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Why does Beth hate Jamie so much on Yellowstone

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What can we expect from Beth and Jamie in Yellowstone season 5 Part 2? – Given Beth officially and literally declared war on Jamie in ‘s mid-series finale it seems safe to expect that their feud will finally come to a head in part 2. After all, it’s been simmering under the surface for long enough and she’s not going to let him take John Dutton with his attempts to get him impeached.

Jamie also believes she can’t expose his crimes without revealing John’s which is probably true meaning Beth might think she has no other choice anyway. A photo posted by on The only obstacle to this is John himself as she posed the question of whether they should permanently eliminate Jamie to him in the mid-season finale but it’s not clear what her father’s view on that is.

If he explicitly told her to let Jamie live, she might well change her plans. But if she doesn’t kill him she’s surely going to be coming up with a way of discrediting Jamie to stop any claims being believed. Meanwhile, we can expect Jamie to continue trying to get his father impeached and secure control of the ranch.

And the mid-season finale ended with Kayce and Monica talking about John’s proposal to him that he’ll run the ranch whilst Rip is in Texas. Could this be suggesting that it will be Kayce who will eventually take over the ranch and not his brother or sister? Possibly, but until season 5 returns fans will just have to consider the reasons Beth hates Jamie in Yellowstone and whether that hatred will propel her to murder – or to be killed by Jamie.

: Why does Beth hate Jamie in Yellowstone and why could season 5 part 2 be the most dangerous yet for the Dutton siblings?

Why was Beth’s mom so mean to her?

Evelyn and Beth’s “Talk” – It’s no secret that throughout her appearance in Yellowstone, Beth’s mother, Evelyn Dutton was tough on her. It led to many fans thinking that she hated her. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. It turns out she was hard on her because she wanted to toughen her up.

  1. Evelyn even said something to Beth the day the young girl got her first period.
  2. Evelyn says that everything will change for Beth starting that day.
  3. She made her aware that she was entering a world dominated by men.
  4. Now because of that, Evelyn says she’ll be harder on her so that she can turn Beth into something that most men will never be.

Evelyn then apologizes to her in advance, saying she will hate everything that’s about to happen to her.

What is the secret between Jamie and Beth?

Yellowstone’s Beth has long kept the reason for her hatred of brother Jamie from husband Rip, but that secret could lead to a major feud in season 5. Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much The secret behind Beth’s hatred of Jamie in Yellowstone could lead to one of season 5’s biggest feuds. Yellowstone is a modern-day Western in just about every respect, which is partly why it’s proven so popular. While John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and the other male characters might be stoic and emotionally reserved, Yellowstone’s most purely entertaining character is Kelly Reilly’s Beth.

  • John’s only daughter is unfiltered in her thoughts and opinions and often spouts the best one-liners.
  • That said, her relationship with ranch hand Rip (Cole Hauser) is one of the sweeter elements of the series.
  • Beth’s rivalry with brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) is another matter entirely.
  • From Yellowstone’s first episode, her sheer contempt for Jamie was apparent, and she bullied and belittled him at every opportunity.

It was eventually revealed in Yellowstone season 3 that when she was a teenager, she became pregnant by Rip. Terrified of her father finding out, she confided in Jamie to help her get an abortion. Jamie took her to a clinic on the Broken Rock Indian Reservation to keep it secret but kept the fact Beth would also be sterilized from her.

Who got Beth pregnant on Yellowstone?

So What’s the Reason Why She Can’t Get Pregnant? – RELATED: Our Top 10 Beth Dutton Outfits From the Yellowstone Series If you are wondering why can’t Beth Dutton have kids, then it’s because she got sterilized when she had an abortion. During the “Cowboys and Dreamers” episode, Beth asked Jamie for help when she learned she got pregnant.

Beth was 15 years old when she got pregnant with Rip’s child. Scared to tell her father or Rip about her pregnancy, Beth asked her brother instead. Jamie takes her to an abortion clinic. There, Jamie gets informed that the only way to perform the abortion is for Beth to undergo sterilization. Jamie agrees to the procedure without Beth’s consent.

When Beth discovers why she can’t have kids, her heart breaks, and her hatred toward Jamie grows even more. Beth is in pain, knowing that she can never have biological kids. Sad as that may sound, women getting sterilized without their consent is common in the history of Native American women.

What does Beth do to Jamie?

Wes Bentley on His ‘Yellowstone’ Power Move and Why Jamie Dutton Is Getting Easier For Him to Shake Jamie Dutton has been simmering on Yellowstone, The adopted son has always had a complicated relationship with his father, Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton ().

But after the explosive Jan.1 midseason finale of the hit Paramount Network series, ‘s Jamie nearly reached his boiling point, and he made a move that will ready him for a war. “It feels like he’s found his spine,” Bentley tells The Hollywood Reporter of Jamie’s transformative moment. “We really are at a 50-50 clash right now, and it’s really hard to tell who comes out on top, if anyone, from this part of the story.” After opening the fifth season of the neo-Western with Jamie under the thumb of and father amid John’s swearing-in as Montana governor, the shunned Dutton son attempted to get back in his family’s good graces.

To do so, he uses his Attorney General status to benefit his father and the Yellowstone family ranch that the Duttons have desperately sought to protect for generations (see: Sheridan’s Yellowstone prequel series and ). But his relationship with the enemy, played by Dawn Olivieri, has made the forlorn Dutton son feel loved and important, giving him the courage he needed to finally stand up against his father.

After calling for John’s impeachment, a violent yet revealing confrontation with Beth prompts Jamie to ask Sarah (Olivieri) for her help to hire an outside party to have his sister killed. Little does Jamie know that miles away in the Governor’s mansion, Beth and John are plotting the same act of vengeance against him.

In the chat below, Bentley speaks to THR about the personal toll of playing the hated son and the “adrenaline power rush” he felt from the midseason finale. He also explores what Jamie is willing to risk by going up against his family in a bid to fight for his inheritance, and why he doesn’t have high hopes about emerging from the battle unscathed when the show returns in the summer: “Messing with John Dutton only comes to one end.” When we spoke at the beginning of the season, you warned that : “Inside, he’s boiling.

  1. And it will explode,” Would you call this his boiling point? I’d say we’re almost to a boil.
  2. I think the boil is a controlled boil, not popping the lid off yet.
  3. Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri) is that control.
  4. He’s boiling, and she’s helping to control and focus that anger in the direction where everybody wants it to be: aimed at the Duttons.

Next, we’re going to see, what does that lead to? Does it pop off? What does that mean for everybody and for Jamie himself? Dangerous. After Jamie called for an impeachment trial to remove John (Kevin Costner) as governor, Beth (Kelly Reilly) assaulted Jamie and reminded him she has footage of Jamie dumping the dead body of his biological father.

But Jamie shocked her when he revealed that location to be known as the “train station,” a place where generations of Dutton men — including her father and, unbeknownst to her — have been dumping their enemies to evade the law. How do you and Kelly Reilly get through a scene like that, and how would you compare it to your many Jamie and Beth confrontations? This one’s very different from Jamie’s perspective.

And probably, from Beth’s. I don’t want to speak for her, but I would think it would have to be, also from the viewer’s perspective. Because this is the first time Jamie has really got an upper hand. He, at first, thought, “Maybe she didn’t think/know about the train station.” And he doesn’t even realize it to its fullest until he realizes, “She really doesn’t know about this train station.” So it was a moment of release for Jamie.

  1. Between everything that’s been going on — the power he’s been given by Sarah and then by making a stand to John, and now against Beth — it feels like he’s found his spine.
  2. He’s got some muscle.
  3. He’s got some stance now, in the face of her.
  4. Before, he was always, for the most part, taking it.
  5. Except for a few moments in season one, she comes out on top.

And it’s been rough. But for us shooting it, it’s powerful. We care about each other so much, and we’ve worked through this so much since season one. I couldn’t be with anyone that I feel safer with. And she feels safe with me. We’re able to go so far because we feel safe.

  1. Now, we’re able to not even talk about it.
  2. It’s just little taps on the back or glances to say, “Are you OK?” And, “Go, go, go, you can give it.
  3. Let’s go there.” Encouraging each other, things like that.
  4. And this one was no different, except for me giving some power back that changed that dynamic.
  5. But, it still had that safety.

I imagine that Kelly Reilly gave you an extra tap after this one. We both do to each other, especially on takes where we feel particularly tapped in, and where we’re locked into each other. Because that’s really the key: not individually but locking into each other on each other’s cameras.

She’s very giving off-camera; I hope I am the same for her because the lock is so important. That’s what everybody loves, and we really give everything to that. And yeah, it’s rough going home. You need a couple of days, sometimes. But this last time, it felt a little different. I felt more like an adrenaline rush I hadn’t felt, because of the power Jamie was feeling.

And I wasn’t used to that. Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) in the midseason finale “A Knife and No Coin.” Paramount+ I read your recent profile in, about overcoming addiction and landing Yellowstone, I was struck by how you spoke about Jamie’s sadness, and how it can stick with you.

  • Is there anything staying with you from the first half of this season? It took a good month and a half, I guess, for me to feel like I really shook him this time.
  • And lately, I have not felt that way — I had a nice vacation! But because we still talk about it, it hasn’t dragged me back in there.
  • It may be different because of where Jamie is at.

It doesn’t feel like he is ever that far away, because we are gearing up again now. So it may be just that Jamie is feeling a bit differently, that this time feels a bit different. The shaking off, like I said, was more of an adrenaline power rush this time than it was the season before, where it was just this sadness.

That was really difficult and more difficult for me to get through than probably this was. What are you privy to from creator/writer Taylor Sheridan about what’s to come in the second half of the season? Absolutely nothing! But I take pleasure in that, and I hope the audience does, too. I know it’s a bit frustrating, but that’s why we love it.

I feel the same way waiting to see where this is all going and where everyone is ending up. I’m a fan. I get it in scripts, everyone else gets it on the screen. So I’m pins and needles, too. In the conversation that you mentioned between Jamie and Beth, I was surprised to see how shocked Beth was about the train station reveal.

  • What does she think the Dutton men, and Rip, have been doing with their enemies all of these years ? Do you think that’s denial on her part, and do you think her anger is more motivated by being left out of the secret? Gosh, I don’t know.
  • That would be really interesting to ask Kelly.
  • It appears to me that she felt both.

Both horrified — I don’t know how horrified — but also intrigued and disappointed that Jamie knew something and that he was closer to this knowledge than Beth was in something so important. It must have been devastating to her to realize Jamie was entrusted with that.

  1. You could see that all over her face and her body.
  2. That was more devastating than anything else Jamie could ever say to her, because it had to do with John, and I guess Rip now.
  3. But I do think this is also something she wants to take advantage of herself and is going to focus her anger by using it to her advantage over Jamie, maybe.

We also discussed at the beginning of the season if he really has the guts to stand up to his family. So, in this ending conversation with Sarah, where Jamie asks for her help to take out Beth, how committed is he to this? How were you playing it? I had to believe it as Jamie.

I think Jamie was already onto that early on, when he was making decisions about impeachment. Messing with John Dutton only comes to one end, when you’re messing with his land and power — probably more his power. And that’s what Jamie sees the problem being right now: John has locked into the power aspect and is forgetting about the land that he’s promised to hold onto.

That’s the argument Jamie is making to Beth at the end: “This is what’s happening, and you’re not even seeing it.” Jamie is a chess player. I think he knows that by doing this, he’s going to have to ask for a hit on the Duttons. In the beginning of this season, he was unpredictable because it felt like he was put in a corner and had nothing to lose.

  1. But in his speech with Beth, you hear him say he wants to ensure the ranch is left to his son.
  2. Where is his son, by the way? ( Laughs,) He’s mostly with the mother.
  3. But I think this is what he cares about.
  4. I think he sees his life is over, basically.
  5. And that’s where the sadness partly comes from at the beginning of this season.

That darkness he is feeling is realizing that everything he wanted is not going to happen. So, “What else is left? Well, I can leave it to someone else at least, because this doesn’t end well for me.” That’s what he’s thinking. So I think he really is trying to make a move to do something for his son, to give his son power.

I thought the Sarah relationship also gave him more motivation to fight and to live? Yeah, he would love to live! ( Laughs,) He knows what’s coming, because he’s in the family. And you can’t get out of the family, right? You don’t leave. So this is a move to leave, and that’s the only one end. So, Jamie must have something, right? He must have some play.

You would think Jamie knows what this means, and so we’re going to maybe find out, Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much Jamie (Bentley) with Sarah (Dawn Olivieri) after his fight with Beth. Paramount+ There’s a conversation between Beth and John after she suggests having Jamie killed, but viewers can’t hear what they discuss. What do you think they are saying? I’m as lost as everyone else, I have no idea! They are pretty imaginative in the way they’ve gotten rid of other people, so I imagine it’s going to be something like that.

I’m intrigued to find out, as well, but it’s not going to be pretty. If the back half of the season does come down to this war of Jamie against Beth and John — what do you imagine the chances are that Jamie emerges from this? It doesn’t look good. Rip is gone, and so that is something there. But that doesn’t mean Jamie is safe, and he knows that.

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But I think it’s dangerous for as well. Jamie has opened the door for the Market Equities group and for the dark side of this kind of stuff, And that’s as dangerous for John and Beth as it is back at Jamie. So we really are at a 50-50 clash right now, and it’s really hard to tell who comes out on top, if anyone, from this part of the story.

Do you believe what Jamie said, that John is the biggest threat to the livelihood of the Yellowstone ranch? As Wes reading it, it’s a good argument. It makes sense. Because John seems to care about the power that comes from that ranch and has no idea what to do next with that power, just how you would say some despots are.

They have the power, and they don’t know what to do with it, so everything under them languishes. And that’s what Jamie is saying, “You’re ruining the land, King. You’ve ruined the land. We need a new King.” That’s the argument he’s making, and it’s a smart argument.

  • But it’s coming from a guy like Jamie, so it’s tough to take.
  • Are you watching Yellowstone prequel 1923, and did you watch 1883 ? I’m almost done with 1883,
  • I’ve been behind everyone on Yellowstone, because I don’t like it to influence my work and also, it’s tough to come out from Jamie.
  • I’m behind on the visuals of that.

But 1883, I’m loving and watching. I can’t wait to watch 1923 because I think the lineage is something Jamie would know well, so it’s nice to get this information in this way. It’s even better than hearing it — seeing it is something really special. Does watching it make you want to bring anything different to Jamie? I think Jamie always had an intellectual understanding of what this land meant to the Duttons, being of European descent and what that meant to the land before it.

  1. And I think that is an influence on Jamie that maybe others don’t have.
  2. But also, understanding what land rights mean, because that’s been the big battle in the West forever.
  3. What are the land rights and the water rights? That’s something Jamie has a real legal understanding with, also because of the historical understanding that he has.

Is there any other character in the Yellowstone universe or in the Sheridan-verse that you would want to play, or crossover and do? ( Laughs,) Gosh, I don’t even know. I feel really lucky to play Jamie, so that’s hard to pick. Sly Stallone, that looks like a fun character,

  1. But no one can do it like him, so that would be a dumb thing to say! Are you enjoying watching your scene partner as a member of the Dutton family in ?,
  2. When I’m about to work with someone that I don’t know, I don’t often go look at their work because I want to work with them on the day and experience what that’s like without any prior understanding.

And then people were telling me about that scene, saying, “You have to go back and watch that scene.” She was so great on set. It was just an instant hit and connection that was so powerful, and it made me excited to do the storyline. So I went back and watched that scene and, it is weird to watch it that way, but she was so great in that as well and so different.

Taylor keeps picking great actors, and she’s a great actor. I’m really happy to be working with her. She’s brought something to the table that was unexpected. Do you have a thought about who Jamie’s grandfather is in, and if we’ve met him yet? I don’t. I don’t. That’s why I’m really enjoying waiting to find out and why I’m catching up.

I’ve seen the flow charts online. But I’m waiting for Taylor to really reveal things. I know how he writes. So I’m going to wipe those away for now. Good first draft, but let’s see what’s coming down the line. If this back half of the season is as deadly as it sounds like it could be, are you ready to say goodbye to Jamie? Do you think about getting written off the series? Oh, yeah.

Just as an actor, I’m always expecting for everything to end in a moment. Every day I shoot could be the last I could be working. That’s how acting goes — and as Jamie, especially! Since season two, I’ve been waiting for that surprise moment. Like everyone else, I have no idea. I’m always excited to find out.

Of course, I’m nervous about it because I love doing this for as long as it’s going. But I also know good TV and how you write it, and sometimes you have to kill certain characters for that to be the case. And I would never guess, because I’m not a writer and nowhere near Taylor Sheridan.

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Does Kayce know Jamie is adopted

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Did Beth and Kayce Know That Jamie Was Adopted? – Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much After Jamie learned about his adoption, he asked Kayce for a favor, saying, “I need some advice, brother If I can still call you that.” Kayce replies to him, “Until the day you die, you better never call me anything else.” This implies that Kayce had an inkling about the adoption.

Beth, however, seems to be completely ignorant of Jamie’s parentage. Her burning anger towards James ensures she uses every possible ammo to hurt him. If she indeed knew about his adoption, she would have used every chance to bring it up. Beth came to know about Jamie and his secret only in season 4. While it was sprung upon us, it is hard to believe that she knew all along.

News must have been passed on to her after Jamie’s own discovery.

Why does Beth love Rip?

‘Yellowstone’: A Complete Guide to Beth & Rip’s Tumultuous Love Story Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much may be all about the Dutton family, led by patriarch John (), doing whatever it takes to protect their land and ranch, but it also has heart — specifically with its central romance. From youthful flirtations to steamy hookups, the wildest “first date” ever and yes, a wedding ceremony that would befit only these two beloved badasses, here’s the chronological guide to the tumultuous love story between rich cattle rancher’s daughter Beth Dutton () and loyal, rugged ranch hand Rip Wheeler (). Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much Ah, young love. These telling flashbacks to the teenage Beth and Rip (played by and Kyle Red Silverstein) arrive in the middle of the drama’s sophomore season, and they give viewers a glimpse of the burgeoning passion that develops between the two. At this time in their lives, both Beth and Rip are unhappy.

She grieves for her mother, Evelyn (), and he is being bullied by an older man in the bunkhouse (Luce Rains). Not surprisingly, there is hostility at the start. Beth calls Rip “daddy’s new pet” and says she is thinking about getting her own pet. Rip doesn’t like that any more than he likes the older cowboy picking on him.

And yet, as she cracks a sly smile, she tells him he can look at her while she walks away, and it’s obvious why she got extra dressed up that morning. That night, after beating up the bunkhouse bully, who ignites Rip’s fiery anger by repeatedly calling him “little orphan boy,” the teen retreats to his bed in tears.

  • Beth is waiting for him, and when their eyes meet, the tension in the barn is intense.
  • They bond over how angry they feel about the loss of loved ones and their roles in those deaths (she, her mother and he, his family).
  • Suddenly, Beth asks Rip to kiss her.
  • I don’t know how,” he responds.
  • Neither does she.

This is a first kiss for both. It is uncertain, awkward and gentle, but the spark is there. And though we know it already, it’s clear these two are destined for a great love story. Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much The first time Rip and Beth share screen time in the series is inside the Dutton ranch house, and it’s immediately clear these two have a history. Rip is looking for his boss — Beth’s father, John, but only Beth is present, smoking in a bathrobe. “You look nervous, Rip,” she says.

“Like a stray dog who can’t enjoy being in the house because he’s so worried about the broom.” After a quick teasing moment, Beth opens her robe. She gives him a choice between walking away or getting intimate with her. (Her language is, naturally, much more colorful.) He chooses the latter. Afterward, Rip invites her to attend a music festival.

“You ruin it every time,” she says, rejecting his offer and insinuating that he should know better than to ask her to an event like that. With Beth, almost every moment is sugar and spice. Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much “I’ve done some morbid s–t on a first date, but this takes the cake, Rip,” Beth says while the pair sip whiskey out of the bottle and watch wolves devour a carcass. She leans in for a kiss but — surprise — instead breaks out of the car and runs at the wolves, screaming. Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much There are hurdles in any relationship, and Beth and Rip’s is no exception, especially given their traumatic pasts. In this hour, Beth isn’t handling the anniversary of her mother’s death wellat all. She picks a fight with her brother Jamie () and becomes even further enraged when she spots her father’s girlfriend, Gov.

Lynelle Perry (), leaving the main house after a tryst with John. At this point, Beth is deep into the day’s coping mechanism: getting naked and soaking in the outdoor trough with a bottle of champagne. Then Rip shows up. “You need to go into the house,” he orders, offering her a jacket to cover herself.

A seething Beth lets him know she doesn’t need him telling her what to do. “I’m the one thing you can’t outwrestle here,” he replies, unfazed. After a tense beat, she gets out and walks to the house, still naked, informing Rip that “everyone suffers today, including you.” Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much As we know, even early on in the series, Beth employs somewhat unorthodox business tactics. In this installment, she invites her father’s latest enemy, land developer Dan Jenkins (), to the local country bar for the express purpose of toying with him.

As an amorous cowboy tries to hit on Beth, Dan comes to her defense and is punched in response. Beth jokes that she thought Dan would be tougher. Beth is no damsel in distress, but after Dan leaves, Rip arrives. He growls at another cowboy, who is leering at Beth: “You’re in my seat — get outta here.” As Rip and Beth drink and enjoy each other’s company, she tells him about her plans to take down Dan: Get him so riled up and emotional that he can’t think straight.

It seems to be her tactic with most adversaries. “This is almost like a music festival,” she later notes, referencing Rip’s initial date offer in the pilot. He compliments her, and they beam at each other. Each knows the other so well, and the sweet moment is comforting. Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much Emotions are high due to John’s cancer diagnosis and drama on the ranch. And this loaded episode leads to Beth finding herself not in Rip’s arms, but in troublemaking newcomer Walker’s (Ryan Bingham). How do we get there? It starts with Rip and John having a serious discussion about the future of the Dutton ranch.

John’s rivals, Dan Jenkins and Chief Thomas Rainwater (), are working together on a casino that will be adjacent to John’s land. Worried that none of his three children are ready to assume leadership, John asks Rip to get rid of the problem in such a way that it never comes back — ever. When Beth, lingering outside John’s office, asks a departing Rip what their conversation was about, he ignores her.

Wrong move. “I am trying to get a handle on all these messes,” she tells him. “So just don’t do anything reckless.” He retorts: “That’s good advice. Maybe you ought to take it yourself.” Beth really does not like being kept out of the loop. “I thought I made it clear—this was never exclusive,” she says, assuming he’s mad at her for bringing her assistant Jason (David Cleveland Brown) home with her in an earlier scene.

  • He responds by saying he doesn’t care who she sleeps with, just about her.
  • I thought we knew each other better than that,” he adds. Ouch.
  • Later that night, Walker finds Beth outside, lost in thought.
  • He talks about the land not wanting them there.
  • I felt that way my whole life,” Beth says.
  • He tells her that he wants to leave the ranch, and Beth gestures to his brand (the Y symbol burned into his chest, which means he is forever indebted to the ranch).

“Where’s your f—ing brand?” he asks. “Mine’s on the inside,” she says. “I’m stuck here too.” The two begin kissing, pressed up against the barn. It’s not that Beth really likes Walker — he’s a distraction. Rip was a central part of her bad day, and she knows he is always there for her. Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much The drama’s sophomore season opens with this uncharacteristically sweet moment from Beth, where she looks back on her long history with Rip in the fields of the ranch. “I was worried that he’d love you more someday,” Beth tells Rip of her father, the man they are both most devoted to. That, he assures her, “was never in doubt.” Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much In the previous episode, “Only Devils Left,” Rip witnessed Beth crying as Walker, one of John’s branded men, played her a sad song on his guitar at her request. The next morning, Beth is feeling guilty over her intimacy with the troublemaker, whom Rip loathes.

“I’m sorry, Rip,” she apologizes. “I’m sorry I did that to you.” This is where Rip, who’s not the least bit angry with her, tells Beth that she never has to apologize to him. They share a brief smile, and the chivalrous rider takes off into the sunset (er, sunrise). The scene shows how deep Rip’s unconditional love for Beth goes, and nothing can change that.

Talk about a stark contrast. This episode features arguably the series’ most romantic moment up till now — and also its hardest to watch. Both of those scenes involve Beth and Rip, of course. First, the two share a poignant rooftop moment. When Beth calls Rip’s cellphone and says, “Come to me,” followed by, “You know where I am,” Rip indeed knows exactly where to go.

They meet on the main house’s roof and she asks him to take her on a date. “Lord knows you can afford it,” she adds. “You’ve been wearing the same three pairs of jeans and jacket for a f—ing decade.” But he informs her that money is the one thing he doesn’t have. She insists on knowing why, and though he is reluctant to open up, Rip tells her about the more than $50,000 he spent on headstones for his mother and little brother.

He also tells her about the $5,000 he spent getting his murderer father’s bones dug up — so that he could scatter them disrespectfully throughout the country. Moved, Beth leans on Rip. They stare into each other’s eyes. Rip smiles at her and she knows he’s about to drop an “I love you” into the conversation.

Don’t say it,” Beth pleads. “Tell me when it saves me.” Then, they kiss. Even if he doesn’t say he loves her, it’s clear he means it in this moment. Later, Beth is viciously attacked in her office in the drama’s most brutal scene. Rip swiftly kills the two men who assaulted her. The savagery gives way to Rip holding and comforting a shaken, furious Beth.

“I’m here. You’re safe,” he tells her. “I love you.” Beth barely survived a brutal assassination attempt at the hands of the Beck brothers’ hired guns. Though Rip arrived just in time to save her, he took a bullet in the struggle. Confined to bed to heal, he wakes to the image of Beth’s battered face.

With his first words, he wishes her attackers could come back to life, just so he could kill them again — as true a Rip Wheeler “I love you” as there ever was! Despite his injury, he rises to leave, wincing as he gets dressed. “Does it hurt?” Beth asks. “Like hell,” Rip replies, adding that he was born to endure this kind of pain, and he makes the excruciating journey back to the bunkhouse alone — as if to prove it.

This time, it’s Beth who wakes to find a still-recovering Rip cooking her breakfast. Fry bread — his mother’s specialty. “You’re not eating?” Beth asks. “Beth, I ate hours ago,” Rip replies with a smile. “I think I’ll just watch you.” Embarrassed, Beth tries to cover her mouth while she chews, but Rip lowers her hand, insisting she has nothing to hide from him.

Beth, never comfortable letting anyone take care of her, is suddenly at her most vulnerable — and grateful — as a loving Rip just watches. Right then, he sees her completely. Who knew a mouthful of eggs could be so romantic? On a near-empty ranch, Rip hears a wolf’s call, grabs his gun and comes running, only to find the sound was actually a different kind of howling: Beth’s smiling cry of feeling free and alone with him.

Lying on the ground in the corral, she says they can do whatever they want, with no one around to see. Rip turns up the lights and the music. “We’re f—ing in the dirt, aren’t we?” Beth asks. “Maybe in a little bit,” Rip answers. “First, we’re gonna dance.” Being together, waking up together — it’s something these two can get used to, it seems.

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And another thing: Rip likes the sound of Beth calling him “baby.” But when he asks Beth what he should call her, they’re both surprised by her answer: “wife.” She immediately recants, worrying that she’s ruined everything with a single word. Rip assures her that his future has always belonged to her, if she’d only stop running away long enough to see it.

Beth finally confesses her reason for never wanting to stay put — she’s afraid she won’t be enough for him, because she can’t have children. “Being with me is the end of you,” she tells Rip, who manages a hint of a smile as he puts her fears to rest. “I was born on a dead-end road, honey,” he tells her, claiming the world doesn’t need another generation of Rip Wheelers.

  • Her protests fall on deaf ears: “You’re all I need.” Beth is enough for Rip, even if “Beth” is all he can call her — “for now.” John Dutton is nothing if not a man of tradition.
  • And tradition dictates that if Rip’s to marry Beth, he has to ask her father for permission.
  • John also knows that’s something Rip won’t ever do.

His overwhelming respect for the Dutton patriarch prevents him. So it’s up to Beth to seek out what she wants, and John, knowing the stakes, is there to grant her deepest wish. If Rip really makes Beth happy, he says, then it’s she who’ll have to ask permission.

  1. So she does — tradition be damned.
  2. Happy is all I ever wanted for you, sweetheart,” John replies.
  3. You give him your hand if he gives you that.” But when it comes to this “perfect moment,” it appears Rip is anything but ready.
  4. He’s had a day, all right — even though he made the right choice first thing in the morning when Beth asked, “Should you go to work or should you lie on top of me?” But after Rip’s unsuccessful horse sale and a flat tire, Beth waits while her man angry-chugs a couple of Coors to make himself feel better.

Not one to waste time, Beth then presents Rip with a simple black engagement ring (figuring he’s not a “diamonds and gold kinda girl”). She’s his, Beth says, on one condition: “The only thing I ask is that you outlive me so that I never have to live another day without you.” Rip doesn’t quite get that this is a proposal.

But Beth spells it out beautifully, and assures him that John already gave her his blessing. Holding her close, Rip can only say yes (or his version of it): “I would’ve liked some diamonds, actually.” Beth and Rip’s long-awaited nuptials finally arrived in the fourth season’s finale, and it wasn’t just a surprise to fans.

Not even Rip knew he’d be getting hitched when he woke up! But that’s life with Beth Dutton — unpredictable. In fact, Beth had planned to pack up and leave the ranch, and Rip, that very same day. But Rip convinces her not to break her promise and run away from him again.

  1. Instead, she decides to make peace with her father and puts into motion a plan for revenge against adopted brother Jamie and his biological father Garrett Randall ().
  2. It was Garrett who had orchestrated the vicious attacks on the Duttons, and Jamie, Beth believes, knew about it and did nothing.
  3. To confirm her suspicions, she visits one of the men responsible.

In prison. In a slinky gold dress. Posing as a conjugal visitor. Typical day-of-the-wedding bridal behavior? No way. Something very much in character for Beth? You bet! Then, after making a pit stop at a local church to kidnap a priest at gunpoint (call that something borrowed!), she heads back to the ranch for an impromptu ceremony — “a little business to take care of” before dinner.

Though John tries to convince her to wait for a proper wedding (“Sweetheart, that’s a priest. We aren’t f—ing Catholic!”), Beth doesn’t want to waste any more time. “I don’t give a s–t about the wedding, Dad. I just care about the marriage.” Rip is happy to oblige Beth’s particular brand of crazy, fetching Lloyd () — something old! — to be his best man.

Despite his protests over her, shall we say, unconventional choice of wedding dress, John Dutton walks his daughter down the aisle. Rip vows to cherish Beth “through everything, until I die, and then somehow longer, baby.” Beth, however, is too impatient for vows.

  • She keeps things simple, declaring, “F— yes, I do.” With his mother’s ring, Rip and Beth fulfill a lifetime of promises they’ve made to one another, and seal a romance that began in childhood.
  • But unbeknownst to Rip, Beth has another childhood promise to keep.
  • In lieu of a honeymoon, Beth — her affairs now in order — is free to finally take revenge on Jamie for his monstrous decision to allow her to be sterilized without consent during her teenage abortion.

In a dramatic confrontation with Jamie, Beth threatens to tell Rip the whole truth — that Jamie helped abort his child, and that the procedure ensured they could never have another. Rip, she says, will hunt Jamie down and kill him with his bare hands.

  1. As Jamie begs for his life, Beth gives him another way out: He must kill Garrett.
  2. Jamie does so, only to find Beth there to snap a picture of him disposing of the body.
  3. To wrap the day in a neat bow, she reminds Jamie that with the photo, “You’re f—ing mine now.” One day, a wedding.
  4. The next, murder and blackmail.

Just as Rip’s and Beth’s lives are joined together, Jamie’s life now belongs to Beth. It’s a stark contrast between love and hate that’s all too familiar to the Duttons, a family capable of only so many happily ever afters. After barely surviving the explosive assassination attempt on her life, Beth met teenager Carter (Finn Little) outside the hospital where he was visiting his no-good dying father in the first episode of Season 4.

Arrested for shoplifting later, Carter tells the police that Beth is his guardian. Though Rip is skeptical, Beth takes the boy in, believing the ranch will help him become a man, just as it did for Rip at his age. After putting him to work cleaning stalls, Rip eventually takes a shine to Carter. Beth and Rip begin to feel that he just might be the son they thought they could never have.

Carter comes to feel the same, calling Beth “Momma” in the Season 4 finale. She returns the sentiment for just a moment before registering the gravity of the word. That’s not who she is to him, she tells a wounded Carter. “I’m nobody’s mother. Ever.” But Carter is one of the few to attend Rip and Beth’s outdoor wedding.

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How much older is Jamie than Beth

Answered By: Martin Hernandez Date: created: Apr 07 2023

Important to note is that in Season 5, ‘Yellowstone’ subtly reveals that Jamie is five years older than Beth.

Who was Evelyn Dutton’s favorite child?

“No wonder Beth is a mess.” Yellowstone fans are coming to the Dutton daughter’s defense after re-watching flashbacks with her mother, Evelyn, “So I just binged the first three seasons and have a few questions,” begins Yellowstone fan tomcookgod over on Reddit.

The show’s board on the social media platform continues to prompt thought-provoking discussion on our favorite characters. And any Yellowstone diehard knows there’s none more intriguing than Beth Dutton. After mulling over why everyone hates Jamie as much as they do (again), the Redditor moves to Beth’s deep emotional scarring by matriarch Evelyn Dutton,

“Also is it just me or was Beth’s mother a bit of a b****?” shoots tomcookgod. “When the horse fell on her she straight up told a 10 year old that it was her fault if she died, while basically saying that Kayce was the child she loved most. No wonder Beth is a mess.” No wonder, indeed.

  • It’s a storyline Yellowstone would shed significant light on throughout the first three seasons, with flashbacks in Season 3 lending harsh weight specifically to the Beth & Jamie dynamic,
  • Some fans, however, still don’t think enough has been said on the matter.
  • Redditor iheartsev agrees “that Beth’s mother seemed way too nasty b****y to her during that last ride with Kayce and Beth.

That whole scenario still seems so out of place to me,” they cite, calling it “jarring.” That’s an excellent one-word description of the flashback, to be sure. Fan Mi-Ofelia takes it a step further by noting they “couldn’t stand Evelyn from the very beginning and had no empathy for her when she fell off her horse.

Why is Evelyn Dutton so mean to Beth?

Many Yellowstone fans have come to Reddit to share their opinions on the matter. Some suggest that Evelyn’s hatred towards Beth could come from her own rough upbringing or perhaps that Evelyn wanted all boys as many believe men to be better suited for ranch work.

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What 3 choices did Beth give Jamie

Answered By: Nathan Sanchez Date: created: Nov 22 2023

Jimmy finds his way and a wife – Meanwhile at the bunkhouse, Jimmy’s recovered, again, and is ordered off to Texas by John to become a real cowboy. Mia gives him an ultimatum, asking him to choose her over his loyalty to Dutton. Jimmy chooses Texas, where he meets new girl Emily, and promptly gets engaged.

  • He brings his fiancee back to Montana, where a throw-down immediately erupts between her and Mia.
  • Speaking of flying fists, Lloyd and Walker also have it out, which leads to Rip and Lloyd having it out.
  • This brings plenty of bruises, black eyes, and a broken guitar, but after much tough cowboy love, the trio put their differences aside.

As the season draws to a close, Jimmy heads back to Texas – with John’s blessing, of course – and passes a tearful Mia on the way out. With all that in the rear-view, we’re back to the big mystery of who ordered the hit on the Duttons. Turns out it wasn’t Jamie or Roarke, but bio-dad, who hired a former cellmate to put the plan in motion.

  • Jamie figures this out and confronts Garrret, but is once again steered by his silver tongue.
  • Beth finds out too, but still believes her least favorite brother had something to do with it.
  • She gives Jamie three options: Spend life in prison, be tortured and killed by Rip, or eliminate Garret himself.
  • Jamie picks door number three, sending his father off with an “I love you” and a bullet to the brain.

While disposing of the body, he’s surprised by Beth, who’s recording him in the act. The season ends with Beth informing her father of what she’s done. Despite all the lies and betrayals between John and Jamie, Dutton senior admits to loving his estranged son.

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Why does John not love Jamie

Answered By: Xavier Barnes Date: created: Apr 08 2024

Why Does John Dutton Dislike Jamie? – The underlying reason for John Dutton ‘s dislike of Jamie is their differing personality and views on life. It is why they often fight, argue, and even work against each other in various stages of their life. Of course, it’s also possible that John dislikes Jamie because he’s adopted and not a true-blooded Dutton.

Yes, that’s right, Jamie is adopted. This information gets revealed in season three of Yellowstone when Jamie discovers that John isn’t his biological father. Jamie later meets his biological father, Randall Garrett, who is fresh out of prison. He then learns that Garrett resents John and later falls for his manipulations.

Garrett tries to convince Jamie that John must disappear from the world. Things become even more complicated when Riggins, Garret’s prison cellmate, orders a militia attack on the Duttons. Since Jamie was the only family member that didn’t get targeted, Beth started to believe that he was behind the attack.

Although Kayce is sure that Jamie wasn’t involved with the attack on their family, Beth isn’t. As a result, a deep mistrust develops between Jamie and the rest of the Duttons. John also hates that Jamie ran against his Attorney General pick. There was also an incident where Jamie leaked some dark secrets about their ranch during an interview.

He attempted to make his father look bad. Fortunately, he managed to cover the interview up before it got out.

Does Beth blame Jamie for her mother’s death?

There’s a moment in the latest Yellowstone episode where viewers likely held their breath while watching Beth Dutton. It’s not the first time it’s happened on the hit Taylor Sheridan -created neo-Western saga, but the operatic feud between Dutton siblings Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, and Jamie, played by Wes Bentley, nearly reached a tragic crescendo in “Horses in Heaven.” In the fourth episode of the fifth season — which follows Kevin Costner’s Montana cattle rancher John Dutton as he becomes Montana governor — Jamie came this close to intentionally running over Beth with his car after a relationship-altering argument.

  • I have the luxury of saying Taylor Sheridan’s words, which are weapons — sometimes they’re prayers, and sometimes they’re screams,” Reilly tells The Hollywood Reporter of her one-of-a-kind character on the hit Paramount Network series.
  • It’s hard to explain Beth or sum her up.
  • I could talk about her for hours.

She’s probably the most fascinating character I’ve ever played. In my brain, she certainly takes up a lot of space.” Beth Dutton has blazed her path into television lore. The no-holds-barred only daughter of the Dutton family has been described as ruthless yet unbreakable, given the trauma she bears and the vengeance she enacts for the benefit of her father and the Yellowstone ranch.

Reilly says she was attracted to the character because she had never read anyone quite like her. “Um, complicated. I’d probably start there,” is how she describes her. “It took me a long time to access her and fully understand her,” she explains. “Many hours back in season one before we started filming, I would just be on the phone with Taylor listening to him.

I have probably three notebooks full of notes about his vision of her and her history.” Sheridan, who is in the midst of creating a TV empire that includes Yellowstone spinoffs and prequels, is steeped in knowledge about the Dutton family and fictional world he created, and Reilly says she gained a visceral understanding of Beth from their conversations and from reading the first few episodes.

  • I have never read a character like her and was energized by her irreverence and her danger and her recklessness, but also her pain.
  • He draws that really beautifully,” she says.
  • And I knew that to inhabit all of that, for her to resonate or command any sort of emotional response, those notes had to all be equal in her.

I think she’s a storm. She’s weather. And there’s something so unapologetic about her that it’s a fantasy, right? You and I wouldn’t get away with speaking the way she speaks or doing some of the things she does. So it’s a heightened reality of, wouldn’t that be wonderful if sometimes I could just say what I think?” Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) in the fifth season of Yellowstone, Courtesy of Paramount Network The reason for Jamie’s near-hit-and-run attack on Beth is etched deep into the Dutton siblings’ history. But the hatred reared back to the surface after Beth — who had just been arrested for impulsively, and violently, assaulting a woman at a bar for hitting on her husband Rip (Cole Hauser) — is being driven home from jail by her Attorney General brother and eyes a toddler’s car seat in Jamie’s car.

  1. While viewers have known that Jamie is a father to a young boy, he has kept that fact a secret from his family.
  2. And the betrayal sets Beth into a rage, as she questions how fate could have given him a son after what he did to her when they were teenagers.
  3. You have my womb cut out of me, and God gave you a boy?” she asks, shaking with anger and shock, and referencing how she, as a scared and pregnant teen, turned to her brother for help and he, in turn, took her to get a hysterectomy, instead of to an abortion clinic and without her consent.

In the car, Beth hits her brother and nearly sends them off the road. And when Jamie tells Beth that taking her to that clinic is his greatest regret, she promises to rob him of fatherhood: “Next time you see, you can kiss him goodbye, because he’s as good as gone.” That’s when Jamie gets back into the car and releases a scream he has been swallowing ever since his sister began to blackmail him over his season four finale choice, where he murdered his biological father to save himself.

He speeds his car towards Beth, close enough that if she didn’t step aside at the last minute, he just might have hit her. “Beth didn’t have a choice,” explains Reilly when speaking about the trauma that has driven Beth’s hatred for her brother ever since the show began. “This is a character who was a teen when she got pregnant, and she wasn’t able to go to her father, and her mother is no longer alive.

She’s so afraid of shaming or disappointing her father, so she went to Jamie, who made a terrible mistake because he also didn’t want the word to get out about the high-ranking John Dutton’s, so he took her to a place where nobody would know about it, and she trusted him and made a terrible, awful, tragic mistake.” The event was revealed in flashbacks in season three, finally explaining the tension long simmering between the two siblings.

And though their hatred, especially Beth’s toward Jamie, is apparent to everyone, Beth has never shared with anyone what Jamie did. “She doesn’t talk about what happened for many reasons. One of them would be she knows that Rip would kill him,” says Reilly, diving into Beth’s psyche. “But it’s not just about that.

There’s something about this secret that is tied in,” As has also been explored in flashbacks, the Dutton family matriarch (played by Gretchen Mol) died during a horse riding accident while out with a young Beth and her other living brother, Kayce (Luke Grimes),

  • Beth’s mother unfairly blamed Beth for the horse bucking and then falling on the mother, and Beth, in turn, has always blamed herself for her mother’s death.
  • I actually think that Jamie blames Beth for the death of their mother — so does Beth, blame herself,” explains Reilly.
  • But more importantly, I would actually say, is that Beth believes that Jamie is the biggest potential threat to her father.
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He’s already shown it several times. And if there’s anything that is worth killing Jamie for, or getting rid of him for, it’s if he threatens — or re-threatens — her father and the ranch.” Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much John Dutton (Kevin Costner) with children Beth (Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley) at his swearing in as Montana governor. Courtesy of Paramount Network When it comes down to it, does Reilly think Beth has it in her to actually kill her brother, as she has threatened several times? “Good question, I’d have to think about it,” she says.

When I’m in the pit of her hatred and her rage and her pain, yes. It’s that potent and painful for her. But, I don’t know. She had an opportunity to do it, and she didn’t.” The Yellowstone cast has praised Sheridan for tackling real-world issues within the Dutton family drama, and Reilly highlights how Beth’s story — which is also now airing in a post- Roe v.

Wade America — highlights a harsh reality of what was happening in the 1970s and 1980 to Native women. She hopes that will resonate by exploring the complicated trauma Beth lives with, as she forever grieves that her choice of being able to carry a child was taken away from her.

  1. The tragedy for me in this story is that in the reservations, hysterectomies were carried out with young Native girls and women who were going in to get their tonsils removed or their appendix taken out.
  2. They were forced into sterilization, without their permission,” she says.
  3. This happens to Beth, this obviously very privileged white girl, but it was happening all the time to Native women.

Taylor highlights a lot of Native American and Indigenous stories and themes in the show, and he puts that on Beth. And, psychologically, Beth’s point of view is that it’s unforgivable. And the fact that it was her brother who made this decision — whether he made it out of ignorance, youth, stupidity, or something darker, we don’t know yet — but Beth considers that to be a huge betrayal, and she’s not someone who has come to peace with that.” She adds, “Beth literally says, ‘The sting never fades with me.’ She really never forgives anybody.

  1. That’s the burden of the character, right there.
  2. It’s painful.” With such a large audience tuning into Yellowstone — the premiere broke a ratings record with more than 12 million live-plus-same-day viewers — the British actress says she’s very aware of how many people are watching.
  3. It’s an enormous beast now,” she says of the show.

And while she agrees with fans that it’s a shame for the show to not have been included prominently in the 2022 Emmys conversation, its popularity speaks for itself. “I don’t really know why we’re not in that, but it’s OK. The work is what matters, and I’m really proud of the show, proud to be part of it,” she says.

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Why did Jamie sterilize Beth

Answered By: George Young Date: created: Jun 06 2023

According to a reveal by Yellowstone stars, Jamie believes he acted in his sister’s best interest by having Beth sterilized. Taking her to an abortion clinic at the Indian Reservation was the only way to keep the incident from John and protect Rip as well.

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Does Rip know why Beth is sterile

Answered By: Henry Allen Date: created: Aug 17 2023

Rip assures her that the fact she can’t have children doesn’t change how he feels about her. What is this? While Beth tells Rip she is not able to have children, she does not go into detail. Beth does not mention that she was pregnant with Rip’s baby and that Jamie agreed to her sterilization without her knowledge.

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Do Beth and Jamie ever reconcile

Answered By: Steven Perez Date: created: Nov 12 2023

Wes Bentley says Yellowstone character Jamie won’t reconcile with Beth Published: 18:49 BST, 4 November 2022 | Updated: 23:06 BST, 6 November 2022

  • Wes Bentley delved into his character’s troubled relationship with his sister at the premiere this week of season five of his popular Paramount+ series on Thursday.
  • The 44-year-old actor said Jamie no longer has any interest in reconciling with his sister Beth (Kelly Reilly) after she ‘forced him to kill’ in season four, according to,
  • Bentley confessed on the in that he used to think there was hope for the siblings to revive their relationship, but he now has a more jaded view of the two.

Digging in: Wes Bentley, 44, weighed in on his Yellowstone charater Jamie’s seemingly unrepairable relationship with sister Beth (Kelly Reilly) while chatting with People Thursday at the season five premiere in NYC ‘I think as Jamie, I thought for a long time that might happen,’ he said, ‘but this past season when she forced him to kill and she threatened his world, I think in that moment he decided, “OK, she doesn’t love me.

  1. The end of the previous season included Bentley’s character — who is the adopted son of patriarch John Dutton III (Kevin Costner) — killing his biological father Garrett (Will Patton).
  2. Garrett previously revealed himself as the source of an assassination attempt against Beth and the rest of the Dutton family, so she blackmailed Jamie with threats of reporting him and his biological father to the police.
  3. In order to keep himself safe from her wrath, he shot and killed Garrett in a fit of desperation.

Pushed to the edge: ‘I thought for a long time that might happen,’ he said, ‘but this past season when forced him to kill and she threatened his world, I think in that moment he decided, “OK, she doesn’t love me. They don’t love me. I don’t love them. I hate them too.

And how am I gonna deal with this?”‘ Dramatic: The end of the previous season included Bentley’s character — who is the adopted son of patriarch John Dutton III (Kevin Costner) — killing his biological father Garrett (Will Patton); seen with Luke Grimes, Kelsey Asbille, Gil Birmingham, Cole Hauser and Kai Caster Bentley said the forced killing has further chipped away at Jamie’s relationship with his adoptive family.

‘Jamie’s losing his love for them too. And losing his patience,’ he explained. ‘But he is also stuck under a thumb. That’s only, I think, a dangerous thing for a man like him who has killed before so it’s going to be interesting the inflection point that’s coming.’

  • The animosity between siblings Jamie and Beth was revealed in season three to date back to their teenage years, when Beth got pregnant after having a relationship with her future husband Rip (Cole Hauser).
  • She turned to Jamie to help her get an abortion, but he took her to a clinic on a Native American reservation that would only perform the abortion if she was sterilized afterward.
  • Jamie to the sterilization without telling his sister, and the clinic didn’t get her consent, leaving her unable to have children, though she and Rip later cemented their relationship.

Regrets: Season three revealed that Beth (Reilly, R) hates Jamie because he helped her get an abortion after Rip (Cole Hauser, L) got her pregnant as a teen, but she was sterilized without her consent Bentley admitted that he didn’t have an inkling of why Beth despised his character so much until reading the flashback in the earlier season.

  1. ‘I was surprised,’ he said.
  2. ‘I kind of knew something like that, but I didn’t know it was that in particular until I read it, and I was as heartbroken as everyone else.’ The American Beauty actor concluded by noting that viewers can expect slow-burn drama with season five, which premieres on Paramount+ on November 13.

‘There are some fight scenes and stuff, but I’ll mostly say what can expect is the political intrigue, especially in a time like this,’ he said. ‘There’s danger in that too. That’s where a lot of our attention lies and the danger lies. We also have a lot of more cliffhangers and stuff, but I think it’s more intense than it’s ever been.’ Blindsided: ‘I was surprised,’ he said of the reveal of Beth’s hatred.

  1. Yellowstone is described as a neo-Western series, though it also has plenty in common with contemporary crime series.
  2. The show, which was created by writer and director Taylor Sheridan, follow’s Costner’s Dutton family, which controls one of the largest ranches in Montana, which neighbors a Native American reservation and the eponymous national park.
  3. After an awkward start, Yellowstone has become a hit with critics and viewers alike.
  4. The brand new season of Yellowstone premieres 14 November only on in Australia.

Rising stature: Yellowstone, a neo-Western, has become a hit with critics and viewers alike. Season five premieres on Paramount+ on November 13 : Wes Bentley says Yellowstone character Jamie won’t reconcile with Beth

Does Jamie ever stand up to Beth?

The siblings clashed in the finale as Jamie took a hit from Beth’s rock but held the strategic highground. ‘ It was an amazing feeling for Jamie to realize he has the upper hand and strength over her in a power position, rather than feeling scared of her,’ says Bentley.

Does Rip know that Beth was sterilized?

Rip assures her that the fact she can’t have children doesn’t change how he feels about her. What is this? While Beth tells Rip she is not able to have children, she does not go into detail. Beth does not mention that she was pregnant with Rip’s baby and that Jamie agreed to her sterilization without her knowledge.

Why did Beth cry when she ate in front of rip?

Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much (Image credit: Yellowstone Screenshot / Paramount Network) Yellowstone ‘s second episode of Season 3 provided fans with a lot of emotional payoffs besides revealing Roarke’s real agenda, In it, Beth and Rip shared an especially sweet scene wherein Beth woke up to find a beautiful breakfast that Rip had made for her.

After taking it all in, Kelly Reilly’s fiery character found herself deeply touched. While Beth and Rip have shared a lot of moving scenes together on Yellowstone, this one stood out because Beth was particularly vulnerable in it. Discussing Season 3 with Kelly Reilly, I just had to ask about what was going through Beth’s mind during the poignant moment.

At first, Kelly Reilly said that she did not want to “spell it out for people” before deciding to take a deep dive into her perspective on the emotionally climactic scene. Asked what why Beth got choked up by Rip’s sweet skills in the kitchen, Reilly told me: It’s such an ambiguous thing as most things are with big feelings.

  1. I don’t think she knows why in that moment.
  2. I tell you what I think.
  3. I think there’s something about the kindness of the gesture.
  4. The simplicity of his love that is so unwavering.
  5. That this man has woken up early to make her breakfast.
  6. It’s early in the morning.
  7. She’s not dressed.
  8. She’s in her most sort of childlike, vulnerable sort of side that we’ve ever seen her, and there’s something, I think, that touches her when he just wants to love that and take that in.

And he just stares at her as she’s eating and there’s something about her being self-conscious.I don’t think I’ve seen Beth be self-conscious ever in any episode, you know? And she allows him to see that in her, and she allows him to feel that. I think it moves her.

  • I think it allows her to feel her own heart for a second and without getting too sentimental about it because that’s not her.
  • I think there’s just something so tender about it.
  • So tender about him.
  • She loves him.
  • How poignant is that? Beth felt her own heart.
  • Who better than Rip to bring about this emotionally triumphant moment? There is no one else who has the same impact on Beth as Rip, and the two seem to finally be settling into a definitive relationship in Season 3.

Yellowstone has been building the pair’s chemistry for two seasons. Kelly Reilly played the moment beautifully as did Cole Hauser, who quietly reassured Beth. How Rip is with Beth is one of the reasons he is such a fan-favorite, in my opinion. Speaking to Hauser about Season 3, I asked for his insight on Beth’s reaction to Rip’s emotionally charged breakfast, to which Hauser said: The way that I read it and I think the way that Kelly played it was that she just loves him so much.

  1. Here’s this moment that I guess they’ve both kind of dreamt of for a very long time, which is they have their own home.
  2. It smells of bacon in the kitchen, and she gets up, and she comes downstairs, and there’s coffee, and breakfast is ready.
  3. It’s just that first kind of ‘Wow, this is real.
  4. This is happening.

We’re actually truly falling for each other.’ In the right way. Beth and Rip seem to actually be in a good place as Yellowstone Season 3 gets underway, I hope it stays that way. Plus, I like seeing this side of Beth, which as a viewer, you can feel brimming beneath the surface.

  • Elly Reilly has usually had to play Beth in a more zealous mode, though.
  • So, it was moving to see her be so touched by Rip’s incredible cooking skills and his sheer thoughtfulness.
  • I am hoping that Beth and Rip get married before the end of Season 3.
  • They have been circling each other long before the hit show started, ever since they were teens.

I am ready for them to continue beginning a life together on Yellowstone, Find out if there are more emotional scenes between Beth and Rip as new episodes of Yellowstone air throughout this summer on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network, If you want to catch up on the moments that Beth and Rip have shared so far, you can watch their romance when it becomes available on NBCUniversal’s upcoming streamer, Peacock. Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much Your Daily Blend of Entertainment News Like a contented Hallmark movie character, Britt happily lives in the same city she grew up in. Along with movies and television, she is passionate about competitive figure skating. She has been writing about entertainment for 5 years, and as you may suspect, still finds it as entertaining to do as when she began.

Who did Beth sleep with to make rip jealous?

The opening sequence of the episode parallels that of season five, episode one. – Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) in “Yellowstone” season five, episode one (top), and season five, episode five (bottom). Paramount Network Just like the first episode of the new season, the episode begins with a flashback to Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip’s (Cole Hauser) teenage years.

  1. Young Beth (Kylie Rogers) is caught in a rather awkward situation as young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) and the cowboy she hooked up with, Rowdy (Kai Caster), saddle up to go out into the mountains with her father (Josh Lucas).
  2. It’s something between a memory and a dream, as in the next scene we see Beth rousing from her bed and expressing guilt over her past behavior to Rip — again, just like in the first episode.

We’ve still not got the full story of what happened between Beth, Rip, and Rowdy, so it seems likely that viewers can expect more flashback scenes — and thus more sleepless nights for Beth — in future episodes.

Does Rip see Beth with Walker?

‘Yellowstone’ Star Hints at Beth & Rip Breaking Up in Season 4 Finale Say it ain’t so. “Yellowstone” fans would do anything to avoid a breakup between our favorite cowboy couple on the show. Since Season 1, “Yellowstone” fans have watched grow closer and closer with one another.

They always had a dynamic physical relationship, but over the last four seasons, they’ve finally allowed those romantic feelings to develop too. But did Beth accidentally throw that all away when she asked Walker (Ryan Bingham) to sing a sad song for her? Beth explained to Walker (and fans) that she needed to cry and could only cry to a sad song.

Even Rip might not have been able to provide the space and context she needed to let all her emotions out. But the fact that Walker was the one to comfort her is complicated, considering they were flirty back in Season 1. “Yellowstone” star Ryan Bingham knows this and teased fans about the aftermath of this scene in a ” “I felt like Walker was kind of going in this other direction, and all of a sudden he gets kind of pulled back into that triangle of Beth and Rip,” Bingham explained.

And to be honest, I don’t want to get on Rip’s bad side too often. Things are starting to go pretty good, you know, so I hope he doesn’t get too upset.” “Yellowstone” fans know that Rip witnessed the scene between Beth and Walker in the barn. He watched them for a moment and then turned and went back in the bunkhouse.

But it was hard to read the look on his face. Now, Bingham might’ve just confirmed that Rip’s actually angry about the moment between Beth and Walker.