a Faithful. Alex declining the Traitors’ invitation to join them on The Traitors. BBC “By that point, I was so tired. I can’t express to you the exhaustion. You know when your phone goes red in the battery section – that’s what I was on. It was like I was getting 10 per cent battery alerts in my brain.

“So it just wasn’t going to be possible and I wasn’t capable of changing my persona that deep in the game to be able to embody the role of traitor unfortunately.” However, Alex said that she does wish she’d kept the Traitors’ offer under wraps instead of telling the rest of the group. “The only thing I do wish that I had done was not told anyone that I received the letter and received the recruitment, because then I could have played it a bit smarter,” she explained.

“But like I said, I’m running on so little brain capacity, I just didn’t even know what to do. It was like my neurons just weren’t firing and connecting synapses properly. My brain was like mush.” By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy,

  • You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • The number of contestants still in the game has halved since the show started with five murdered, six banished and just two Traitors remaining.
  • Tonight’s episode will pick up after last night’s dinner party, with the BBC teasing: “With one player already regretting their actions, and relationships tested, accusations quickly start to rise.” The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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Is Alex still in The Traitors

Answered By: Ian Robinson Date: created: Mar 04 2024

Alex of The Traitors couple on behind-the-scenes secrets and what happened next

  • One half of the ‘secret’ couple from The Traitors has revealed she turned down Love Island – because it’s more about “prancing around in a bikini”.
  • Alex Gray, 27, and Tom Elderfield, 24, rocked BBC show when they revealed their secret relationship to fellow contestants.
  • They entered the show pretending they were strangers – but Tom told all in a bid to convince fellow ‘faithfuls’ they were legit.
  • Alex has said she totally “tuned out” when Tom surprised her with the admission – and they are still together.
  • The presenter has revealed she took part in the show after turning down the chance to appear on Love Island.
  • Alex, from north west London, said: “That kind of genre of reality show where it is more about prancing around in a bikini and falling in love with other contestants, that wasn’t for me.
  • “I’d always kind of shunned it and turned away from doing reality until I saw that the BBC were doing their first ever proper reality show.
  • “I liked the fact that it was with the BBC and the idea that it wasn’t about looks, it wasn’t about falling in love – these kinds of boring formats have been done over and over again.

Tom Elderfield, 24 and Alex Gray, 27

  1. “This was something new – something exciting.
  2. “Before I knew it, I sent off my application almost in vain thinking nothing was going to happen.
  3. “Then, before I know, I’m kind of being buried alive by Claudia Winkleman in the Scottish Highlands.”
  4. Magician Tom and Alex decided to keep their relationship secret because they believed it would harm their chances of winning.
  5. But Tom broke down and confessed all.
  6. Recalling the scenes in the show, Alex said: “I just saw black.
  7. “I just completely tuned out of the room at that moment in time and I was like ‘ok, oh my god, this is happening.’
  8. “I was thinking about how I could salvage this moment because all that I was getting at that time was hatred from the rest of the cast.
  9. “I honestly just felt like I just had to kind of block out everything just to protect myself because there was a lot that was being said.
  10. “There was a lot of energy, there was a lot of crying and lots of hysterics.
  11. “I was shocked that everyone was reacting that way.”
  12. Alex also feared Tom’s announcement would jeopardise her time in the game but said it ultimately ended up saving her.
  13. Alex said: “Nobody would have ever clicked on to the fact we were a couple.
  14. “I think it would have come out at some point for us to leave the game.
  15. “In terms of my survival, I think at that moment in time, I had a one in three chance of being murdered because it was me, Ivan and John up for trial.
  16. “On top of that, as a group, we collectively assumed as a group that one of the three must have been a traitor.
  17. “No one was going to vote for John because he was assumed to be faithful – people were right in assuming that – so that left it at 50/50 between me and Ivan.
  18. “If I hadn’t survived the round table I would have been murdered, so the fact that I survived the round table and I had so much heat on me and suspicion on me it, therefore, meant that I survived.
  19. “In a weird way, it did actually help me, as I think I could have been a goner that night.”
  20. Alex said that it was difficult at the round table discussions seeing people accuse Tom of being a ‘traitor’ and knowing he wasn’t.
  21. She said: “A lot of people had some really dumb theories and it got quite personal and mean for no reason.
  22. “For that reason, it was really difficult to sit there and listen to people chat a lot of sh*t about Tom.

Alex Gray

  • “That is why the one and only time I actually broke down and cried was when Tom got banished because it was so horrible seeing someone you love get attacked like that.
  • “At that round table where Tom got banished, everyone was hell-bent on voting for him.
  • “Also, he kind of did shoot himself in the foot by saying ‘if I am wrong about Ivan then vote me out tomorrow night’ it was like, well, you literally did invite everyone to vote for you – it is a game of survival.”
  • Alex said the loved the escapism element of the show.
  • She said: “You cannot replicate that in real life – the fact that we would be the first original cast to get to do that and be in the Highlands.
  • “Yeah it was traumatic, it was stressful, and it was exhausting and you know, we all did struggle.
  • “When we would go off into the Highlands for our challenges, it was like ‘oh my god’ this is so magical’ – we are all trauma bonded together.
  • “I loved the escapism from reality for those two to three weeks.
  • “It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t think about everyday life.
  • “I didn’t once think about the problems and worries that I had before going in.
  • “I was fully immersed and we were all so fully immersed in this Traitors world.”
  • Since leaving the show, Alex said she is still in touch with many members of the cast.
  • She said: “A lot of us are really close – we’ll chat every day.
  • “We’ll have video calls here and there, but obviously, there were so many of us, it would be unrealistic to assume that we’re all best buddies – especially in a show where the casting process is specifically tailored towards pitting people against each other.
  • “In an ideal world, we would all be best buddies and gallivanting around, visiting the Highlands again for good old times sake, but no, of course, there are some people who nobody is that close to.”

: Alex of The Traitors couple on behind-the-scenes secrets and what happened next

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Who was banished traitors

Answered By: Landon Williams Date: created: Jul 18 2024

In scenes that shocked fans of the show, Wilfred orchestrated the banishment of his fellow Traitor Amanda – previously the favourite to win the show.

Asked By: Jordan Rodriguez Date: created: Apr 23 2023

Does Maddie get banished

Answered By: Daniel White Date: created: Apr 25 2023

The Traitors star Maddy Smedley has revealed the tell-all signs which proved to her Wilfred Webster was not a Faithful. Actress and care home worker Maddy got banished from the Scottish castle during Wednesday’s (December 22) episode of the BBC One series. The Traitors star Maddy Smedley has revealed the tell-all signs which proved to her Wilfred Webster was not a Faithful. (Image: BBC) Traitors Wilfred Webster, Kieran Tompsett are in the chance of stealing the prize money from Faithfuls Aaron Evans, Hannah Byczkowski, Meryl Williams. Wilfred has made the final despite being a Traitor from day one (Image: Channel 4) “The other one was our snack bags. I used to have cereal and stuff in mine but in his had Peperami sticks and loads of meats and I was like it’s because he’s been up all night murdering that he needs more protein. Maddy admitted that she was “ready” to leave the castle (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Mark Mainz) The TV star explained: “I was probably ready to leave and actually I’m not that fussed. “It will be nice now watching it and relax. “It was a little bit traumatic at times but other than that I enjoyed trying to solve the case.

“I feltl like I was part time FBI. I’d get these epiphanies and wake up at like 4am and think about it.” There’s MUCH more where that came from! Want all the jaw-dropping stories from the world of showbiz and up to the minute news from TV and soaps? Well, we’ve got you covered with our showbiz, TV and soaps newsletters – they’ll drop straight into your inbox and you can unsubscribe whenever you like.

We’ll bring you the inside track from telly expert Ed Gleave and soap specialist Sasha Morris. Oh, and your daily fix of Piers, Katie Price, Demi Rose and all your other Daily Star favs. You can sign up here – you won’t regret it. Five contestants remaining and Maddy has revealed who she’d like to be crowned winner.

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