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Who won on The Traitors

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Winning $250,000 (£200,000) would usually be a cause for celebration. But for The Traitors US winner, the prize came with a huge downside – lying to their friends to get it. The following contains SPOILERS for The Traitors US. The Traitors US (hosted by Alan Cumming ) sees contestants head to a remote Scottish castle.

  1. Three contestants (Cirie Fields, Christian De La Torre and Cody Calafiore) became ‘Traitors’, whose job is to ‘murder’ fellow contestants nightly.
  2. The remaining cast are ‘Faithfuls’, whose job is to deduce who the Traitors are and banish them.
  3. If the Faithfuls win, they split the money.
  4. If Cirie, Christian or Cody win, they get to keep the cash themselves.

Unlike the UK version of the reality show, which aired on the BBC in late 2022, The Traitors US final (airing now on BBC Three and on Peacock in the US) saw a Traitor win the game. For winner Cirie Fields, that meant leaving her two closest allies Quentin Jiles and Andie Vanacore with nothing.

Who won the traitors UK spoiler?

The Traitors results – Going into the final episode, two Traitors, Wilfred and Kieran remained in the game together with Faithfuls Meryl, Hannah and Aaron, Host Claudia Winkleman told the group they had one final chance to vote out any contestants they felt were Traitors.

If only Faithfuls remained, they would share the prize. If a Traitor remained undetected, they would steal the cash. In a first vote off, the group decided to eliminate Kieran who revealed he was a Traitor. The group then voted to eliminate Wilf who revealed he was a Traitor. The remaining trio then voted to end the game.

As they were all Faithfuls, Meryl, Hannah and Aaron won the game and shared the total prize fund of £101,050. Speaking about his victory, Aaron said: “I think it still hasn’t sunk in yet, but when I go back home and get back to normal it will probably sink in.” Hannah added: “I felt like a complete and utter intruder.

  1. Like someone had got it wrong.
  2. Like someone was going to turn round any second and say no, sorry we messed it up, it’s not you! It literally felt like someone in that moment had just said all my dreams had come true.
  3. It was like someone had said ‘okay, you can do whatever you want to do.'” And Meryl reacted: “I think I might be the first person with my condition to win a reality show which I’m so delighted about.

Overall, I can’t believe it. I still genuinely can’t believe it. I feel very grateful. I feel ecstatic. It feels very surreal. I never in a million years thought I was going to win the show. I never went in there to win the show. I went in there for new experiences, to meet everyone.

Who wins season 1 traitors UK?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains the name and details of the winner of The Traitors Season 1. Peacock dropped all 10 episodes of the first season of The Traitors on January 12. The show based on a Dutch format called De Verraders and whose BBC One adaptation was a hit in England has crowned its first winner.

  • Since all episodes were made available at once, some viewers might just be starting to watch the show, others are close to finishing, and some have yet to discover it.
  • This is your last warning because ahead, we will reveal the winner of the first season.
  • After reality stars and regular civilians came together for the chance to win a cash prize of up to 250,000, the winner of the first season of The Traitors was Cirie Fields,

Fields, who is best known to reality show lovers for her multiple appearances on Survivor, was the ultimate traitor of the season.

1/29/2023by Armando Tinoco Deadline Film + TV

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What happened in the final of The Traitors UK

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The Traitors finale review – so thrilling your heart won’t stop hammering in your chest A s the old saying goes: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It’s an idiom that perfectly sums up the finale of The Traitors, the nail-bitingly tense reality gameshow that has, if you’re anything like me, dominated every conversation and group chat for the past four weeks.

Following 12 gloriously twisted episodes – and an extended insight into Claudia Winkleman’s collection of tweed jackets and oversized knitwear – the 22 contestants have been slimmed down until only five remain. Over that time, some of the Faithful have fallen victim to the murderous Traitors, who have whittled down the number with surprising ease (looking at you Amanda), while others were banished by the group via the psychologically torturous roundtable eliminations.

There’s been back-stabbing (mainly from Wilf), wild revelations (Alex and Tom’s relationship drama), savagery and paranoia, and enough tears to power a waterworks. Honestly, just thinking about it all makes me want to lie down. Of course, the final episode ramps up the heat even further.

After Wilf turned on his fellow Traitor Amanda, he gave solutions consultant Kieran a choice: join him as a Traitor or be murdered. Stuck between a rock and a nearly £100,000 prize fund, Kieran, naturally, joined the Traitors. Then the stress really kicked in. With so few contestants left, and Wilf’s treacherous and duplicitous history, Kieran began to crack almost immediately.

He rallied (just) while the others banished Maddy, but within 10 minutes of the final episode his precarious position is clearly weighing on his mind. Rightly so: Wilf, whose cloak-and-dagger skills deserve to see him invited for a job at MI6, realises his best bet at winning is to expose Kieran as a Traitor so the remaining Faithful all believe he’s one of them. Shocker after shocker! The Traitors. Photograph: Paul Chappells/BBC/Studio Lambert Associates Before the accusations, nonsensical deductions and stomach-churning eliminations, though, the finalists must work as a team for the last challenge of the series and top up their prize pot by an appetising £20,000.

The mission, a heart-pounding treasure hunt around a Scottish loch (of course), involves two people jumping out of a helicopter, a hurtling speedboat, riddles, digging in sand and someone shouting into a tiny megaphone. It would be thrilling stuff for any gameshow, but it’s made even more tantalising given that the group’s camaraderie will soon be punctured by betrayal.

And what a betrayal it is. Back at the castle, Wilf sets things in motion, slithering between the remaining Faithful to plant his seeds of doubt. Unlike previous Traitors, though, Kieran has clocked that his time is nigh. It leaves the debate around the final roundtable a little lacking, as groupthink once again sees the pack pick off the weakest link.

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Despite Claudia’s best efforts to crank up the drama, Kieran is ready to fall on his sword – as Hannah says to him at one point: “You look like you’re about to explode with guilt.” Who that guilt is for, however, turns out to be less clear as – shocker! – Kieran turns the finger back at Wilf, voting for him at the roundtable as a “parting gift” before his elimination.

It’s a power move so malicious and jaw-dropping you can’t help but feel it’s comeuppance for Wilf’s sheer deceitfulness. Even better, it rattles the 28-year-old’s resolve so much that, after playing such a solid game, the pressure threatens to bubble over.

How exactly it then plays out, I won’t spoil here, but let me just say that I was gooped and gagged right up to the last moments. It’s a chest-hammering conclusion, chaotically entertaining and fraught with drama until its final breath. And of course, there are tears – so many tears – this time even from Claudia.

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How do The Traitors win?

Format – 22 strangers arrive at a castle in the Scottish Highlands as “Faithful” contestants – hoping to share a prize fund worth up to £120,000. Among them are the “Traitors” – a group of contestants selected by host Claudia Winkleman on the first day, whose goal is to eliminate the Faithfuls and claim the prize for themselves.

  • Should the Faithful contestants eliminate all the Traitors, they will share the prize fund, but if any Traitors make it to the end, they win the money instead.
  • Each night, the Traitors come together and decide upon one Faithful contestant to “murder” – and that person will leave the game immediately.

The remaining Faithful contestants will not know who has been eliminated until the following day when that person does not enter the Castle for breakfast. The group then take part in a mission to win money for the prize fund. Some challenges will also offer an opportunity for players to visit the Armoury – during which one player will randomly and secretly be awarded the Shield – which awards the player immunity from being Murdered, but not from the Banishment Vote.

An attempted murder on the shield holder will result in no player being eliminated by Murder. At the end of each day, the players will participate in a Round Table, where the players discuss who to vote out before individually voting for a player to be banished. Players cast their votes privately before revealing their votes in turn to everyone once all votes are locked-in, and may give a brief rationale for the vote.

The person who received the most votes for banishment is banished from the game and must reveal their affiliation. If a Traitor is eliminated, the remaining Traitors may be given the option to recruit a Faithful to join them. If the Faithful accepts, they become a Traitor from that point on.

Does The Traitors finish tonight?

What time is The Traitors final on tonight? – The finale – episode 12 of The Traitors – will be airing on Thursday 22nd December on BBC One at 9pm. The show has been running for close to a month, and although it’s not known whether it will return for a second series it might be expected to come back for another season considering its popularity.

Who leaves The Traitors episode 4?

Episode 4 – The Traitors had to choose three players to put on trial, selecting Ivan, Alex and John, They were told they would later have to pick one to murder. The third contestant voted off by the group was Ivan who revealed he was a Faithful.

What is Kieran from The Traitors doing now?

Kieran Tompsett is a leading consultant who recently rose to mainstream prominence as a star on the hit BBC show The Traitors, He is considered The Game Changer in the series after his ‘Parting Gift’ comment resulted in the exposure of Traitor Wilf. Highly sought after for his profound business expertise, in his speaking engagements, Kieran also shares anecdotes of his struggles with mental health and PTSD, offering advice on overcoming trauma, men’s mental health and suicide.

Beginning his career in sales with Antalis, Kieran joined Forum Events Ltd as an Event Sales Manager before becoming Senior Event Sales Manager and Senior Event Sales Manager. He then joined Media 10 Ltd as a Conference Sponsorship Sales Manager, leading the sales team of a brand-new conference division and being responsible for all sponsorship revenue streams.

In 2018, Kieran landed the role of National Business Development Manager at MISL Limited, managing all aspects of business development and the sales cycle across multiple functions. Joining Elite Document Solutions Ltd as a Solutions Consultant SaaS, Kieran was responsible for new and existing business.

In 2022, he became a Senior Solutions Consultant SaaS DocuWare & IT Services at Vision plc, Outside his vast business expertise, Kieran is also heavily involved in anti-knife campaigns, teaching people how to stay safe after he became the victim of knife crime. Reality TV star, foremost business consultant and victim of knife crime, Kieran is a multifaceted speaker.

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Covering a range of topics, he speaks about his time on the show The Traitors, his near-death experience after being a knife crime victim and how to achieve business success. He also candidly shares his experience with PTSD and mental health struggles, revealing his insight into men’s mental health and suicide.

What did Kieran do in traitors?

The Traitors Star Kieran Tompsett Speaks Out Over ‘Cheating’ Claims: ‘We Know The Rules’ star Kieran Tompsett has addressed claims that he cheated in the final show after some viewers accused him of bending the rules. During, Kieran dropped a huge clue as leading Faithfuls Aaron Evans, Meryl Williams and Hannah Byczkowski decided who to vote off.

Just days before, Traitor Wilf Webster recruited Kieran in a bid to help him steal the £101,050 jackpot. Ultimately, Wilf planted the seed that Kieran was a Traitor ahead of the final roundtable, which led to Kieran gifting the Faithfuls with a “parting gift” when he unveiled Wilfred’s name on his board.

Some fans thought the move was outside the rules of the game and accused Kieran of “cheating” after it led to Hannah and Aaron sussing that Wilf was the final Traitor. The BBC even issued a statement afterwards, insisting that Kieran did not breach any rules. “I only decided I was going to plant a seed about Wilf’s true identity 30 minutes before the roundtable, and those words only came to me as I was sitting there,” Kieran said. “I had to be really careful what I said within the parameters of the rules. “It was like a grenade drop, and the rest was down to them.

  • If they didn’t get it after that, then they were on their own.” He continued: “If it was cheating, it would have been stopped there and then, it wouldn’t have made it to the cut six months after it was made.
  • People say I broke the rules, there are only 22 players that have ever played the game The Traitors: we know the rules, we know the parameters and how they’re set.

“You can openly sit at that table like Wilf did and say it’s Amanda or Alyssa, I can stand up and say Wilf I think you’re a Traitor for XY reasons, I can say that. “What you can’t do is go, I know Wilf’s a Traitor because I’m a Traitor. That’s breaching the code, so apart from that you can plant seeds.” Kieran went on to insist that he and Wilf have remained close friends since the show’s dramatic final. The Traitors finalists (clockwise from top) Aaron, Hannah, Kieran, Meryl and Wilfred with host, Claudia Winkleman (front centre). Meryl, Hannah and Aaron were eventually crowned the winners after they successfully managed to root out Traitors Kieran and Wilfred to win £101,050 in the high-stakes final episode.

After he was outed as a Traitor, Wilf said: “I literally just lost over a hundred grand to these three amazing people and I’m really, really happy that they are happy. The pressure is gone, the money is gone. It doesn’t matter, I’m happy. I’ve enjoyed my time.” The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

: The Traitors Star Kieran Tompsett Speaks Out Over ‘Cheating’ Claims: ‘We Know The Rules’

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Did Wilf Traitors get any money

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Wilfred Webster came close to winning the whole prize pot during the finale of The Traitors after he claimed to be a Faithful, but some viewers branded him ‘fake’ this evening (Thursday, December 22). The 28-year-old senior charity fundraiser swore blind to Hannah Byczkowski, Aaron Evans, and Meryl William that he wasn’t a Traitor in hopes of taking all of the £103,000 cash prize home for himself.

However, his fellow Traitor Kieran dropped Wilf in it when he was banished from the castle and left cryptic clues for the Faithfuls. Wilf then pleaded with his fellow contestants that he was on the same team as them before Hannah and Aaron chose to vote him out of the game. Hannah, Aaron, and Meryl were gobsmacked to learn Wilf was a traitor as he told the Faithfuls he loved them all, despite lying to try and win the prize.

READ MORE: The Traitors fans shocked at big change in Claudia Winkleman’s appearance Aaron was shocked to learn Wilf is a Traitor during tonight’s finale (Image: BBC) Viewers watching The Traitors at home wasted no time is called Wilf out for lying and being ‘fake’. Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Bulls*** Wilfred I’m so happy for you! Yeah yeah yeah you screwed over two other Traitors for your own gain #TheTraitors.” A second stated: “P*** off Wilf.

You were telling them they’d be dead to you five minutes ago #TheTraitors.” A third said: “Look what greed gets you, Wilf. Absolutely nothing.” “Does Wilf know that his tears are SO fake!! Are they fooling for this after his dramatics? #TheTraitors,” questioned another. Hannah, Aaron and Meryl consequently won the £103,000 prize money to split between the three of them.

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Does Alex become a traitor in The Traitors

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Alex Gray’s strategy went out the window as emotions became heightened throughout the game (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Ma) The Traitors is the show we’re all obsessed with and, as we watch along, we have an idea of how we might play the game but Alex Gray is glad she got out when she did.

  • Hosted by Claudia Winkleman, the thrilling BBC gameshow sees 22 strangers enter the game of a lifetime in the Scottish highlands, all on a mission to win £120,000.
  • But with the aim being to identify the Traitors before they murder you in the dead of night, the stakes are high as are emotions.
  • Unfortunately for presenter Alex, she was murdered in episode 8 after declining to become a Traitor following Alyssa Chan’s banishment.
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And while the 26-year-old admits not becoming a Traitor was probably her ‘downfall’, since it led to Wilfred Webster and Amanda Lovett killing her off after it became clear to the group she was Faithful, Alex doesn’t have any regrets. Speaking to, she explained that the whole game atmosphere felt like a ‘boiling pot’ and, after living under constant scrutiny, she was ‘relieved’ when it was her time to go. Alex describes the gameshow as a ‘boiling pot’ (Picture: BBC) ‘There’s a lot online like, “Oh why are people being so dramatic? It’s just a game!”, and yes, in theory, it’s just a game but, for us, it was our reality,’ Alex began. ‘We were immersed in this world of paranoia and mistrust and anxiety and complete heightened emotions. The presenter and actress was put through the ringer during her time on the show (Picture: BBC) ‘It’s way harder than I think anyone could ever imagine unless you’ve done it. Even when I turned down the recruitment, at that time, I knew that was the right decision and I knew what it was like being there and feeling everything and it just wouldn’t have been plausible for me to have been a Traitor at that point, so I sacrificed winning for my own sanity, really, and my own integrity.’ Of course, one of the ‘personal attacks’ came after that dramatic breakfast scene, which saw her boyfriend, Tom Elderfield, reveal to the group that they were a couple – and oh boy, there were tears! ‘If we’re not invited to the Baftas, I’m telling you now, I’m gonna throw hands! Whoever is in charge of that, we were responsible for creating some TV gold!’, Alex joked. Who could forget that dramatic breakfast, when Tom Elderfield made the announcement of all announcements (Picture: BBC) Alex was too stunned to speak (Picture: BBC) Consequently, Alex was put ‘through the ringer’ as fellow players jumped at the opportunity to use their secret keeping against the pair. ‘We didn’t have any evidence whatsoever to know who the Traitors were, so that’s why everyone jumped on me and Tom, because finally! People had something to go off! Like, “They’ve lied, they must be the Traitors,” there’s no logic there! Because there was no logic in the game because there was no evidence, so you’re literally trying to find the tiniest details.’ She admits that she and Tom ‘definitely wanted to tell people’ about their romance, but they planned to hold onto the card until it was the ‘right time’. ‘It’s way harder than I think anyone could ever imagine unless you’ve done it’, she says (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Llara Plaza) Alex felt a sense of relief when her game came to an end (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Llara Plaza) Of course, that never came, and their plan to use their secret alliance as a means of sussing out Traitors quickly went out of the window, due to all the ‘twists and turns’ in the game.

Despite her initial shock (who could forget her face!), Alex did feel a sense of relief once their relationship was out in the open. ‘We definitely knew going in as a couple was an unfair advantage. But it also wasn’t, because look what happened – Tom got voted out! So, it’s swings and roundabouts having a secret alliance.

‘Before our relationship was announced, we hadn’t even spoken at all, there’s no footage of us talking because it didn’t happen!’ She admits there was a ‘worry’ that one of them might be a Traitor and the other a Faithful, which could’ve given them an ‘upper hand’, but Alex knew all along that Tom was being genuine.

  • We couldn’t have told each other who we were but, when you’re in a relationship with someone on the outside world, you know when someone’s telling the truth.
  • We were both very relieved when we were both Faithfuls.’ The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.
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MORE : The Traitors’ Rayan reveals secret clue about Amanda that gave her away: ‘As soon as we took our blindfolds off, I saw her sign of confidence’ MORE : The Traitors fans hail Amanda as ‘the biggest icon ever’ after video of her wild side confirms she is in deed the epitome of hun

Who left Traitors in episode 7?

The Traitors | Episode 7 Preview (BBC One) The last episode of The Traitors was left on another tantalising cliffhanger. Following on from a shock roundtable which saw Traitor, Alyssa, ultimately banished, the two remaining Traitors – Will and Amanda – had the choice of recruiting another player or murdering once again. With Will and Amanda deciding they’d like to seduce Alex over to team Traitors, tonight’s episode will finally reveal if Alex is swayed or if she will turn down their offer. A new day and breakfast has the players suspicious as to whether The Traitors have recruited or not.

  • The day’s mission is set to be a tough one as the players get soaked during what looks to be a strenuous challenge and, once again, another roundtable looks full of emotion as Amos decides to point the finger somewhere no one has before.
  • Is his decision the one that brings tears from Rayan, Maddy and Andrea? The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The next episode airs on Thursday night. : The Traitors | Episode 7 Preview (BBC One)